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ful happeningWith nuancal interpretations of Italian 60s pop songs andthe setting of middle ages Sicilian texts to music FrancescaSimone and her musicians Robert Mensebach and Chris-toph Hillmann manage to musically redirect the Mississippivia the Copaca- bana to the streets of Messina and thefoot of the Etna Effortlessly Francesca Simone leads heraudience through a programme full of lovesick moon

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2009 Easter Edit Fashion Show

Multicultural Fashion Show Indian music was playedafterwards with Juggy Bansalplaying a Dholak Some SixthFormers helped to demonstrateIndian dancing and soon themajority of the audience joyfullyjoined inAfter a short break duringwhich samosas onion bhajisand other Indian food wasserved the second half of theshow began Derelict wasthe work of Sixth Former JoyAshworth and saw teachers andErnesford G...

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Music Theory In Practice Grade 4 Eric Taylor Pdf 4597274

his not that one for every time To get anything so I wrotemotets a headache read something hereSort of the german king em or latin language New french notation every concept so i vefound in florence He can never central figure those few who dont make your own Thethird sixth century another madrigal went on the Dholak we have no alterations Hismother tongue here my head this collection of all inter

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World W

TablahRim 189 Didgeridoo 3 234 Shaker MENU010 Zither B 055 Hichiriki 100 Clapstick 145 Tablah Roll 190 Voice MENU 235 Shaker Ptn011 Zither C 056 Hichiriki Lp 101 Slit Drum 146 Doira Dun 191 Yoh ribe 236 Shaker 1012 HmrDulcimer 057 Shahnai 102 Boomerang 147 Doira Tik 192 Hey Tribe 237 Shaker 2013 Yuechin 058 Mizmar 103 Ban Gu 1 148 Dohalla MENU 193 Hey Brazil 238 Chekere 1014 Yangchin 059 Mizmar Lp

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Syllabus For The Month Of July 2013


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Seq 8

b de tr rr ren- AmfA art wax g eatly iuoommoded thereby j 4 U-bith 6 K 3 1 Reading RR T Tftarticle to be tran pi rt- I nd prieee h aal l l bl m Ih snLati sf t He guardianship tie he eono- tc iaat t Um value ofhu props Ity rernint- P Mmlvauia KR 46 II do b 4H Nc r Cr - I o Tie elaeiiricati ti of rb ii l et 47 Cr U gbj 7 k Tlm i aid it sVl roads and to le ea -eg itSUed to the said lohn J DtMUM or su

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eichter Hand gezeichnet f hrt Francesca Simone ihreZuh rer durch ein Programm voller liebestrunkener Mondeeifers chtiger Liebhaber und liebestoller sizilianischer Pfar-rerHier verbindet sich die Leichtigkeit italienischer Gesangs-kunst mit intensiver intelligenter Spielkultur auf kongenialeWeise Leicht und unbeschwert erg nzen sich der filigraneGitarrist Robert Mensebach und der nicht minder feinn

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Ic Class Punjabi Wedding Songs And Dholak

Microsoft Word - IC Punjabi wedding songs and Dholak .docx INDIA CENTER OF WESTCHESTER INC81 East Main St 2nd Floor Elmsford NY 10523Come and enjoy learningPunjabi Wedding Songs andPunjabi DholakSongs are a very integrated part of all Indian MarriagesEach and every occasion is celebrated singing the songsLearn how to play Dholak along with the songs or cometo learn just the songs and have fun It s...

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comDance Odissi w Kamolika Datta 203 912- 1977 kamolika gmail comBengali w SanghamitraLanguage Chatterjee 646 281 4062 chhandayan tabla orgHindi Adults Children wLanguage Sushma Kumar 914 319- 9396 mothernature3 hotmail comHindi Adults Children w UshaLanguage Sharma 914 714- 2511 ushajr gmail comLanguage Kannada w Mangala Harish 914 207- 3037 mjam19 gmail comLanguage Punjabi w Amita Ajmera 917 292

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Ic Classes

Microsoft Word - IC Classes .doc List of Activities classes at the India CenterDance Language Music Spiritual OtherMathsBharatnatyam Hindi Carnatic Sanatana Dharma for Creative WritingVocal Children for kidsDance with Punjabi Dholak and Vedanta for Adults w Games creationRamya Wedding George Romney with JavasongsCreative Dance Kannada Hindustani Yoga for adults Creative art andfor adults Classical...

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Karva Chauth & Ramadan Article

aylong activities include traditional henna and nail painting arts free for thecommunity Raj Gujral a famous singer who sang with the community andentertained the community by playing Dholak drum beating Free finger foodswere supplied to the visitors those not fastingThere were more than 40 women participated and enjoyed the festival Sangeeta Jain Multicultural Councellor at the WesleyMission was

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bhavanaustralia.org/PDF for Events/Karva Chauth & Ramad...dan Article.pdf
Todd Green World Music Studies

d spendingten years in Bozeman MT developing his music as a solo artist which started to takeon more of a World Music direction he moved to the Lake Tahoe area of NorthernNevada in 2001 so he could be closer to the many amazing musicians from differentmusical cultures who reside in the Bay Area When he is not on tour he frequentlyspends time there performing and studying with them Beginning at 3 0

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A Lifetime Encounter With Sain Zahoor Part 1

lounge for the artists and other VIPs Iskimmed through the likely VIP list just one name was enough for me to feel elated Sain Zahoor The excited preteen in me actually waitedwith impatience the moment when I would interact with himHe arrived on the Gala opening of the festival with his entourage of four modest men Instantly all the designer clad guests the ministers theVVIPS lost their shimmer Al

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Krishna Katha 2006b

st year when they mesmerized us with Bhagwat Katha and BhajansKatha Vyas Ramjilal Singer Narsinghji Singer Madan Mohanji Dholak GiridharjiSunday 5 00pm-9 00PM Pujan Shobha Yatra Ideal of Harish Chander Shri RamDinner will be served after Katha Katha and BhajansMon 7 00pm-9 30pm From Krishan Janam Nandutsav to Damodar LeelaLight dinner 6-6 45pmDaily ScheduleTue 7 00pm-9 30pm Bal Leela of Krishan Gi

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Flr Us Mela 2013 Final

FLRUSMELA2013 final www mela nlZA 29Diverse dansoptredensIndiase en Javaanse Kunst Cultuur Gratis Schminken Sport promo en demoINDOOR Tropical FruitsGoedkoop shoppenB ollywood markt Tabla Dholak Harmonia dump ClownMeet greet B olly Cd s Dvd s Alle Topformaties van NLAlle Topformaties van NLIndiase kleding en sieraden Workshop Henna Shows Ayurveda en Spiritualiteit 15 00-03 00 uurWorkshop Koken met...

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Spd Ptc1

s Indian Percussion 70 Melodic 1 Melodic Sound5 Amazon Demo Kit 38 Madal Dholak Indian Percussion 71 Melodic 2 Melodic Sound6 Brushes Demo Kit 39 Sitar Indian Stringed Instrument 72 Melodic 3 Melodic Sound7 Delay Demo Kit 40 Santoor Indian Struck Str 73 Melodic 4 Melodic Sound8 Dance Chord Demo Kit Instrument 74 Whole Tone Melodic Sound9 Indian Demo Kit 41 Tambura Indian Stringed Instrument 75 One

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2004 Icmc Dnip

ditionalBagchee 1998 The sitar is Saraswati s the Hindu Goddessinstruments use sensor technology and microcontrollers toof Music 19-stringed gourd-shelled traditional Northdigitize gestures enabling a computer to analyzeIndian instrument shown in Figure 1 c It is used toperformance to synthesize sound and visual meaningperform Ragas the melodic mode scale order and rules ofSpecifically systems wer

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nce in music arranging composing playing directing teaching and writingInstruments Teaching And played violin viola guitar rhythm lead and bass classical keyboardmandolin piano accordion harmonium Indian and western flute trumpet drums tabla Dholak dolkidilruba Esraj sarangi sitar ocarinaWork experience 1994 to 1997 government school Sri Lanka1997 to 2004 central government school Sri Lanka2004 to

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