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On the role of Discourse Markers in interactive spoken question answering systemsIoana Vasilescu Sophie Rosset Martine Adda-DeckerLIMSI-CNRSB P 133 - F-91403 ORSAY Cedexioana limsi fr sopie rosset limsi fr madda limsi frAbstractThis paper presents a preliminary analysis of the role of some Discourse Markers and the vocalic hesitation euh in a corpus of spoken hu-man utterances collected with the R...

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Discourse Complements Lexical Semantics for Non-factoid Answer RerankingPeter Jansen and Mihai Surdeanu Peter ClarkUniversity of Arizona Allen Institute for Arti cial IntelligenceTucson AZ USA Seattle WA USApajansen msurdeanu peterc allenai orgemail arizona eduAbstract which are generally restricted to individual sen-tences This is problematic for NF QA whereWe propose a robust answer reranking qu...

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0521640075pre R E L E V A N CE A N DL IN G U I S T I C M E A N I N GThe semantics and pragmaticsof Discourse markersDIANE BLAKEMOREPUBLISHED BY THE PRESS SYNDICATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGEThe Pitt Building Trumpington Street Cambridge United KingdomCAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESSThe Edinburgh Building Cambridge CB2 2RU UK40 West 20th Street New York NY 10011-4211 USA477 Williamstown Road Port Mel...

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2h Salvador Borderia

Microsoft Word - 2 Estudos Linguisticos LA COMBINACI N DE MARCADORES DEL DISCURSO ENLA CONVERSACI N COLOQUIALINTERACCIONES ENTRE POSICI N Y FUNCI NSALVADOR PONS BORDER AGrupo Val Es Co Universidad de ValenciaABSTRACT The combination of Discourse Markers especially in colloquial conver-sations is one of the less addressed questions in this otherwise lively field of studyThis paper attemps to offer ...

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clunl.edu.pt/resources/docs/revista/n2_fulltexts/2h sal...or borderia.pdf
Naccl 21 Volume 2 Pp I Iii

head noun in Chinese relative clauses18 Hui Cao 247Discourse-oriented distributivity in Mandarin Chinese19 Xiao-Qin Deng 256120 Chin-Man Kuo 271The meaning of S-topics in Mandarin a crosslinguistic comparison21 Pei-Jung Kuo 291Possessor raising and BA construction22 Zanhui Huang and Yan Jiang 304The function of m i in m i-NPs23 Ni Eng Lim 323Stance-taking with Wo Jue De in conversational Chinese2

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Jass2004 Hosoma

1 22 12004 5 6 308 26 2 1 152 2200315 3 8 0 80 4 2 2 45 7 10 2 1233 13 223 33 1 3 2893 4Y01 YY02 OhY03 Y Discourse markerHeritage 1984X04 Schiffrin 1987 1999Y05 YX06 XY07 Y XX08 XY09 Y1-3X0441-3 Y016 X02Y03Y04Y05X063 54310 -60Y01Y02 hhhX03 hhhhY04Y05X06Y062452003SIG-SLUD 101-4 2 6 15 1-419994pp 71-100Schifflin 1987 Discourse Markers Cambridge CambridgeY01 University PressX02 522-8533 2500hhosoma s...

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815-12007 122007 3129-562006 3441-572004 12191-210Lin Melissa S H 2001 Discourse-oriented Lang in Taiwanese and Its Counterparts inMandarin and Czech Proceedings of LP 2000 pp 463-76Lin Melissa S H 2009 Some difference between Sakizaya and Amis Paper presented atththe 16 World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and EthnologicalSciences IUAES 2009 Kunming China July 27-312008200

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Bini Pernas Marcadores

italiano L2 Los resultados de nuestro estudio indican que los principiantes en la construcci n de untexto dial gico utilizan gran variedad de marcadores del discurso y con las funciones identificadas porBazzanella 1995 2001 en el italiano de hablantes nativos Tambi n se ha observado que los rasgosprincipales de los marcadores del italiano L2 son la multifuncionalidad y la convergencia Estosresult

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Yang Vol8

Microsoft Word - 5yang.doc ARECLS 2011 Vol 8 95-108INVESTIGATING Discourse Markers IN PEDAGOGICAL SETTINGSA LITERATURE REVIEWSHANRU YANGAbstractThis article discusses previous studies on Discourse Markers and raisesresearch attention on Discourse Markers in pedagogical settings especially in teachertalk As important interactional features Discourse Markers perform great multi-functionality in conv...

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of the Presentation 94 Limitations 95 The Implementation 105 1 Package Options 105 2 Statements 125 3 Cross-Referencing Symbols and Concepts 235 4 Providing IDs for OMDoc Elements 245 5 Deprecated Functionality 245 6 Finale 25Version v1 1 last revised 2011 08 251statements dtx 1857 2011-08-30 16 12 59Z kohlhase1 IntroductionThe motivation for the statements package is very similar to that for sem

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021t C0908x0008xx 0300a1

were wO there DI in Iaught OUt for fQ thirty T tI getting gE4In taking tEkIn and take tEk for fQ by bI crowd EDk4aUd d clap tlAp give gI always Ol s have Ev and right 4EItgrammarzero determiner there wasn t auctions and that there wasn t roomthere was plural complement there wasn t auctionsa -ing when the motors and transport got a-goingverb phrase as tag the biggest I think in the country Wibsey

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2012 Adams Chris

Format Guide for Linguistics Theses at UND SIX Discourse Markers IN TUNISIAN ARABICA SYNTACTIC AND PRAGMATIC ANALYSISbyChris AdamsBachelor of Arts Asbury College May 2006A ThesisSubmitted to the Graduate Facultyof theUniversity of North Dakotain partial fulfillment of the requirementsfor the degree ofMaster of ArtsGrand Forks North DakotaDecember2012This thesis submitted by Chris Adams in partial ...

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Denki University 2-1200 Muzai Gakuendai abstract animated agents that mimic human turn-2-1200 Muzai Gakuendai Inzai Chiba 270-1382 Japan taking in conversations to confirm the validity of ourInzai Chiba 270-1382 Japan model The subjective evaluation tests show that theexpressions of the agents are understandable TheKoji Kimura model may facilitate turn-taking in human-agentTokyo Denki University

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such as sentence structure verb forms Discourse Markers andsubstitute words to unlock meaningAppendix glossary of academic words and list of affixes for referenceReading Academic English can be used for a range of levels with textsranging from simplified press articles of general interest to authenticacademic journal articles dealing with topical issues in educationJudy Rapoport is an educator and

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Journal Pragmatics 2009

ian calls to the ambulance The use ofnegatively framed questions Chiara M Monz n1 pp 2465-2478AbstractThis paper focuses on the deployment of negatively framed questions ininstitutional calls to the ambulance emergency service Such questions are interpretedand responded to as assertions of a specific kind complaints against recipientsComplainees rebut these turns immediately through an admission o

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Sample English Overview

ng debatesimileTime connectivesAddition oppositionSentence Consistent tense Word order for effect Standard EnglishEmbedded clauses connectives Brackets dashes etclevel Integrating dialogue punctuation Ellipsis Persuasive devicesSubordinate clauses Personificationfeatures Core punctuation Direct reported Varied openers Full punctuationSemi-colons colonsspeechAdjectives adverbs Technical vocabulary

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9780521712040 Frontmatter

ollective licensing agreementsno reproduction of any part may take place without the writtenpermission of Cambridge University PressFirst published 20002nd edition 2010Printed in the United Kingdom at the University Press CambridgeA catalogue record for this publication is available from the British LibraryISBN 978 0 521 71204 0 PaperbackISBN 978 0 521 88505 8 HardbackCover design by David LawtonC

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De 3071

untitled DOKTORI PHD RTEKEZ SThe pragmatic marker - Discourse marker dichotomyreconsidered - the case of well and of courserta Furk B lint P terDE B lcs szettudom nyi Kar 20052ContentsIntroduction 5Preliminaries 5Structure of the dissertation 6Part I Theory 10Chapter One Definitions of and approaches to Discourse Markers 101 0 Preliminaries 101 1 Definitions and terminology 111 1 0 Definitions of ...

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Download Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines Putting the World into Words, Susan Strauss, Parastou Feiz NEW CUSTOMER START HEREDiscourse Analysis Across Disciplines Putting the World into Words Susan Strauss Parastou FeizThis introductory textbook presents a variety of approaches and perspectives that can beemployed to analyze any sample of Discourse The perspectives come from multiple disciplin...

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Multi Eco Agent Mode 102d75

Microsoft PowerPoint - Multi-eco-agent Modeling of Situated Discourse Multi-eco-agent Modeling of SituatedDiscoursefrom sign-based to agent-basedrepresentation of discourseYueguo Guwww guyueguo comThe ProjectThe Project triggerextremely unhappy with the way situated Discourse isrepresented by an orthographic text written in paperless extremely unhappy with the way situateddiscourse is represented ...

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Tranbarger 2012 Bmc Pb Oil Palm Ssrs

SSR Markers in transcripts of genes linked to post-transcriptional and transcriptional regulatory functions during vegetative and reproductive development of Elaeis guineensis SSR Markers in transcripts of genes linked to post-transcriptional and transcriptional regulatory functionsduring vegetative and reproductive development ofElaeis guineensisTranbarger et alTranbarger et al BMC Plant Biology ...

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2014 Della Faille Mexican Sociology Social Problems

The Problems of Mexico: An Analysis of a Sociological Discourse REFERENCECitationDella Faille Dimitri 2014 The Problems of Mexico An Analysis of a Sociological Discourse Bulletinof Latin American Research vol 33 no 1 pp 60-75RIS EndNoteTY - JOURAU - Della Faille DimitriPY - 2014TI - The Problems of Mexico An Analysis of a Sociological DiscourseJO - Bulletin of Latin American ResearchSP - 60EP - 75...

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1055 9965 Epi 11 0727 Full

Assessing the Clinical Role of Genetic Markers of Early-Onset Prostate Cancer Among High-Risk Men Enrolled in Prostate Cancer Early Detection1Lucinda Hughes 1Fang Zhu 1Eric Ross 2Laura Gross 3Robert G Uzzo 3David Y TChen 3Rosalia Viterbo 4Timothy R Rebbeck and 1 2Veda N Giri1Cancer Prevention and Control Program Fox Chase Cancer Center Philadelphia PA2Department of Clinical Genetics Fox Chase Canc...

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1471 2229 11 111

A consensus linkage map for molecular Markers and Quantitative Trait Loci associated with economically important traits in melon (Cucumis melo L.) Diaz et al BMC Plant Biology 2011 11 111http www biomedcentral com 1471-2229 11 111RESEARCH ARTICLE Open AccessA consensus linkage map for molecular markersand Quantitative Trait Loci associated witheconomically important traits in melonCucumis melo LAu...

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Manuscript September 11 20131

TITLE: The impact of prolonged sitting on Markers of cardiometabolic risk in children and youth Sitting and metabolic risk in children1 TITLE Prolonged sitting and Markers of cardiometabolic disease risk in children and youth a2 randomized crossover study3 ABBREVIATED TITLE Sitting and metabolic risk in children4 AUTHORS Travis J Saunders1 2 Jean-Philippe Chaput1 2 Gary S Goldfield1 2 Rachel C5 Co...

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Exploiting Both Doubled Haploids and Cheap and Abundant Molecular Markers in Maize Breeding Exploiting both Doubled Haploids andCheap and Abundant Molecular Markers in Corn BreedingRex Bernardo1 Robenzon E Lorenzana2 and Patricio J Mayor3New power tools for corn breedingPower tools from your local hardware store make work faster and easier and lead to amore uniform quality and larger volume of the...

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Tabletopconceptmapping468e Pdf Format Pdf

eneva Arial sans-seriffont-size 1em font-style italicCandidate Pattern Table-top Concept MappingProblemThe Planet methodology aims to engage multidisciplinary communities in a design-level Discourse In order to do that sucha community needs to first establish a shared vocabulary This vocabulary should be rooted in the practices of the domainand informed by the relevant bodies of theoryContextThis

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Cohn 2004 Circulation

Surrogate Markers for Cardiovascular Disease Functional Markers Jay N Cohn Arshed A Quyyumi Norman K Hollenberg and Kenneth A JamersonCirculation 2004 109 IV-31-IV-46DOI 10 1161 01 CIR 0000133442 99186 39Circulation is published by the American Heart Association 7272 Greenville Avenue Dallas TX72514Copyright 2004 American Heart Association All rights reserved Print ISSN 0009-7322 OnlineISSN 1524-4...

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arteriograph.net/downloads/Rizikobecsles/cohn 2004 circ...circulation.pdf
Deconstructive Discourse And Sexual Politics The Feminine And In Masculine Self Representation

Deconstructive Discourse and Sexual Politics The Feminine and in Masculine Self-RepresentationSally RobinsonCultural Critique No 13 The Construction of Gender and Modes of Social Division Autumn1989 pp 203-227Stable URLhttp links jstor org sici sici 0882-4371 28198923 290 3A13 3C203 3ADDASPT 3E2 0 CO 3B2-GCultural Critique is currently published by University of Minnesota PressYour use of the JSTO...

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browse.reticular.info/text/collected/cultural critique/...resentation.pdf