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Transition Words and Phrases Transition Words and PhrasesSize TransitionsThe largest Larger than The smallest The small-sized The tallestThe next largest Equal to The next smallest The medium-sized The shortestThe smallest Smaller than The largest The large-sizedTime TransitionsFirst Now At the beginning of Thereafter By this time BeforeThen Soon In the middle of Presently At the same time In the ...

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Transition Words

Transition Words Transition WordsConjunctive AdverbsAddition besides finally first furthermore next inaddition last moreover still though yetComparison also likewise similarlyContrast even though however insteadnevertheless on the other handotherwise still though yetExample or after all for example for instance inIllustration fact in other Words in short of coursespecifically to illustrate thusSum...

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Body Paragraphs

Writing Body Paragraphs Body paragraphs do the real work of the essay developing supporting explaining and proving the thesis A good bodyparagraph has a clear beginning middle and end It consists of several basic elements1 Transition idea2 Topic sentence3 Support4 Commentary5 Closing sentenceTransition ideaTransition idea bridgeUnless it follows immediately after the introduction a bodyparagraph s...

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Exam 1 The Writing Process 10 1

Colegio Beato Carlos Manuel Rodr guez Bayam n Puerto RicoEnglish DepartmentProf Denisse Rosario BlancoName Date Exam 1 The Writing Process 60pts10 1I True or False Read the following statements and write T if the statement is true or Fif it s false 10 points 1 A thesis statement is the main idea of an essay 2 Transition Words and phrases help make clear connections between ideas and seethat sent...

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How To Prepare For The Toefl Practice Writing Transition Words

Microsoft Word - How to prepare for the TOEFL practice writing Transition Words.doc 1Foundation CPractice Transition wordsHow to prepare for the TOEFLYou should follow several steps in order to prepare for the TOEFL First you should getyour favorite TOEFL practice book I think this is the most important tool to study for theTOEFL because TOEFL is a very specific test not like a general school test...

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Level 7 Index

28 H Mdegrees of comparison 155 Homonyms 9 Metaphors 137exception 57not adverb 122I NAgreement Nounscollective nouns 108 Interjections 146Inverted word order in sentences appositives 485special cases 108-110 collective 108subject-verb 87 definition of 58natural order 58 common 34Analogies 72 definition of 26Antonyms 9 direct object 209Appositives 485 J indirect object 272Jingles object complement

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Tree Lesson 1 2 Wc

WRITING TO PERSUADE – 2ND GRADE Lesson 1 2 P WRITE Gr 2 3 08-09PWRITE POW TREE LESSON 1 Part 2Purpose Develop Background Knowledge Discuss ItObjectives Review and practice POW writing to persuade TREE identification of persuasivewriting elements in paper example establish concept of transferMaterialsMnemonic chart pencilspaper example for country scratch paperTREE graphic organizer student ...

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Comparison Task For Mystery Unit

the Baskervilles Write a critique of the movie that compares variousaspects of the film to the novel How are they similar and where do they differ Why does the directorDavid Attwood make the choices he does in adapting the literature for the screen Are those choicesnecessary Are they effective Evaluate the overall merit of Attwood s artistic choices as you compare thenovel to the filmYou are a li

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Grade 2 Ela

to support conclusions drawn from the DOK levels to demonstrate my understanding of key details in a texttext understanding of key details of aC1PI1 RL 2 1 textC2PI1 RI 2 1I can ask and answer text based I can ask and answer general questionsquestions using a variety of question such as who what where when whyterms moving across the various and how to demonstrate understanding ofDOK levels to dem

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Eldrubric Gr3

3rd Grade ELD Scoring Rubric Overall Proficiency Circle 1 Fall 2013 Countywide Performance Task Project ELA Em Em Ex Ex Ex Br BrEnglish Language Development Writing Proficiency IndicatorsEmerging Expanding BridgingOrganization Minimal paragraph development Some paragraph development Standard paragraph development witho May use key Words or phrases o Uses complete sentences grade level unity cohere...

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Reading Support

questions such asDoes this make senseDoes this word sound rightLike detectives good readers examine the evidence make reasonable predictions and drawconclusions They determine meaning by searching for context picture and phonetic cluesSuffixes prefixes and root Words like little puzzle pieces help them to decode andunderstand Words Successful readers also notice signal and Transition Words such a

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Vq Peer Assessment Form

t the beginning of theparagraphappears in the middle of the paragraphappears at the end of the paragraphis impliedThe opening statement is interestingAll details and information relate to topic unityThe concluding statement is effectiveThe paragraph is organized coherenceThe paragraph contains Transition Words andphrases that show clearly how ideas are relatedThe paragraph is organized check the s

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Printable Writingparagraphs Unitycoherence Ms

Writing Paragraphs Unity and Coherence Level Middle SchoolPart of what makes a paragraph good is unity all sentences relate to the topic being discussedwithout adding tangents or off-topic information The paragraph should also be coherent that is theideas flow and connect to each other logically Good connecting Words and parallel sentence structureshelp with this and each new sentence should relat...

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Kid Friendly Rubrics For

Kid Friendly Rubrics for Kid Friendly Rubrics forWFTBGrade 1Observational Writing Pts Possible1 3 complete sentences 82 Spelling must be understandable 23 Capitals at the beginning of sentences I proper nouns 24 Periods exclamation marks and question marks 25 Spacing between Words 26 Descriptive language 37 Combined and extended sentences 120Expository Writing1 3 complete sentences 52 Spelling mus...

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lusd.org/cms/lib6/CA01001399/Centricity/Domain/66/Kid F...Rubrics for.pdf

Microsoft Word - 99年度思考能力教學教案設計徵選foodmatters更正版 - pdfMachine from Broadgun Software, http://pdfmachine.com, a great PDF writer utility! Food MattersI AbstractThe lesson plan is intended to develop critical thinking skills of high schoolstudents who have a vocabulary of approximately 4 000 Words and are co...

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Self Evaluation Writing

sition Words Yes NoWrite the Transition Words in the space belowDoes my essay contain details Yes NoDo you think a reader can visualize what s written Yes NoWhat is the overall theme message of your essay write in the space belowDo I use all three punctuation marks Yes NoMake any spelling and grammar corrections that are necessaryWhat score do you think this essay would earn ExplainWhat can be don

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La Wtg 4thgr Conventionschecklist 1314 Sp

stido dedomingo and their comparative and superlative forms e g m s que lam siv adverbs e g frequency usualmente a veces intensity casi muchov prepositions and prepositional phrases to convey location timedirection or to provide detailsviii use time-order Transition Words and transitions that indicate aconclusion20 B use the complete subject and the complete predicate in a sentenceHandwriting Capi

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Esl Courses At A Glance

s designed or adapted for English language learnerso uses a number of reading comprehension strategiesLevel 2 o can identify a number of literary elements in short proseWriting o can write a short paragraph with a topic sentence supporting details and a concluding sentenceo can use past progressive I was going simple past of low-frequency irregular verbs I swungmodals have to must and canSpeaking

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Vip Peer Edit

wordshe or she is Add thesis statementAdd attention getterYES NO Cut repetitious wordsCut boring detailsDoes the writer adequately discusswhere he or she is going Add details for better explanation Add more different goalsYES NO Cut distracting informationDoes the writer discuss how he or she Cut length of story-like exampleswill get where he or she is going Focus writing on specific planAdd Comm

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Eldrubric Gr10

10th Grade ELD Scoring Rubric Overall Proficiency Circle 1 Fall 2013 Countywide Performance Task Project ELA Em Em Ex Ex Ex Br BrEnglish Language Development Writing Proficiency IndicatorsEmerging Expanding BridgingOrganization Minimal paragraph development Some paragraph development Standard paragraph development witho May use key Words or phrases o Uses complete sentences grade level unity coher...

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Sfw G6 Msr Nw

ting is not organized intobeginning and an ending that conclusion are functional but reader s attention or the ending a beginning middle and endingleaves the reader thinking or one may be stronger than the does not satisfy Some eventsfeeling Events are logically and other The sequence of events is are out of order Transitions arePDFscreatively sequenced A variety logical but may have a aw or neede

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Common Core Correlations Grade 7 Revised

PlusW 7 1 Write arguments to support claims Weeks 22-26with clear reasons and relevant evidencea Introduce claim s acknowledge alternate or Weeks 22-26opposing claims and organize the reasons andevidence logicallyb Support claim s with logical reasoning and Weeks 22-26relevant evidence using accurate crediblesources and demonstrating an understandingof the topic or textc Use Words phrases and clau

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Complexity Rubric Informational 10 31 11

youtthat directly support the textSimple indexes glossaries Indexes glossaries occasional quotes Quotes concluding appendices indexes glossaries Abstracts footnotes citations and detailed indexesreferences bibliography appendices bibliographySupportive signposting and enhancements Reduced signposting and enhancements Minimal signposting and or enhancements Integrated signposting conforming to disc

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Sylli I

those who speak a different language It will helpyou improve your English and to make friends Your progress depends on YOUR hard workOBJECTIVES What you must do to pass this classREADINGRead an intermediate text and identify main idea vs supporting ideas and details guess meaningof new Words in a sentence make simple inferences and identify how information is organizedRead summarize and respond t

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September Book Report Format

he final outcome7 In the conclusion include the moral or lesson learned from the story Ensure to includewhether you would recommend the book to others Why or why notFormatting information12 point font and double spaceUse Times New Roman or Arial fontUse Transition Words when introducing new ideas to create a smooth transitionTitle page should follow MLA format I attached a sample copy to follow6th

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Narrative Paragraphs

day to go for aswim Later that night we went to the movies We saw an action packed thriller and ate a lot of popcornFinally on Sunday we rode our bikes all over town By the end of the day my legs were very tired I only hopethat next weekend can be as fun as this oneNotice the Transition Words that were used to move the paragraph along Everything is in the correct orderThe paragraph provides detai

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Skillful Reading Writing Foundation Scope And Sequence

Contents Reading Reading Vocabularytexts skill skill1 Student profiles Global Organizing Words by topicSelf 2 Are you freeSkimmingPage 7UNIT 11 It s 5 54 time for dinner Global Finding Words quickly in aFamily 2 Family traditionsScanning print dictionaryPage 17UNIT 21 Make it personal Pre-reading Using context to understandStuff 2 The White HousePreviewing new wordsPage 27UNIT 31 Money types Globa...

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Ri Fod Authority

tionsR 5 1Applies word identification decoding strategies byR 5 1 1 Identifying multi-syllabic Words by using knowledge of sounds six syllable types syllable division and word patterns includingprefixes and suffixes Local See Appendix B for the six syllable typesR 5 1 2 Reading multi-syllabic Words by using knowledge of sounds syllable types or word patterns LocalR 5 1 3 Reading grade-level approp

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but are notPointswell-written clearly statedsentenceAt least one One supporting detail Supporting details Supporting details aresupporting detail is is included for each may be included but not included andSupportingincluded for each important point they are unclear they are unclearDetailsimportant point andis well writtenA strong concluding A concluding A concluding A concludingsentence is includ

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