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The Computer and Natural Language (Ling 445/515) - Introduction to Corpus Linguistics Computers andLanguageIntroduction toCorpus LinguisticsSemantic WebSemantic annotationCorporaThe Computer and Natural Language Corpus AnnotationLinguistic AnnotationLing 445 515 LemmatizationIntroduction to Corpus Linguistics POS TaggingTagsetMarkus DickinsonDept of Linguistics IndianaAutumn 20081 24Improving Sea...

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Corpus Linguistics Procedure for term papers The contents of this presentation constitute the mainmethodological criteria for use in preparing all term papersCheck the main topics outlined in this presentationDafydd Gibbon on the webU Bielefeld in the libraryMake brief one page reports on a selection of related topicsNovember 2002 Consider which of these topics might be relevant for a termpaperFor...

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01 Variation

Corpus Linguistics (L615) - Application #1: Language variation Corpus LinguisticsApplication 1Language variationBiber 1995Hyland 1999Lehmann 2002help help toCorpus LinguisticsL615Application 1 Language variationMarkus DickinsonDepartment of Linguistics Indiana UniversitySpring 20131 21Corpus LinguisticsLanguage variation and corpora Application 1Language variationBiber 1995Hyland 1999Lehmann 2002A...

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06 Tools 2x3

Corpus Linguistics Corpus AnnotationBig picture Corpus LinguisticsCorpus AnnotationTools ToolsAnnotation formats Annotation formatsEXMARaLDA tools I want you to see a range of possible tools for working with EXMARaLDA toolsUAM Corpus Tool Corpus data UAM Corpus ToolCorpus Linguistics bratSome are XML-based some are not bratL615Other tools Other toolsMMAX2 We won t walk through too many speci cs MM...

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008 Sylvia Jaworska1 Corpus Linguistics And Discourse Analysis

Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Analysis Corpus-Based Corpus-DrivenDiscourse Analysisthe example of gendered discourseDr Sylvia Jaworska s jaworska qmul ac ukSummer School in Corpus LinguisticsAston University August 2011OutlineDiscourseCorpus Linguistics vs Critical DiscourseAnalysisCase Study 1 Gendered DiscourseDiscussionCase Study 2 FeminismDiscussionDiscourseLinguistics Discourse Studies Dis...

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acorn.aston.ac.uk/SummerSchool2011/008-sylvia-jaworska1...se Analysis.pdf
Tlj Afeldman

The Linguistics Journal Volume 3 Issue 1 Tagset Design In ected Languages and N-gram TaggingAnna FeldmanMontclair State University USABio DataAnna Feldman is an assistant professor of Linguistics and computer science Herinterests are Corpus Linguistics and computational linguisticsAbstractThis paper explores the relationship between the tagset design and linguistic prop-erties of in ected language...

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Fall 2007 CRN Schedule.xls DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICSFALL 2007LING CRN COURSE TITLE TIME INSTRUCTOR ROOM100 76386 Language in Hawai i and the Pacific H Daily 9 00-2 20 Paul Lassettre MO 103Unit Mastery102 1 72925 Introduction to the Study of Language Daily 9 00-2 20 Paul Lassettre MO 103Unit Mastery102 2 72926 Introduction to the Study of Language WI MWF 9 30-10 20 Jawee Perla KELL 301102 3 72927 I...

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2010 Ijcl Bootcamp

Balancing form and function in Corpus research John Benjamins Publishing CompanyThis is a contribution from International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 15 32010 John Benjamins Publishing CompanyThis electronic file may not be altered in any wayThe author s of this article is are permitted to use this PDF file to generate printed copies tobe used by way of offprints for their personal use onlyPermi...

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English Language And Appliedlinguistics 2011 Uk

English Language and Applied Linguistics 2011 (UK) RoutledgeEnglish Languageand Applied LinguisticsNew Titles and Key Backlist 2011www routledge com linguisticswww routledge com Linguistics Cover Image Swish by Robert Jones Taylor and FrancisWelcome to RoutledgeEnglish Language and Applied LinguisticsNew Titles and Key Backlist 2011Page 2 Page 2 Page 7 Page 10 Page 18 Page 19 Page 22 Page 27Consid...

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Rev Yuste

initiated by theeditor this is not a book about conference proceedings and its novelty hasto be emphasised All the selected contributions portray state-of-the-artresearch working practices and industry standards in the ever expandingfield of multilingual resources in translation and localisationThe first chapter A comparative evaluation of bilingual concordancersand translation memory systems is a

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2010 Feminism Cadaad Presentation

s are unreasonable unattractive unfeminine extreme orlesbiansMcRobbie Aftermath of Feminism 2009It belongs to the past irrelevant to women s lives nowWomen don t identify with it despite gender inequalities e g pay gapIt has been disarticulated and dismantled since 1990sNew discourse of female success freedom empowerment thebattles have been wonPost-Feminism double movement or double entanglementI

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tive space and linguistic caseKatie WalesPersonal pronouns in present-day EnglishLaura WrightThe development of standard English 1300 1800 theories descriptions con ictsCharles F MeyerEnglish Corpus Linguistics theory and practiceEnglish in the SouthernUnited StatesEdited byST E PHE N J NAGLECoastal Carolina UniversityandSA RA L SA ND ER SCoastal Carolina UniversityThe Pitt Building Trumpington St

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Pages 119 148

ICAME37.book Methodological aspects of Corpus Pattern AnalysisIsmail El Maarouf RIILP University of Wolverhampton1 IntroductionThe work presented in this article is set in the DVC Disambiguation of Verbs byCollocations project which looks more deeply into the role of collocations inCorpus Pattern Analysis CPA Hanks 2004 Hanks and Pustejovsky 2005Hanks 2013 CPA is in the tradition of Corpus Linguis...

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Abecassis Saliency

Microsoft Word - abecassis-saliency.doc Michael AbecassisOxford UniversitySaliency and frequency in a Corpus of 1930 s French filmsFor this research a Corpus of French films recorded on videocassette dating from the1930s has been assembled this provides interesting and previously unexploited evidenceconcerning Parisian vernacular speech at that time My film Corpus comprises five black andwhite fil...

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STORY 3 0 cr ditosCOMPOSITE1 Cuatrimestre1 Curso 51819 TRANS-CANADIAN LITERATURE OPTATIVA1 Cuatrimestre 3 0 cr ditos1 Curso 51824 METAFICTION IN LITERATURE AND OPTATIVAFILM 3 0 cr ditos1 Cuatrimestre1 Curso 53560 PHONOLOGY DIALECTS AND OPTATIVADISCOURSE 6 0 cr ditos1 Cuatrimestre1 Curso 53561 COMPARATIVE APPROACHES TO OPTATIVAENGLISH GRAMMAR 6 0 cr ditos1 Cuatrimestre1 Curso 53562 METACOGNITIVE AP

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sos no espa o socialest tamb m submetida ordem do poder Os usos lingu sticos podem ser o espa o da perten a mas tamb m da exclus o dasepara o e at da elimina o do outro As l nguas t m uma fun o pol tica e elas n o se equivalem do ponto de vista das rela essociais Por tr s delas existem rela es de for a O Estado interv m nas l nguas e nas rela es entre elas Por isso a l ngua n oum instrumento neutr

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081334 R49c23ee03f5df

0 wordsWORK EXPERIENCE2004 - Freelance translator English Dutch into FrenchTranslation and proofreading of market research questionnaires reports commentse g ICMA InternationalTranslation and proofreading of questionnaires surveys and articles of scientificstudies e g Universit catholique de Louvain Psychology departmentTranslation and proofreading of series subtitles e g Desperate Housewives NipT

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Kursguide - Course Syllabus HUMANISTISKA FAKULTETSN MNDENSSA215 Korpuslingvistiska metoder och verktyg 7 5 h gskolepo ngMethods and Tools in Corpus Linguistics 7 5 higher education creditsAvancerad niv Second Cycle1 Fastst llandeKursplanen r fastst lld av Humanistiska fakultetsn mnden 2009-07-16 och senast reviderad 2010-02-11Den reviderade kursplanen g ller fr n och med 2010-09-01Utbildningsomr d...

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Front Matter Owpil Vol 1 2014

s especially documentary and descriptive linguisticslanguage revitalization community-based collaboration endangered language teaching andcurriculum development language acquisition language maintenance sociolinguistics discourseand Corpus Linguistics language typology and universals language variation and changelanguage contact musicology and ethnopoetics and language ideologiesAll rights reserve

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61 Mahrt Et Al Speechprosody2012 Abstract

Modeling speaker variation in cues to prominence using the Bayesian information criterionTim Mahrt1 Jennifer Cole1 Margaret Fleck3 Mark Hasegawa-Johnson21Department of Linguistics 2 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering3Department of Computer Science University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Illinoistmahrt2 illinois edu jscole illinois edu mfleck illinoi edu jhasegaw illinois eduAbstract...

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11 Corpus Linguistics And Translation Zanca

riven Learning Johns and King 1991 define Data DrivenLearning as the use in the classroom of computergenerated concordances to getstudents to explore regularities of patterning in the target language and thedevelopment of activities and exercises based on concordance output thusembedding this approach in the wider area of Corpus Linguistics a disciplinewhich has proved extremely beneficial to ling

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cmceproject.unical.it/portale/portalmedia/paper/11. Cor...ation-Zanca.pdf

heoretical and Methodological Framework 202 1 Critical Discourse Analysis 252 1 1 De ning Discourse 282 1 2 Concepts and Notions of Text in CDA 342 1 3 News as Discourse 392 1 4 The Question of Critique 432 1 5 The Discourse-Historical Approach 492 2 Corpus Linguistics 542 2 1 De nition of Corpus 562 2 2 Special-purpose Corpora as a Research Tools for CDA 592 2 3 Quantitative and Qualitative Notio

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Media 128992 En

Granada1 IntroductionThis paper focuses on the contemporary Scottish poet Jackie Kay andthe comic strip The Broons by studying Jackie Kay s representationof this family in contrast to its characterisation in the comic strip 1This study presents a brief introduction to Jackie Kay and TheBroons and pays attention to Kay s referential portrayal of thisScottish family in five of her poems Maw Broon Vi

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Viii[z88 92] Contributors

ity of BirminghamHer interest in Canadian literature emerged during the M A programme in BritishCultural Studies In 2008 she published her article The Sense of National CanadianIdentity in Margaret Atwood and Hugh MacLennan s Works and she has severalarticles currently in press She continues to write and present papers on Canadianliterature at academic events Her research interests include Canadia

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Principles And Methodology

o Corpus LinguisticsThe aim of this course is to familiarise students with different approaches to the study ofthe lexicon especially that of the English language Students should become aware of thekey role of lexical relations within the system of the language not just on the paradigmaticbut also on the syntagmatic axis Special attention will be paid to the connection betweenlexis and the cogniti

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maenglishugr.com/images/doc/Courses2013-14/Principles a...methodology.pdf
Horak 28

A Hor k M Khokhlova A Rambousek V Zakharov LEXICOGRAPHIC PLATFORMFOR DICTIONARIES AND CORPORA11 IntroductionThe information society has become very quickly acomputerized one Constantly new technologies come to new spheresof human activity The arrival of Corpus Linguistics and corpora hasbecome a relevant point in this respect The corpora stimulated aconsiderable progress that has been gained in th...

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ICAME36.book ReviewsPaul Baker Sociolinguistics and Corpus Linguistics Edinburgh Edinburgh Uni-versity Press 2010 200 pp ISBN 978 0 7486 2736 3 pbk Reviewed by Mir-iam Meyerhoff University of AucklandBaker starts this volume by observing the absence of a book to date whichdetails a Corpus-based approach to sociolinguistics p 1 Therein lies both thechallenge and the hazard of a book like this It is...

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g in various University publications including theBlackboard and documents for students and others as necessaryPlease refer to the Explanatory Notes attached to this Form on the various items of informationrequiredPart ICourse Title Corpus Approaches to Language StudiesCourse Code EN6506Course Duration 1 semesterCredit Units 3Level P6Medium of Instruction EnglishPrerequisites NilCourse Code and Ti

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57 4 18

CorporainappliedlinguisticsbyS.HunstonandCorpusstudiesinlanguageeducationeditedbyM.Tan Corpora in Applied Linguistics a very broadly de ned category the author s aimS Hunston is to a rm the impact of corpora on contemporaryviews of language and to compare and assessCambridge University Press 2002 241pp various methodologies applied in Corpus work15 95 Technical detail is kept to a minimum whichisb...

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