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Gaap Supplemental Q22014

Informatica CORPORATION RECONCILIATION OF GAAP TO NON-GAAP FINANCIAL MEASURESin thousands except per share dataunauditedThree Months Ended Three Months EndedJune 30 2014 June 30 2013GAAP Adjustments a Non-GAAP GAAP Adjustments a Non-GAAPRevenuesSoftware 103 455 - 103 455 91 428 - 91 428Service 147 258 - 147 258 131 011 - 131 011Total revenues 250 713 - 250 713 222 439 - 222 439Cost of revenuesSoft...

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Tutorial Matlab TutorialMathworks Matlabper il Corso di Studio in ing Informatica 1 livelloAnalisi dei SistemiAnno Accademico 2002-2003Docente Prof Ing Paolo ArenaTutor Ing Adriano BasileProf Paolo Arena Ing Adriano Basile Tutorial MatlabUltima versione 28 10 20022Prof Paolo Arena Ing Adriano Basile Tutorial MatlabIntroduzioneChe cosa MatlabMATLAB un linguaggio ad alto rendimento per la computazio...

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Pc 86 Administratorguide

PowerCenter Administrator Guide Administrator GuideInformatica PowerCenterVersion 8 6Informatica PowerCenter Administrator GuideVersion 8 6June 2008Copyright c 1998 2008 Informatica Corporation All rights reservedThis software and documentation contain proprietary information of Informatica Corporation and are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are...

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Tutorial Para Convertir Scaners A Textos

Tutorial para convertir cualquier tipo de documentos Tutorial para convertir textosescaneados en documentos WordAcceder a http www onlinehttp www online-convert com esDesplegar la pesta a CONVERSOR DE DOCUMENTOS y elegir Convertir a DOCEn la siguiente pantalla clicar en EXAMINARSe abrir una ventana clicar en EXAMINAR y localizar d nde est el fichero escaneadoPor ejemplo en el Escritorio tengo un d...

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gabinetcomunicacio.es/TUTORIALES/tutorial CONVERT ONLIN...RS A TEXTOS.pdf

MTH-533 (22243170) Tutorial 10 MTH-533 22243170 Tutorial 10LEO T BUTLERA Text 12 2 9B Text 12 2 10Date January 9 20141......

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Informatica ImagingInformaticaProf Pierpaolo Vittorinipierpaolo vittorini univaq itUniversit degli Studi dell AquilaaDip to di Medicina Interna Sanit Pubblica Scienzeadella Vita e dell AmbienteProf Pierpaolo Vittorini InformaticaCenni sulla codi ca dei segnaliImaging Immagini bitmap e rasterDICOMImagingProf Pierpaolo Vittorini InformaticaCenni sulla codi ca dei segnaliImaging Immagini bitmap e ras...

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Tutorial Gimp Texture Acier Brossa A C

Tutorial Gimp : texture acier brossé Tutorial Gimp texture acier bross http www infetech com article php3 idarticle 89Fil RSS InfetechThe Gimp Tous les tutoriauxAccueilTutorial Gimp texture acier brosstexture m tal brosssamedi 14 janvier 2006Annonces GoogleLogiciel Retouche PhotoGraphisme Simple et rapide utiliser Testez-legratuitementGimp les tutoriaux the gimpIllustratorwww PortraitPro frPain...

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auriam.free.fr/Nouveau dossier/Formation gimp/Tutoriels...r_brossé.pdf
Krakrobot 2014 Tutorial

Tutorial for quali cations task Installation and optionsThe rst step is to download zip uploaded to our website and unpack it Torun the code you will need python 2 7 and PyQt python package see taskdescription document for more speci c installation guideIn the root directory you will see many les but the most important one ismain py It is both GUI interface for you but also it can be used to testq...

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Internet Informatica Maxxin di Perin MassimilianoPiazza 2 Agosto 7 AlfonsineTel 338 9302910 Fax 0544 864162Sito internet www maxxin itE-mail info maxxin itCondizioni riservate agli associatiInterventi di assistenza hardware software sulla tariffa oraria di listino sconto 20Excogita SrlVia G di Vittorio 22 RavennaTel 0544 684062 Fax 0544 689071Sito internet www excogita netE-mail info excogita netC...

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HTML-5 com HTML Microdata Tutorial HTML Microdata TutorialHTML-5 com is an HTML User s Guide and quick reference of HTML elements andattributes for web developers who code HTML web pages not only for HTML 5 but forHTML coding in general with demos and examples of HTML code plus a cheat sheet forweb developers TV Series Actors and Actresses Follow TV Series and HTML 5 onGoogleHTML-5 com itemscopeht...

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Oras Tuteeapplicationfa2008

OFFICE OF RETENTION & ACADEMIC SUPPORT Tutorial CENTER Tutorial ASSISTANCE NETWORK TAN USE ONLYKEYED BY DATE KEYED DATE ASSIGNED TUTOR DAYS TIMES PREV SEM GPA FALL 2008 TUTEE APPLICATIONPlease read and complete the attached copy of the TAN Policies and Procedures before completing this form Bysubmitting and or signing this form you agree to follow the policies and procedures specified on page 2...

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Thredds Opendap Tutorial Icdc

THREDDS OPeNDAP Tutorial What is THREDDSThe THREDDS Data Server provides data access for scientific datasets especially for geo-referenceddata netCDF HDF GRIB etc Via THREDDS you can download datasets with your web browser oruse subsets without downloading the datasets OPeNDAPHow to use THREDDS and OPeNDAPThis short Tutorial shows step by step how to access datasets via THREDDS and OPeNDAP1 Datase...

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2005 Cigre Sc A3 B3 Tutorial B1 Id44ver15

Microsoft PowerPoint - 2005 CIGRE SC A3 & B3 Tutorial B1 .ppt [Lecture seule] 2005 CIGRE SC-A3 -B3 Joint Tutorial in TokioB-1POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS AND BENEFITS EXPECTED THROUGHREDUCED INSULATION CO-ORDINATION VOLTAGESTokio YAMAGIWA JapanBo WAHLSTR M SwedenEnrico COLOMBO ItalyFran ois GALLON France2005 CIGRE SC-A3 -B3 Joint Tutorial in TokioPossible Applications and Benefits expected through Reduce...

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Microsoft Word - Tutorial AUDACITY.doc Tutorial AUDACITYAudacity es un programa que manipula ondas de audio digital Adem s de grabarsonido directamente desde el programa importa muchos formatos de sonidoincluyendo WAV AIFF AU IRCAM MP3 y Ogg Vorbis Soporta todas lasoperaciones comunes de edici n como Cortar Copiar y Pegar adicionalmente mezclapistas y aplica efectos plugin a adidos a cualquier par...

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Descrittori di formato I O FormattatoDescrittori di formatoFondamenti di Informatica T A-KCdL Ingegneria MeccanicaAA 2012-2013Fondamenti di Informatica T A-K CdL Ingegneria Meccanica Descrittori di formatoI O FormattatoIntroduzioneIn I O i dati possono essere letti scrittiutilizzando la rappresentazione del compilatore comeabbiamo sempre fatto nei programmi no ad oggiFondamenti di Informatica T A-...

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Ezpdo A A>> Tutorial

EZPDO » Tutorial EZPDO Tutorial http www ezpdo net blog p 5About Downloads Install Tutorial Manual Dev Forums Bugs FAQTutorialBy ezpdo4php on May 9th 2007Table of Contents -Get readyDownload and installThe config fileDatabase setupThe data modelThe Base classThe Author classThe Book classCreate objects and associationsInclude runtime APICreate authorsCreate booksAssociate authors and booksCommi...

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download.prodigy7.de/files/archive/ezpdo/docs/EZPDO Â�...» Tutorial.pdf
Bravo Note

BRAVO Tutorial NOTE ON THE FLASH EQUATIONS USED IN THESIMULATION1 System descriptionWe consider a system with two phases water and gas which containsNeon Helium Carbon dioxide and water Let us introduce some notationsWe denote by nc the number of components that is nc 4 For eachcomponent i 1 nc ci denotes the concentration in mole per literin each phase g w We use Henry s law which states that at ...

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2013 05 14 Easy Inked Edges

Digi Scrap Tutorial from Easy Inked-Up EdgesBy Helen Ash May 14 2013Hands up who loves a bit of grunge I do Worn papers distressedalphas splashes of paint they all add character to a page I have alwaysadored inked edges in paper scrapbooking so it s exciting to be able tosimulate the look digitallyThere are various ways of applying inks to edges of papers mats framestags etc The most common way is...

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Laboratorio De Aplicaciones Ii

ESPECIALIDAD Informatica PROFESIONAL y PERSONAL LABORATORIO de APLICACIONES II 2011 Denominaci n del Aspecto Formativo LABORATORIO DE APLICACIONES IICorrespondiente al 5to A o TALLERCarga Horaria 3 horas did cticas semanalesFUNDAMENTACI N DEL ASPECTO FORMATIVOLa necesidad de asistencia que presenta el usuario de software es com n a diversosambientes de aplicaciones espec ficas pero no as el softwa...

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Tutorial Aeromodelism

Microsoft Word - Tutorial aeromodelism2.doc Tutorial aeromodelismCuprins1 Introducere 22 Tipuri de avioane pentru incepatori 33 Electronica dintr-un avion 94 Radiocomanda 245 Cum zboara un avion 305 Cum zboara un avion mai inginereste explicat 326 Studiu de caz easy star 407 Poze 428 Cum se repara un model din spuma 50Capitolul 1 IntroducereAm scris acest Tutorial pentru cei ce vor sa se apuce dea...

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Template for Tutorial Proposals Requirements Meet Interaction DesignDr Hermann Kaindl ProfessorVienna University of Technologyhttp www ict tuwien ac at kaindlObjectiveThis Tutorial has the primary objective to address a potential separation of requirementsengineering and interaction design In order to improve the development of useful and usablesoftware systems you will learn about an approach to ...

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Es Teoria 4 02

Fondamenti di Informatica 300 ed oltre esercizi di teoriaFulvio Corno Antonio LioyPolitecnico di TorinoDip di Automatica e Informaticav 4 02 01 09 2009Indice1 Introduzione 21 1 Nota metodologica 22 Conversioni di base 23 Aritmetica 74 Numeri reali 95 Codi che non numeriche 116 Logica Algebra Booleana Circuiti 157 Architetture hardware 208 Architetture software 269 Valutazione delle prestazioni 331...

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Tutorial NOTECellular Imaging and AnalysisVolocity TutorialColocalizationThis Tutorial demonstrates how to use the Colocalization View in Volocity The theory of Colocalizationanalysis is discussed in more detail in the online Tutorial Thresholded Pearson s Correlation CoefficientPCC AnalysisDataLive Cell ColocalizationDataset courtesy of Chris Guerin and Sam Knoppen VIB University of GentWorkflowC...

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56 Antivirus Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security 2012 | Informatica Battistini Norton Internet Security 2012 Informatica Battistini1 1......

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Ids Sqt Bookmap

IBM Informix Guide to SQL: Tutorial Informix Product FamilyInformixVersion 11 70IBM Informix Guide to SQL TutorialSC27-3522-01Informix Product FamilyInformixVersion 11 70IBM Informix Guide to SQL TutorialSC27-3522-01NoteBefore using this information and the product it supports read the information in Notices on page B-1EditionThis edition replaces SC27-3522-00This publication contains proprietary ...

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Tutorial Sketchup 8

Tutorial de Sketchup Crear compartir y presentar modelos 3DColecci n de aplicaciones gratuitas para contextos educativosPlan Integral de Educaci n DigitalDirecci n Operativa de Incorporaci n de Tecnolog as InTecMinisterio de Educaci nColecci n de aplicaciones gratuitaspara contextos educativos Sketchup p g 2Pr logoEste Tutorial se enmarca dentro de los lineamientos del Plan Integralde Educaci n Di...

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Informaticacloudpremium Studentguide 09 2014

Informatica Cloud Premium Training ClassStudent GuideVersion ICS 2014 09Informatica Cloud Enterprise Student GuideVersion 2 0November 2011Copyright c 1998 2011 Informatica CorporationAll rights reserved Printed in the USAThis software and documentation contain proprietary information of Informatica Corporation and are provided under a licenseagreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure ...

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Opensim Tutorial3 15

Microsoft Word - OpenSim Tutorial 3.doc OpenSim Tutorial 3Scaling Inverse Kinematics and Inverse DynamicsSamuel Hamner Clay Anderson Eran Guendelman Chand John Jeff Reinbolt Scott DelpNeuromuscular Biomechanics LaboratoryStanford UniversityI OBJECTIVESPurposeThe purpose of this Tutorial is to demonstrate how OpenSim solves an inverse kinematicsproblem and an inverse dynamics problem using experime...

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Oks Tutorial 05

Microsoft Word - OKS Tutorial 05.doc OCS Tutorial WS1011 IPQ KITD Hillerkuss and R Bonk5th Tutorial November 26th 20101 Background Bessel FunctionsFor the next problem we will need some knowledge about BesselfunctionsDo you know problems where Bessel functions are involved What do a lotof these problems have in commonDerived from the Laurent-series of the generating functionx 1te 2 tJn x t n 1 1A ...

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ihq.webarchiv.kit.edu/studies/OCS/download/WS1011/Uebun...tutorial 05.pdf