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Ou Flairs 08

Automatic Question Pattern Generation for Ontology-Based Question Answering Proceedings of the Twenty-First International FLAIRS Conference 2008Automatic Question Pattern Generation for Ontology-Based QuestionAnsweringShiyan Ou Constantin Orasan Dalila Mekhaldi Laura HaslerResearch Group in Computational LinguisticsUniversity of Wolverhampton UKshiyan ou c orasan dalila mekhaldi l hasler wlv ac uk...

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Dbq English Colonization1

Document Based Question Essay English Colonization Social Studies 7Name Grade 7 Social StudiesPeriod 12Document Based Question Essay English ColonizationSocial Studies 7Writing a Document Based Question EssayA DBQ is a Document Based Question It is a type of essay that provides you withdocuments to serve as sources of information for your writing Each DBQ will look very similarThere are certain p...

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fmschools.org/webpages/jfiacco/files/dbq - english colo...lonization1.pdf
Iitjee2006 English

IIT-JEE-Paper (Memory Based)- 2006.pm6 IIT-JEE 2006Memory Based Question PaperPHYSICSSection I Multiple Choice Questions with one a r2 fcorrect answer b r2 f2Q 1 A student performs experiment to determine g c lens is covered half so half image is formed4 2 l d on increasing focal length brightness of theusing formula g here l length of the image increasesT2Ans bwire is approximately equal to 1m lr...

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8 Designing Open Ended Text Based Questions

Designing Open-ended Text-Based Questions Using the Patterned Way of Reading Writing and TalkingWhat are open-ended text-Based questionsOpen-ended text-Based questions are questions about texts that have multiple responses thatare Based on evidence from the text Unlike a close-ended Question that s looking for a specificoften short response an open-ended Question usually requires a more in-depth r...

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Qald 1 Challenge

Question Answering Over Linked Data QALD-1 Open ChallengeDocument Version March 28 2011The QALD-1 open challenge is part of the workshop Question Answering OverLinked Data QALD-1 at the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2011 inHeraklion Greece The challenge is aimed at any kind of Question answeringsystem that mediates between a user expressing his or her information needin natural language and sem...

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Liberty And The Supreme Court 125 144

G52632BRIText (2).pdf EXPLORING CIVIL AND ECONOMIC FREEDOMLIBERTY ANDTHE SUPREME COURTBackgroundDIRECTIONS John Locke wrote that the reason men choose to formRead the Case liberties and estates which I call by the general nameBackground and property Echoing Locke the iconic second paragraph ofthe Declaration of Independence explains that the purposeThen analyze theDocuments providedFinally answer ...

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Chapter 22 Dbq Women's Rights

Microsoft Word - Chapter 22 DBQ--Women's Rights.doc Name Date DBQ WOMEN S RIGHTSCHAPTER 22Directions The following Question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your inter-pretation of Documents A-J and your knowledge of the period referred to in the position High scoreswill be earned only by essays that both cite key pieces of evidence from the documents and draw on out-sid...

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wcusd15.org/martens/apushistory/chapter22/Chapter 22 DB...en's Rights.pdf
Ap Examinsovs Eurohist Web

023009OS2008.indb EUROPEAN HISTORYAP European History ExamFriday May 9 2008 12 noonAP European History ExamSECTION I Multiple-Choice Questions 20082008 The College Board All rights reserved Visit the College Board on the Web www collegeboard comDO NOT OPEN THIS BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SOInstructionsAt a GlanceSection I of this exam contains 80 multiple-choice questions Fill in only the ov...

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Cir55 2011

tion paper Design in History Class XII effective for theBoard Examination 2012Dear PrincipalThe following changes have been made in the design of the Question Paper in Historyfor Class XIIi Marks for each Question in the long answer section have beenincreased from 8 to 10 marks The suggested word limit of answerto each long answer Question has been enhanced to 500 wordsearlier word limit 250 words

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Microsoft Word - RailroadDBQ.doc DBQ Impact of Transcontinental Railroad on Utah - Grade 4The following questions are Based on the accompanying documents A through D Someof these have been edited for the purpose of this task This Question is designed to test yourability to work with historical documents As you analyze the documents take into accountboth the source of the Document and the author s ...

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2014 Syllabus 10 Mathematics Updated


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Technology 0

gnmuseum orgFood Science Technology www telegraph co ukCAD CAM www bbc co ukTextiles www designcouncil org ukHuman Factor Design www designweek co ukChoice to reflect student interest A number of IB past exam papers can be found atwww freeexampapers com pastOver the two years students will carry out a series ofpractical Based research investigations and completeONE major design and make activityAS

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rity groups as well as to all AmericansBackground1 Have students define terms such as prejudice discrimination and segregation Discusshow all of these terms applied to the Negro Leagues and the barriers faced by men likeJackie Robinson2 Compare the limited opportunities blacks had in baseball to other occupations andlaws of that timeDescriptionStudents will do the Document Based Question on segreg

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Worrall 6911 Research Collaboration Abstracts 042011

Abstracts for LIS 6911 Research Collaboration, Spring 2011 Zotero Report 1 of 60A framework to predict the quality of Answers with non-textual featuresType Conference PaperAuthor Jiwoon JeonAuthor W Bruce CroftAuthor Joon Ho LeeAuthor Soyeon ParkAbstract New types of Document collections are being developed by various web servicesThe service providers keep track of non-textual features such as cli...

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Ap Syllabus 14 15

History of Women in America New York Bantan Books 1984Zinn Howard The People s History of the United States 1492- Present New York HarperCollins PublishingCompany 2003Madaras Larry and James SoRelle Taking Sides Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in American History VolumesI and II Guilford Connecticut McGrawHill Companies 1997The above texts are accompanied by numerous primary documents PDs a

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Ap12 European History Qa

ap12 European Historyq&afinal.doc Student Performance Q A2012 AP European History Free-Response QuestionsThe following comments on the 2012 free-response questions for AP European History were writtenby the Chief Reader Jeffrey S Hamilton of Baylor University in Waco Texas They give an overviewof each free-response Question and of how students performed on the Question including typicalstudent err...

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Lc History Prescribed Topics 2014 And 2015

S Coimisi n na Scr duithe St itState Examinations CommissionCor na Madadh Baile tha Luain Co na hIarmhCornamaddy Athlone Co WestmeathTo Management Authorities of Second-level Schools S07 12Leaving Certificate HistoryPrescribed Topics for Documents-Based Assessment in Leaving Certificate examinations2014 and 20151 Assessment arrangements for Leaving Certificate History are outlined in the revised L...

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00 Toc

jrd00230 1..2 Vol 56 No 3 4 May July 2012This Is WatsonIn 2007 IBM Research took on the grand challenge of building a computer system thatcould compete with champions at the game of Jeopardy In 2011 the open-domainquestion-answering system dubbed Watson beat the two highest ranked players in a nationallytelevised two-game Jeopardy match This special issue provides a deep technical overviewof the i...

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brenocon.com/watson_special_i...ssue/00 TOC.pdf
Lp2 Identifyingsourcesworksheet Fillin

Name DistrictBecoming America Year 3 Lesson Planning Workshop 2Referencing your essential questions posted on Becoming America wiki Lesson Planning Unit Teams2011For each standards Based Question teachers will find connections to the Summer Institute presentationsor Fall Seminars Additionally you will locate possible sources on Partner Sites and AdditionalInformation on Holdings Pat Reeve listed o...

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Interviews And Assessments

Interviews and Assessment Methods InterviewsInterviews are the most common way to select applicants They can be used on their own or intandem with other assessment methods such as presentations and tasksStructurePrior to the interview it will be useful to meet with all panel members to agree what you aretrying to measure what questions you will ask and who will ask what You may also want todraw ev...

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Belfast During Wwii 0

Belfast during World War IIHelping students to assess historical significanceTarget GroupTeachers of Leaving CertificateHistory later modern field ofstudy for whose students thetopic prescribed for documents-Based study in the 2014 and2015 examinations is Thepursuit of sovereignty and theimpact of partition 1912-1949One of the three case studies forHISTORYthe topic is Belfast during World War IICo...

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cmsold.pdst.ie/sites/default/files/Belfast during WWII_...ring WWII_0.pdf
Lawson Etec 530 Assignment 2 Evaluation Rubric

CONSTRUCTIVIST PD FOR ONLINE TEACHERS 1 Evaluation CriteriaMy evaluation is Based on Beers and Wilson s 2003 seven best practices of constructivist e-learning as I felt it best provided a description of what an exemplary constructivist lesson should provideThose scoring this rubric may decide to either provide a single score for each general categoryonly scores for individual items within a catego...

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Ap World Dbq Rubric

Microsoft Word - apworlddbqrubric AP World History Essay and Document-Based Question RubricName HourBasic Core Points Expanded Core Points1 Expands beyond basic core of 1 71 Has an acceptable thesis points You must earn all 7 points inthe basic core area before earning2 Addresses all of the documents and 1 points in the expanded core areademonstrates understanding of all orall but one ExamplesHas ...

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Ap09 Us History Form B Q1

ap09unitedstateshistoryform bq1 AP UNITED STATES HISTORY2009 SCORING GUIDELINES Form BQuestion 1 Document-Based QuestionIn what ways did African Americans shape the course and consequences of the Civil WarConfine your answer to the years from 1861 to 1870The 8 9 EssayArticulates a clear well-constructed thesis focusing on the ways that African Americans shapedboth the course and consequences of th...

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c essay adheres to New York StateLearning Standard 4- Economics Intermediate Level Key Idea 1 Additionally thisassignment corresponds with the National Social Studies Curriculum Standards thematicstrand of science technology and societyHigh Level Document Based Question- This DBQ adheres to New York State LearningStandard 1- History of the United States and New York Commencement Level Key Idea3 Ad

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Ap World Info Packet

ze and synthesize historical documents as well asprimary and secondary sources The course is meant to challenge student to perform at a high level of mastery This coursefollows the same pattern of study as regular World History but use the AP training modelPre-requisitesPass Honors English 1-2 with a B or better or English 1-2 with an ASpecial permission from your current English teacherAbility to

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fitzpatrickdv.yolasite.com/resources/AP World Info Pack...Info Packet.pdf
Cherrycreek Whap Packet10

h the course discussing formatpacing class requirements and day-to-day structures Second we ll talkabout the three major areas of concern in any social science classreading writing and testing and the development of skills andstrategies that will help teachers meet students needs Finally we lllook at past World History AP Exams analyzing the multiple-choice andessay portions in order to best organ

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Fort Educators Guide Preview

Introduction Dear EducatorThank you for choosing Send in the Cavalry Life and Conflict on the Included in theseTexas Frontier This unique learning experience allows students to documentsparticipate imagine compare contrast and immerse themselves in anineteenth century frontier fort Pre- and Post-VisitIn this package you will find everything that you will need to implement TEKS-basedpre-visit and p...

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texancultures.com/assets/1/15/Fort Educators Guide-Prev...ide-Preview.pdf
10 3urbanization Dbq

liament and middle-class men received the vote After QueenVictoria s visit in 1851 Manchester was granted a royal charterDirections Read each source and complete the 6CsPrompt Based on your understanding of the documents identify the issues raised by the growth of Manchesterand analyze the various responses to those issues over the course of the nineteenth century1 Source Thomas B MacaulayMacaulay

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humanities.uci.edu/history/ucihp/resources/10th grade c...ization.DBQ.pdf