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111912 6th Ela Performance Task

Grade 6 Performance Task Garden of Learning1 Task Overview2 Classroom Activity3 Student Task Parts 1 and 24 Task Specifications and Scoring RubricsTask Overview 20 minutes for classroom activity 105 for Performance Task 125total minutesClassroom Activity 20 minutesStudents will be introduced to the topic of school and community gardens to prepare anargumentative article They will be given time to ...

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nlmusd.k12.ca.us/cms/lib3/CA01001758/Centricity/Domain/...rmance task.pdf
Cla Plus Practice Pt

Practice Performance Task OVERVIEWThe Collegiate Learning Assessment CLA is an assessment that measuresTable of Contents1 Overviewyour critical-thinking and written-communication skills2 Performance TaskInstructionsA CLA Performance Task presents a real-world situation in which an issue Scenarioproblem or conflict is identified You are asked to assume a relevant role to PromptDocument Libraryaddre...

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Algebra can be split into two types of processes: those used to Simplify Expressions and those used to solve equations Page 1 of 22Review of Radical Expressions and EquationsSkills involving radicals can be divided into the following groupsEvaluate square roots or higher order rootsSimplify radical Expressions Rationalize denominatorsFind domain of a radical functionEvaluate Expressions involving ...

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Penn State University - University Park Math 21 College Algebra ISpring 2014CATALOG DESCRIPTION College Algebra I 3 credits Quadratic equations equations in quadratic form wordproblems graphing algebraic fractions negative and rational exponents radicalsPREREQUISITE Math 4 or satisfactory Performance on the mathematics proficiency examination Students who do notmeet the prerequisite may have great...

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Diffrient World Brochure 061313

High Performance Ultimate SimplicitySimplicity is at the core of Humanscaleproducts Each of our designs is incrediblyeasy to use with the fewest parts andcontrols possible All this is achieved whileoffering the highest levels of performanceand functionalityThat commitment to simplicity led tothe development of Diffrient World ahigh-Performance Task chair that fitsone or 1 000 usersFrom design lege...

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Tb 5oa12

Standard MACC 5 OA 1 2 Depth of Knowledge Write simple Expressions that record calculations with numbers and Level 1 Recallinterpret numerical Expressions without evaluating them Forexample express the calculation add 8 and 7 then multiply by 2 asRecognize that is three times as largeas without having to calculate the indicated sum orproductExplanations and Ideas to Support Sample Test Task Item s...

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Eldrubric Gr10

10th Grade ELD Scoring Rubric Overall Proficiency Circle 1 Fall 2013 Countywide Performance Task Project ELA Em Em Ex Ex Ex Br BrEnglish Language Development Writing Proficiency IndicatorsEmerging Expanding BridgingOrganization Minimal paragraph development Some paragraph development Standard paragraph development witho May use key words or phrases o Uses complete sentences grade level unity coher...

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Performance Task Creative Castle

Performance Task Creative Castle by Tabatha Burcher In this lesson students will create a castle using geometric shapes In the building of the castle they willincorporate measurements including cubic units area perimeter and volumeSTANDARDS FOR MATHEMATICAL CONTENTGeometric Measurement understand concepts of volume and relate volume to multiplication anddivisionMCC5 MD 3 Recognize volume as an att...

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11fanusingperformanceassessmentproofreadingdone 4

Using Performance Assessment in Secondary School Mathematics: An Empirical Study in a Singapore Classroom Journal of Mathematics EducationDecember 2008 Vol 1 No 1 pp 132-152 Education for AllUsing Performance Assessment in SecondarySchool Mathematics An Empirical Studyin a Singapore ClassroomLianghuo FanNanyang Technological University SingaporeYan ZhuUniversity of Hong Kong Hong KongThis article ...

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55481c7d Fa9e 4333 844b 4198d652b766

Microsoft Word - Fine Arts Performance TaskVA Fine Arts Performance Task Secondary Visual ArtCritique of famous artists or student workContent Area Secondary Visual ArtsGroup Members Dama Schneider Jenn Meade Laura Chatterson Angela GleesonDeveloped for Grade 6 12Time Frame 20 30 minutesEnduring Understanding Learners understand and critique in artistic terms throughout the artsGrades 6 8 Students...

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Evaluating Algebraic Expressions ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONSAn algebraic expression is a collection of numbers and variables separated by operation signs andgrouping symbols Examples of algebraic Expressions include2 x 3y 5 x y z and 2x y2In the expression 3y 5 3y and 5 are called the terms of the expression 3y is called the variableterm 5 is called the constant term Variable terms have two parts a num...

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2004 Resourcemapping

npw2004.final.dvi Application Analysis and Resource Mapping for HeterogeneousNetwork Processor ArchitecturesRamaswamy Ramaswamy Ning Weng and Tilman WolfDepartment of Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of MassachusettsAmherst MA 01003rramaswa nweng wolf ecs umass eduAbstract are typically single-chip multiprocessors with high-Performance I O components A network processor isNetwork proc...

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846 Spmap 11 Common Indicators 846

11 COMMON SOCIAL Performance INDICATORS FOR MICROFINANCESOCIAL Performance Task FORCEIn March 2005 a group of microfinance stakeholders came together in Paris to form the Social Perfor-mance Task Force SP Task Force 1 The purpose of the SP Task Force is to build industrywide supportfor social Performance through a process of stakeholder engagement agreement on terminology anddefinitions coordinati...

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Ibp Updated

BBB4M Performance Task Culminating ActivityThis is the culminating activity for the course It will be weighted as 20 of your final mark DueDate January 2012The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to research an international market anddevelop a product or service that you think would be successful for the particular marketYou will be responsible for choosing a product ...

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currsmcdsb.on.ca/joabusiness/bbb4m/unit10/ibp updated.p...ibp updated.pdf
Sample Student Performance Task

Student Performance SAMPLE.doc SAMPLE Student Performance Task TemplateEssential Driving Question Enduring UnderstandingWhat is are the overarching question s and or big idea s that guide this Performance taskWhat can artifacts found by archeologists tell us about our past What conclusions do you have from thesimulated dig How accurate are conclusions made from artifactsStandardsWhat standard s ar...

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Performance Based Assessment Exponential Growth & Decay

Performance-Based Assessment - Exponential Growth & Decay Performance Task 2EXPONENTIAL GROWTH DECAYStudent name Teacher nameCourse DateScore for Part 1Please turn to the next page and beginPart 1 CarsSuppose your friend buys a new car for 22 000The value of the car decreases by 40 each year1 How much value does the car lose in dollars after one year Show your work in the space belowExplain how yo...

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Maryland Reading Writing-Language Performance Task A Thinking ConnectionbyHannah KruglanskiProgram Assessment Evaluation and Instructional Support BranchPresented atThe Second National Conference on Assessing ThinkingSharing PerspectivesMarriott Inner Harbor Hotel BaltimoreDecember 4 and 5 1990eoIn assessing thinking we are looking for mental processees andskills that learners use in solving probl...

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Marzano Chap5

omework Sept 154 Homework Sept 175 Quiz Sept 206 Unit Test 1 Sept 227 Performance Task Sept 248 Homework Sept 299 Quiz Oct 110 Homework Oct 611 Quiz Oct 812 Homework Oct 1113 Homework Oct 1314 Quiz Oct 1515 Unit Test-Performance Task Oct 6TopicsStudents Assessments MeasurementOcean Reading ClearPrecipitation of Estimation ClassifyingCurrents Tables CommunicationTemperaturePage 1 of 15Untitled 2 7

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U4 Toc A1p1

U4 TOC a1p1 ALGEBRA 1PART 1 2008-09Unit 4 Simplify Expressions Solve EquationsPage Material Date61 Notes on 1st degree equations with one unknown62 HW p 118 119 in text63 HW p 120 121 in text64 HW p 126 127 in text65 HW p 132 133 in text66 QUIZ Equations67 HW - Simplify68 HW - Simplify69 HW - Simplify70 HW - Simplify71 HW on equations72 HW on equations73 HW on equations74 QUIZ Equations Simplify75...

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2014 S1 S5

2013-2014 2014 6 4 6 181 602 303 104 10123451 102 703 10A1 12 A2 6 B1 130123P 11 110012345678910http humanum arts cuhk edu hk Lexis CantonP 2Complete two writing tasksPaper 1 Task 1 Short Task at least 80 wordsWritingTask 2 Long Task at least 120 wordsStudy the format and language for writing an email a postcard an60 marksarticle a diary and a recipe45 minutes Revise i past compositionsii Longman ...

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Math Course 2 3

cluding use of scientific notation for 8 5numbers greater than 10 7 5 7 3a b7 1d 2001 6 22The student will 7 1e Newa Simplify numerical Expressions Contentinvolving positive exponents usingrational numbers order of operationsand properties of operations with realnumbersb recognize represent compare andorder numbers expressed in scientificnotation andc compare and order decimalsfractions percent an

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mes.mcps.k12.va.us/central_office/Instruction/curriculu... Course 2-3.pdf
2158244014553588 Full

553588 research-article2014SGOXXX10 1177 2158244014553588SAGE OpenVarakin and HaleArticleSAGE OpenIntentional Memory Instructions DirectOctober-December 2014 1 8The Author s 2014DOI 10 1177 2158244014553588Attention But Do Not Enhance Visual sgo sagepub comMemoryD Alexander Varakin1 and Jamie Hale1AbstractThe current experiment investigated the role of intentional-encoding instructions and Task re...

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Acp 2

fueledby rapid growth of MFIs market saturation and the erosion of lending disciplinesLast year in Andhra Pradesh over-lending and harsh collection practices led tostrict controls from the state government that have virtually closed the micro -nance market in that state collapsing a source of nance for more than 6 millionfamiliesACP EU MICROFINANCEA programme nanced byA strong river needs rm bank

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Ccgps Math 9 12 Cooralgebra Unit6se

Type Grade Here CCGPSFrameworksStudent EditionMathematicsCCGPS Coordinate AlgebraUnit 6 Connecting Algebra and GeometryThrough CoordinatesThese materials are for nonprofit educational purposes only Any other use may constitute copyright infringementGeorgia Department of EducationCommon Core Georgia Performance Standards Framework Student EditionCCGPS Coordinate Algebra Unit 6Unit 6Connecting Algeb...

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Algebra I Honors Pacing Guide

Algebra I Honors Pacing Guide Algebra I Honors Pacing Guide1st Nine Weeks1 Evaluate Expressions ExponentsCLE 3102 1 3 Develop inductive and deductive reasoning to independently make and evaluatemathematical arguments and construct appropriate proofs include various types of reasoninglogic and intuition- SPI 3102 1 3 Apply properties to evaluate Expressions Simplify Expressions and justify solution...

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English Theme Basket

Q8468AUNCTEDATAAssessment6themebasket2011.pdf SECTION IVAssessment 6 Additional assessment that addresses NCTE standards requiredIntegrated Theme Basket Assignment in Required Course EDU-542Attachment b Scoring Guide for the AssessmentIntegrated Theme Basket Scoring RubricNot Acceptable 1 Acceptable 2 Target 3Performance Task requirements Performance Task requirements Strong Performance taskcriter...

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Ncatt Ocs Standard

NCATT OCS Standard Onboard CommunicationSafety Systems OCSStandardAET EndorsementNational Center for Aerospace Transportation Technologies4801 Marine Creek ParkwayFort Worth TX 76179www ncatt org817 515-7264NCATT Onboard Communication Safety Systems StandardSubject Performance and Task Knowledge RequirementsI SafetyII Audio Distribution SystemIII Cockpit Voice RecorderIV Flight InterphoneV Passeng...

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ncatt.org/_documents/NCATT O...CS Standard.pdf
Nut 2011 Review Reviewvancouver Goh Nutcracker

r Ballet was beautiful tohear and beautiful to behold Clara Samara Rittinger is a little girl who has fallen asleep beside a bigChristmas tree after guests have just left after her father s Christmas party She starts to dream about hertoy soldier a gift that the magician had given her Rittinger does a great Performance to win the hearts ofthe audience Suddenly all the toys beneath the tree come to

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ding Equipment of the U S Department of Energy under Contract No DE-AC03-76SF00098Integrated Lighting ApproachSaves Energy in Post Office FacilitiesJeffrey C Mitchell Michael J SiminovitchEric R Page Kevin W Gauna and Douglas A AveryLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAbstractThe United States Postal Service USPS has made numerous efforts to improve the lightingquality and efficiency in their fac

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