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rnegie Mellon University Duke MIT and the NBER for helpful comments to Jim Hendrix ChrisMessner Pallavi Mudumby Steven Pieri and John Porell from Wolters Kluwer for providing datato Matthew Harding for providing Matlab Code to Iuliana Pascu Arnaldo Pereira Charles Wu JosephineDuh and particularly John Graves and Natalija Novta for research assistance and to the National Instituteof Aging for finan

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Jwezorek Resume 3 2012

mated hystopathic diagnosis by processing high resolution slides oftissue samples and detecting features characteristic of defined tissuestructures and tissue changes CAPS was an HPC application written inMatlab with performance-critical sections written in C The goalultimately was to move the entire system to C My contributiondirectly involved this goal transforming the application from an R Dpro

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Matlab Bootcamp V2

Modeling with Matlab AIV M1 bootcampAntoine Frenoy Dusan Misevicfrenoy gmx com dule alife orgSeptember 2012The course material is available on http perso crans org frenoy matlab2012 htmlBasics of Matlab programming basic algorithmicA The very beginning1 Start matlab2 Calculate 32 4 23 145 8 3 store the result in the variable x3 Type doc sin in the command window4 Calculate sin 4 store the result i...

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Code generation under Control - Rencontres sur la compilation / Saint Hippolyte Code generation under ControlRencontres sur la compilation Saint HippolyteHenri-Pierre CharlesCEA Laboratoire LaSTRE Grenoble12 d cembre 2011Introduction Pr sentationHenri-Pierre Charles two lines CV2010- CEA DRT DACLE LIST LaSTRECRI PILSI context at Gi res1993-2010 assistant professor in Universit of VersaillesSaint-Q...

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te or imply its endorsement recommendationor favoring by the U S Government or any agency thereof The views andopinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflectthose of the U S Government or any agency thereofINL EXT-13-29799Multiphysics Integrated CouplingEnvironment MICEUser ManualAugust 2013Idaho National LaboratoryIdaho Falls Idaho 83415http www inl govPrepared for theU

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ly with j xi ij The test function are chosen from Zh 0 The approximateweak formulation is given asN 1Find z zi i u t N Zh such thati 11 1d z d kz t k L2 dx z x t k dx k 1 N 1dt x dx0 0z 0 k L2 z0 k L2 k 1 N 1We obtain a a di erential systemdzM A z Bu Mz 0 z0 i L2 1 i N 1dtwherez z1 z2 zN 11M R N 1 N 1 Mi j i j dx01d i d jA R N 1 N 1 Ai j dx dxdx0A A MB 0 0 0 1 RN 1hu R2Using exact integration for

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Gonnet Pachon Trefethen

Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis ETNA Volume 38 pp 146-167 2011 Kent State UniversityCopyright 2011 Kent State University http etna math kent eduISSN 1068-9613ROBUST RATIONAL INTERPOLATION AND LEAST-SQUARESPEDRO GONNET RICARDO PACHON AND LLOYD N TREFETHENAbstract An ef cient and robust algorithm and a Matlab Code ratdisk are presented for rational interpolationor linearized least-squa...

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Bioinformatics Bti487 Full

ch interactions between genes using rested in investigating the possibility of reverse-engineeringdata from gene knockout experiments The algorithm we use such regulatory interactions from levels of mRNA such asis the Sparse Bayesian regression algorithm of Tipping and those created by gene expression microarrays MeasurementsFaul This method is highly suited to this problem as it does of mRNA are

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Furthermore can study TeleplanASTERIX program which is made available to the department for prediction of transmission lossand describe how this program may be further developed with improved models If time permitscan simple modification of ASTERIX performed and tested It focused on the frequency ranges 800MHz and 2 6 GHzAssignment given 31 August 2009Supervisor Terje R ste IETAbstractThis thesis

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Ashish Jagat Thesis Pdf Sequence 2

generated to this numerical solution and this curve fitis used to compute analytical source terms The addition of these source terms to thegoverning equations defines a nearby problem for which the curve fit serves as an exactsolution By solving the nearby problem numerically the numerical error in it can becalculated This facilitates the estimation of numerical error in the original problemiiAck

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Branlard 2010 Windtimesseriesgeneration

es generation 11 Kaimal spectrum 12 Wind Time series generations 13 Final veri cations 2II Wave time series generation 44 JONSWAP spectrum 45 Wave time series generation 56 Final veri cation 6Conclusion 6References 7Appendix 8A R Code 9A 1 Main Source Code 9A 2 Sample generation 10B Matlab Code 10B 1 Mains 10B 2 Functions 13February 2010 i2 WIND TIME SERIES GENERATIONSIntroductionIn this report st

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Io Oct 28

Empirical Industrial Organization II Xiaolan ZhouLecture 8October 28 2008Xiaolan Zhou Lecture 8 IO October 28 2008 1 52Empirical Industrial Organization Road mapRoad mapMatlab Code for merger simulation of di erentiated productImpact of mergers onShort run and long run prices Focarelli and Panetta 2003Product variety Berry and Waldfogel 2001Xiaolan Zhou Lecture 8 IO October 28 2008 2 52Empirical I...

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bb.shufe.edu.cn/bbcswebdav/institution/经济å­...2/IO Oct 28.pdf
S2009 Computer Assignment Instructions

ECE 174 COMPUTER ASSIGNMENTS General InstructionsComputer assignments must be completed by the indicated due dates Matlab Code plusa report must be turned in for each separate assignment by the designated dateThe computer assignment reports will be rigorously graded and this grade will make up15 of the overall course gradeAny number of students can work together to discuss the assignments however ...

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dsp.ucsd.edu/~kreutz/ECE174 Support Files/S2009-Compute...nstructions.pdf

is decomposed into mode-shapes and time variation it can bewritten asu qn t n 1 6Where n is mode-shape vector for nth mode and qn t is the time variation that can bedescribed asqn t An cos nt Bn sin nt 1 7n is the natural frequency of nth modeSubstituting back the values in Eq 1 5 we get our eigenvalue problem asK n n 2 M n 1 8Multiplying both sides by inverse of mass matrix we obtainM 1K n n 2 n

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The isotopically light signature in these fluids, compared to typical basalt δ56Fe values of near 0 ‰ (BEARD et al 51ELECTRONIC ANNEXBelow is a version of the Matlab Code used to model the distribution of Fe and Feisotopes in this manuscriptA basic model for determining the distribution of Fe and Fe isotopes inthe San Pedro BasinK 1 Vertical diffusivity in units of cm 2 secFeTop 4 08 Diss...

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Systems Integration And Testing Director Aca !a Auckland Nz

You ll also work closely with hardwareand software engineers to resolve functional issuesBE Electrical Engineering or Computer ScienceSystems Integration and Testing in a hardware product development companyProven experience managing teamsSound knowledge in power electronics wireless technology and or consumer electronics is essentialEmbedded software development i e C Assembly Matlab Code buildi

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hardtalent.ie/userfiles/files/Systems Integration and T...Auckland NZ.pdf
Bwb Pasi 2001 Mpc Workshop

Microsoft PowerPoint - BWB-PASI-2001-MPC-Workshop.ppt MPC WorkshopThere exists a MPC Toolbox available through MathworksI do not use thisMy students write all of their own MPC codeThis workshop is based on Matlab Code that I havewrittenIt is definitely NOT commercially quality codeFeel free to modify my Code to fit your needesB Wayne BequetteMPC WorkshopPrimary MPC filesQSSmpcNLPlant m QP State Sp...

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Ece382 S05 Hw3soln

li cation a block with gain K s in the feedback path Setting the input R sto zero and noting that the feedback into the second summer is positive we havetransfer function from disturbance input D s to output Y s of1Y s s 2 2 s3 2 4s K1D s 1 s s 2 2K s 4sThe steady state error due to a step disturbance R s 1 s is thus by the nal valuetheorem1 sess lim s 0 2s 0 s s3 4s2 4s Kb The transfer function f

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08 Nancy Alonistioti Experimentation Process For The Assessment Of Self Management Behaviour

load management in wireless links e g WIMAXAcquire initial results from experimentation on internal project testbedsIn parallel try to identify potential external experimental facility fortargeting experimentationInitially plan one iteration of experimentation with one use case SELFNETsubmitted a use case proposal in the PII open call and templateCompare results from the internal and external exp

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es theprecision of the earlier estimates so that the true standard errors are several times largerthan those originally reported Using a longer sample period and some controls forspatial correlation in the regression point estimates for the youth share effect onunemployment are positive and close to what a conventional model would implyUnfortunately the standard errors remain very large The diffic

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pacemaker.dvi Bursting Pacemaking Neurons and Central Pattern Generators1 Pinsky-Rinzel rhythmic burster via calcium in uxSee Pinsky and Rinzel J Comput Neurosci 1 39-60 1994Model of hippocampal CA3 pyramidal cell see Matlab Code PR m and alternative withpersistent sodium and slow potassium currents PR alt m200Hz15ms100 500msI K CaI CaCaI K CaTwo-compartment model soma and dendrite with ping-pong ...

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The Final Report

ystem 143 3 3 Design Considered 3 Ceramic Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis System 143 3 4 Fall Term Selected Design Microfiltration and Reverse Osmosis System 153 3 5 The Final Design 164 Final Design 184 1 Frame Design 184 2 Drivetrain 194 2 1 Pedal Crank Assembly 224 2 2 Intermediate Sprocket Assembly 244 2 3 Pump Drive Assembly 254 4 Hydraulic Circuit 274 4 1 Pump Selection 274 4 2 Purificat

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poisson.me.dal.ca/~dp_12_15/Deliverables_files/The Fina...inal Report.pdf

cultchallenges in building Bayesian Belief Networks Most of the existing literature has focused ondifferent tools to use during the elicitation process or various cognitive biases to avoidHowever there are very few guidelines on the order in which nodes that should be presentedto the experts during the elicitation process or how experts react to different orders of nodesThere is also a lack of res

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Jin 2012gps

GPS Solut 2012 16 541 548 DOI 10 1007 s10291-012-0279-3GPS TOOLBOXMDCB Matlab Code for estimating GNSS satellite and receiverdifferential Code biasesRui Jin Shuanggen Jin Guiping FengReceived 19 April 2012 Accepted 30 June 2012 Published online 18 July 2012Springer-Verlag 2012Abstract Global navigation satellite systems GNSS mean difference of less than 0 7 ns and an RMS of lesshave been widely us...

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Agility Mcs Datasheet

DATASHEET Agility MCS Matlab to C SynthesisAutomatic generation of ANSI C-Code from Matlab sourceMany signal processing algorithm developers use Matlab for modeling However at KEY Featuresvarious points in the design flow a C-Code model of the algorithm is required ManuallyAutomatic M to C synthesistranslating the algorithmic model to C-Code can be a laborious error-prone task AgilityMCS eliminate...

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Andy Wekin

ube noise introducedapplications To power these embedded or remotefrequencies and amplitudes Data was collected from the into the signal by the amplifier unaccounted resonanceselectronics novel power sources will be needed Currentsignal generator pressure transducer laser vibrometer and in the sound tube and speaker and nonlinear behavior ofelectricity supplied through batteries or photovoltaic ce

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174 Hmwk 2 F2010

d First Computer Assignment plus written report will be due ThursdayOctober 28 2010Homework1 4 1 1 4 1 2 4 1 8 Also prove that X Y is a vector subspace of V if X and Y arevector subspaces of V2 4 2 1 4 2 23 4 3 1 4 3 24 4 4 1 4 4 25 4 5 1 4 5 66 Turn in Matlab Code showing that you have performed Steps 1-5 of the rst computerassignment1...

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dsp.ucsd.edu/~kreutz/ECE174 Support Files/174-Hmwk-2-F2...mwk-2-F2010.pdf
Group10 Report

Microsoft Word - EE482c Project Report.doc Mapping Vector Codes to a Stream Processor ImagineMehdi Baradaran Tahoori and Paul Wang Leemtahoori paulwlee Stanford eduAbstractWe examined some basic problems in mapping vector codes to stream processors Inparticular we studied two issues of mapping simple two-input operations to vector codes byrunning small vector Code snippets on the Imagine programmi...

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matode.dvi Solving ODE in MATLABP HowardFall 2007Contents1 Finding Explicit Solutions 11 1 First Order Equations 21 2 Second and Higher Order Equations 31 3 Systems 32 Finding Numerical Solutions 42 1 First-Order Equations with Inline Functions 52 2 First Order Equations with M- les 72 3 Systems of ODE 72 4 Passing Parameters 102 5 Second Order Equations 103 Laplace Transforms 104 Boundary Value P...

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