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Microsoft Powerpoint 33 Personal Fossil Record History

Microsoft PowerPoint - 33 Personal Fossil Record History Personal Fossil Record HistoryISN pg 33ObjectiveI can describe how geologists use andinterpret the Fossil Record through a personalfossil Record activityExampleYear Description of event Year Description of eventArtifact 1Year Description of event 20042004 Brokenleg- up tokneeArtifact 2Year Description of event 19961996 Baby born-possiblysibl...

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Energycoast Ks2lessonplan

SkillsFactnotes1 Page 1Key Stage 2 Lesson PlanLearning IntentionsTo learn about Britain s Energy CoastTo identify and learn about different methods of energy generationResourcesBritain s Energy Coast interactive materials www succeedingwithscience com pupil information booklet for each child largesheets of paper pensIntroductionBegin by asking the pupils What do we mean by energyAsk them to think ...

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ient LDG a decrease in richness of species and higher taxa from the equator to the poles LDGsare produced by geographic trends in origination extinction and dispersal over evolutionary timescales sothat analyses of static patterns will be insufficient to reveal underlying processes The Fossil Record of marinebivalve genera a model system for the analysis of biodiversity dynamics over large tempora

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2011 2012 Zoology 1st Semester 2011 2012

Oct 3-7Week 9 SZ2b How are the concepts of evolution explained Oct 17-21Week 10 SZ2b How are the concepts of evolution explained Oct 24-28Week 11 SZ2c How does the Fossil Record describe major extinction events Oct 31-Nov 4Week 12 SZ3c When comparing within an animal group how do some structural changes Nov 7- 11led to Key functional transitionsWeek 13 SZ3c When comparing within an animal group h

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high.jasperga.schooldesk.net/Portals/JasperGa/High/docs...r 2011-2012.pdf

vard UniversityCambridge Massachusetts 02138 email cmarshal oeb harvard eduby 198 181 231 11 on 05 04 06 For personal use onlyAnnu Rev Earth Planet Sci Key Words2006 34 355 84First published online as a bilaterian phyla evolution paleontology development ecologyReview in Advance onJanuary 16 2006 AbstractThe Annual Review of The Cambrian explosion is a unique episode in Earth history when essentia

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Inkabaws8 Poster 10

10.pdf Claire BrowningCenozoic Fossil dune gastropods of thecbrowning geoscience org zaDave Robertsdroberts geoscience org zaSouth African west coast Woody Fenton CotterillFenton Cotterill uct ac zaChris HarrisImplications for climate change chris harris uct ac zaMaarten de Witmaarten dewit aeon uct ac zaAbstractFossilized dune snails are abundant in the South African Cenozoic geological Record Th...

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Chap 20 Human

years ago A remarkably well preserved set ofA phylogeny for the evolution of tool use fossils from Ardipithecus ramidus including one individual with aWhen did Large Brain Size Evolve nearly complete skeleton were discovered by White et al 2004Neotony and the Evolution of Large Brains 2008 in Ethiopia The fossils from the intact skeleton allow us toHominid Migration and Diversification reconstruct

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bio.research.ucsc.edu/~barrylab/classes/CHAPTER_PDFS/Ch... 20 - Human.pdf
Horacek265 272 Sandstone 1

265272Sandstone POST GLACIAL VEGETATION DEVELOPMENT IN SANDSTONE AREASHolocene history of the mammalian faunain the Northern Bohemian sandstone regionCzech RepublicIvan Hor ek 1Keywords bones glacial refugia immigration Preboreal maximum to the recent time are of greatest siginificancepost-Neolithic profiles archaeological excavations During the last few decades a considerable amount of thiskind o...

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14 Calvillo

comAbstractHistory of plant diversity in Mexico might be sought in detailed descriptions and comparisons of Fossil taxa Fossil plants allowthe recognition of plant communities and their history especially if they include Key elements In Mexico Bursera is correlated withdry tropical habitats and its presence in the Fossil Record certainly helps to trace the history of both the taxon and the habitat

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Wing Et Al Pnas 2009 Cerrejon

Late Paleocene fossils from the Cerrejon Formation Colombia are the earliest recordof Neotropical rainforestScott L Winga 1 Fabiany Herrerab c Carlos A Jaramillob Carolina Gomez-Navarrob d Peter Wilfeand Conrad C LabandeiraaaDepartment of Paleobiology P O Box 37012 Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Washington DC 20013 bSmithsonian TropicalResearch Institute Apartado Postal...

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mnh.si.edu/ete/_LooyVersion/_img_ete/pubpdfs/Wing et al...09 Cerrejon.pdf
061 Sanderson Tree96

A 40 Levis R W Ganesan R Houtchens K Tolar L A and Sheen F-M1995 Flamenco a gene controlling the gypsy retrovirus of 1993 Transposons in place of telomeric repeats at a DrosopkilaDrosophila melanogaster Genetics 139 697-711 telomere Cell 75 1083-1093Reconstructing shifts in diversificationrates on phylogenetic treesMichael 1 Sanderson and Michael J DonoghueMany questions in evolu- Few issues in ev

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Rn 17 1 17 2

Microsoft Word - Reading notes17-117-2 08 Biology Reading Notes NameAssignment Read Sections 17 1 17 2 by Tuesday 9 21 Block Section 17-1Purpose 1 To understand the evidence the Fossil Record provides2 To understand the difference between relative dating and radioactive datingand how each is usedKey Vocabulary Look for these words and come up with a definition not all of them are printedin bold in...

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Microsoft Word - 4th grade fossils final.docx 4TH GRADEFOSSILSSummary Student paleontologists observe specimens from the Natural HistoryMuseum and the Utah Geological Survey They predict which specimens arefossils and what type of Fossil they are Students hold real fossils as well as castsof real fossils as they predict their sourceIntended Learning Outcomes for 4th Grade1a Observe simple objects ...

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http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/fosrec/ScotchmoorFossil.html LEARNING FROM THE Fossil Record Page 1 of 2LEARNING FROM THE Fossil RECORDJUDITH SCOTCHMOORLEARNING FROM the Fossil Record is a title carefully chosen for it conveys multipleconcepts Paleontologists geologists biologists and others use the Fossil Record to learnabout the past history of the Earth Using this knowledge we have gained anunders...

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geo00002d 67..76 Fossil Record 16 1 2013 67 75 DOI 10 1002 mmng 201300002A new Cretaceous family of enigmatic two-winged lacewingsNeuropteraVladimir N Makarkin1 2 Qiang Yang1 and Dong Ren 11College of Life Sciences Capital Normal University Beijing 100048 China E-mail rendong mail cnu edu cn2Institute of Biology and Soil Sciences Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladivostok 69...

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Bandel 2010a

genera suchas Pagodatrochus Turcica Calliotropis Danilia and Euchelus Their shell has a nacreous inner layer and ornament ofaxial ribs on the early teleoconch This ornament distinguishes from living and Fossil Vetigastropoda with Trochus andTurbo-like shells Eucycloscalidae containing the Triassic genera Eucycloscala and Ampezzotrochus can be distin-guished from Eunemopsis and Pseudoclanculus and

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2010 Griffin Et Al B

story Smithsonian Institution USAfDepartment of Anthropology University at Albany e SUNY USAgDepartment of Movement and Sports Sciences University of Ghent Belgiuma r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c tArticle history The human metatarsophalangeal joints play a Key role in weight transmission and propulsion duringReceived 10 September 2009 bipedal gait but at present the identi cation of when a habi

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2006 153 Midterm Key

Microsoft Word - 2006 Bio153H5 midterm Key.doc Name Student Lab Section TA Spring 2006Bio153H5 Diversity of OrganismsInstructor Dr M HavelkaMidterm TestFriday March 3rd 20066 8 pmK137 SE2072 2080 2082No aids are allowedInstructions1 This test consists of 2 sections 40 multiple choice questions 1 mark each 40marks and 5 of 7 short answer questions 2 marks each 10 marks Thereare a total of 50 mark...

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Phys1160 Syllabus

rare The science ofastrobiology Where and how can we search for life in the universeLecture 3 Key ConceptsGravity orbits and Kepler s laws Atoms and nuclei Light and otherelectromagnetic waves Spectra and the Doppler shiftLecture 4 Techniques of AstronomyTelescopes and instruments for different wavelength regionsObserving methods Effect of the atmosphere Observations fromspaceModule 2 The Solar Sy

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Evolution Survey Key

Evolution Survey Instructor's Key Survey on Evolution Instructor s KeyThis survey contains statements about evolution Do you think a professional biologistwould answer true or false You do not have to agree with the statement for it to betrue as you think biologists see it Your answers will be confidential and will not affectyour grade The purpose of this survey is to determine the class level of ...

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Sp 101 Toc Abstracts

ISBN 978-1-56576-314-2 Microbial Mats in Siliciclastic Depositional Systems Through TimeEditors Nora Noffke and Henry ChafetzCONTENTSIntroductionNORA NOFFKE AND HENRY CHAFETZ 1Morphology and Distribution of MISS A Comparison Between Modern Siliciclastic and Carbonate SettingsSUSHANTA BOSE AND HENRY S CHAFETZ 3The Trace-Fossil Record of Organism Matground Interactions in Space and TimeLUIS A BUATOI...

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sepm.org/CM_Files/publications/sp 101_TO...C_abstracts.pdf

The ca International WorkshopThe Emergence of the Acheulean in East AfricaRome September 12-13 2013The ca 1 8-0 8 Ma African human Fossil Record taxonomic and evolutionary issuesRoberto MacchiarelliDept Geosciences Univ of Poitiers Dept Prehistory MNHN ParisSince the discovery of early Man in 1960s at Olduvai Gorge Tanzania the African human fossilrecord from the Pleistocene Calabrian Stage 1 086-...

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Mikulas Dsc Teze

Fossil behaviour adjacent to specific substrates: a look through the Phanerozoic Fossil Record Akademie V d esk republikyTeze disertace k z sk n v deck ho tituludoktor v d ve skupin v d geofyzik ln -geofyzick ch v dy o ZemiFOSSIL BEHAVIOUR RELATED TOSPECIFIC SUBSTRATES A REVIEW OF THEPHANEROZOIC Fossil RECORDVZTAH SUBSTR T A AKTIVITY ORGANISM VE FOSILN MZ ZNAMU POSOUZEN ZM N B HEM FANEROZOIKAKomis...

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Mcgowansmith07 18128

ceratitid ammonoids the higher taxonomy of ammonoids When the cladogram isduring the earliest Mesozoic has been taken at face value as an compared with the observed Fossil Record the resultant treeexample of explosive radiation following the Permian Triassic implies that the divergence of a number of early Triassic line-mass extinction However the validity of this interpretation ages actually occ

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evol57320.460479.tp Evolution 57 3 2003 pp 460 479NONSTOCHASTIC VARIATION OF SPECIES-LEVEL DIVERSIFICATION RATESWITHIN ANGIOSPERMSHALLIE J SIMS1 2 AND KEVIN J MCCONWAY3 41 Department of Paleobiology National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution Washington D C 20013-70122 E-mail sims hallie nmnh si edu3 Department of Statistics The Open University Milton Keynes MK7 6AA United Kingdom4 ...

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myweb.uiowa.edu/hsims/manuscript pdfs/SimsMcConway2003E...ution57p460.pdf
Bi Numero 21a

60 years that separate thefounding of IUBS from the publication of Darwin s Origin of SpeciesBefore I 8 8 all branches were still exploiting the legacy of Linnaeus andL5were confined by the shackles of his premise of immutability It wasDarwin who loosened them His concepts brought biology to life a s anentity with the recognition that there was a theme common to al1organisms they inspired researc

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ology University of California Davis CA 95616 USAReceived 10 November 2004 revised 1 April 2005Available online 16 June 2005AbstractTurtles are one of Earth s most instantly recognizable life forms distinguished for over 200 million years in the Fossil Record Evenso Key nodes in the phylogeny of turtles remain uncertain To address this issue we sequenced 90 of the nuclear recombinationactivase gen

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Falko Oliver Mix Match Nature Perspectives 2007

vironment in relation toprinciples and the Fossil Record we review how climate selects marine mixing The ocean is divided into two hori-eukaryotic phytoplankton taxa We suggest that climate determines the zontal layers the upper ocean and the oceaninterior These two layers are separatedequator-to-pole and continent-to-land thermal gradients that provideby a pycnocline which reflects the differ-ene

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Chapter 25 Notes Pdf

PROTOCELLSEarth s early atmosphere likely contained water RNA monomers have been produced Protocells may have been fluid-filledvapor and chemicals released by volcanic spontaneously from simple molecules vesicles with a membrane-likeeruptions nitrogen nitrogen oxides carbon Small organic molecules polymerize when they structuredioxide methane ammonia hydrogen hydrogen are concentrated on hot sand

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castrovalleyhigh.org/apps/download/DjJFzPaDB3YOmMM9moH6...5 Notes_pdf.pdf