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t Evaluation Dr Binu PrasadVenue Lecture hall Sur Hospital0945 1045 Respiratory Arrest with Pulse Dr Binu PrasadVF Pulseless VT1045 1130 Dr SK SharmaVF treated with CPR AEDPEA Asystole1130 1230 Dr GaneshBradycardia1215 1300 Basics of ECG Dr SK SharmaAccredited by OMSB and entitled for 13 5 credit points 1300 1330 LUNCHPrerequisite Valid BLS Certificate1330 1400 Basics of ECG Dr SK Sharma1400 - 143

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Pcb Bz 96

nEmergency informationSpecific treatment is urgent see on this labelEmergency Phone Number 24 hoursStorageCHEMTREC 800-424-9300Store locked upOutside US 703-527-3887DisposalDispose of contents container in accordance with local regional national international regulations2 Composition Data on componentsChemical characterization4 First aid measuresDescription Mixture of the substances listed below w

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Pinellas Dnro

of making an informed declslon and consent about providing withholding or withdrawinga specific medical treatment because the patient is unable to understand the nature extent or probable consequencesof the proposed medical decision or to make a rational evaluation of the risks and benefits of alternatives to that decisionI have made this determination after consultation with a second physician li

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410 1320 Chempro Low Gloss

of this MSDS These materialsmay be listed for toxicological concerns local compliance or other reasonsToxicological information if available is listed in section 113 Hazards identificationPhysical state LiquidOSHA HCS status This material is considered hazardous by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard29 CFR 1910 1200Routes of entry Dermal contact Eye contact Inhalation IngestionEffects of Acute

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Si Gb En Cetol Novatop

ifiedAdditional warning phrases Contains 2-butanone oxime tolylfluanid ISO fatty acids c6-19-branchedcobalt 2 salts May produce an allergic reaction Safety data sheet available forprofessional user on request3 COMPOSITION INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTSSubstances presenting a health or environmental hazard within the meaning of the Dangerous SubstancesDirective 67 548 EEC or assigned an occupational ex

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Letter To Linuxworld Conference

ps which formed specificallyaround the LBAM issue we ve been around years working on other pesticides issues Please take a look atwww DontSprayCalifornia org and feel free to pass our site along to your clients to help them understand thegravity of the situationAt least many hundreds were sickened when Santa Cruz and Monterey counties were sprayed in 2007 withan 11 month-old baby going into respir

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dontspraycalifornia.org/Letter to LinuxWorld Conference... Conference.pdf
Sds Jotashield Heritage Traditional Tex Marine Protective English Uk Oman Pdf Openelement

ificationnumber number weightmixture of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one EC no 55965-84-9 0-1 T R23 24 25247-500-7 and 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one EC no 220- C R34239-6 3 1 R43N R50 53See section 16 for the full text of the R-phrasesdeclared aboveOccupational exposure limits if available are listed in section 84 First-aid measuresFirst-aid measuresGeneral In all cases of doubt or when sympt

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Organ Procurement Around The World Basic Data On 21 Countries

cousin or a spouse iiLiving Unrelated DonationArticle 15 also allows donations from a person living with the recipient in a marriage like relationshipfor at least 3 years reduced to 1 year if they have a child together iiDeceased DonationArticle 19 allows for anyone over the age of 18 to allow for the removal of their organs forimplantation or for medical study which may specify specific organs or

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es at any timeInitial I give permission for this information to be given to paramedics doctors nurses orother health personnel as necessary to implement these directivesI DO DO NOT request and agree to a DO NOT RESUSCITATE order InitialI DO DO NOT request and agree to a DO NOT INTUBATE order InitialDatePatient Client or Appropriate Representative SignatureIf signed by patient client representative

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68hs Powder Msds

tely flush eyes with running waterfor at least 15 minutes keeping eyelids openSkin contact Remove contaminated clothing and shoes Wash skin thoroughly with soap andwater or use recognized skin cleanser Do not use solvents or thinnersInhalation Remove to fresh air Keep person warm and at rest If not breathing if breathing isirregular or if Respiratory Arrest occurs provide artificial respiration or

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Floor Pu Wb Pt A

ol and well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials and food and drinkDisposal Not applicableOther hazards which do not None knownresult in classificationSection 3 Composition information on ingredientsSubstance mixture MixtureOther means of Not availableidentificationCAS number other identifiersCAS number Not applicableEC number MixtureProduct code 612682-1Ingredient name CAS number2-but

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aus.sika.com/dms/getdocument.get/92b21c65-4360-3ac3-a6e... PU WB PT A.pdf
Ampres Om

es to eliminate the need for recalibration Just snap out snap inand you re ready to goDigital LED Display3 Digit BAC Reading Mouthpiece Slotwith MouthpieceAttachedWARN IndicatorBATT LOWIndicatorREADY IndicatorPower ButtonDevice OperationIf you are using the Prestige for the first time please install two 1 5V AA batteriesincluded and attach a mouthpiece to the unit1 Instructionsa Press and hold the

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d not dangerous according to theADG Code make up the product concentration to 100There are no additional ingredients present which within the current knowledge of the supplier and in theconcentrations applicable are classified as hazardous to health or the environment and hence require reportingin this section4 First aid measuresFirst aid measuresInhalation Move exposed person to fresh air Keep pe

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35 Aia Pack Myoglobin

800 222 12222 Composition information on ingredientsChemical characterization MixturesDescription Mixture of the substances listed below with nonhazardous additionsDangerous components57-50-1 sucrose pure 25-5026628-22-8 sodium azide H300 H400 H410 2 53 Hazards identificationClassification of the substance or mixtureH303 May be harmful if swallowedH412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting ef

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diagnostics.us.tosohbioscience.com/File Library/MSDS2/3...K-Myoglobin.pdf
Blue Sky Msds Super Green Gas

it LEL 2 15 Upper Flammable Limit UEL 9 0Extinguish Media If possible stop flow of gas Use water to cool fire exposed tankssurroundings and to protect personnel working on shut off Water spray dry powder orcarbon dioxide can be directed at flame area to reduce fire intensity Do not extinguishflames unless leak can be stoppedHazardous Combustion Products Normal combustion forms carbon monoxideSensi

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gasfridgedepot.com/msds-sheets/Blue Sky MSDS Super Gree...r Green Gas.pdf
Emergency Procedures Syllabus

resuscitationAdult Infant Child using current emergency techniques relative to cardiac and or Respiratory Arrest as put forth by theAmerican Heart Association National Safety Council or American Red Cross The American Heart AssociationNational Safety Council or American Red Cross standardized course qualifies a student for certification ofcardiopulmonary resuscitation and safetyPrerequisite s Prin

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staff.fcps.net/pburke/Emergency Procedures/Emergency Pr...es Syllabus.pdf
Tolulene Msds

ible in absolute alcohol ether Benzene3 FIRE EXPLOSION HAZARD DATAFlammability YES LEL 1 2 Flash Point C 12 7 OCTDG Flammability 3 UEL 7 Flash Point C 4 5 CCAutoignition Temperature 535 5Explosion sensitivity to impact StableExplosion sensitivity to static electricity Not ApplicableHazardous Combustion Products Emits acrid smoke and irritating fumesHazardous Polymerization Will not occurCombustibl

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Sds Resist 5 Wf Comp A Marine Protective English Uk Australia Pdf Openelement

dustrial applications Used by sprayingMaterial uses Waterborne paint2 Hazards identificationThe preparation is classified in accordance with NOHSC as followsClassification Xi R36 38Risk phrases R36 38- Irritating to eyes and skinSafety phrases S23- Do not breathe sprayS38- In case of insufficient ventilation wear suitable Respiratory equipmentStatement of HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE NON-DANGEROUS GOODShaz

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Ta 285 Of 2011

who was enrolled in the Army on17 11 1962 After serving for about 18 years he was discharged on30 11 1980 and was granted service pension vide PPO No S C 24868 80 Heexpired on 26 12 1988 due to Cardio Respiratory Arrest As the petitioner isthe legally wedded wife of Late Gurbachan Singh who was drawing servicepension and she has not remarried after the death of Gurbachan Singh shewas entitled to

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Bristol 2000 Bengal Rose November 2010

not hazardous but contains hazardous componentsSubstance name Contents CAS No EC No Annex No ClassificationEthanediol 1 -5 107-21-1 203-473-3 603-027-00-1 Xn R222- 2-butoxyethoxy ethanol 1 112-34-5 203-961-6 603-096-00-8 Xi R36Anionic surfactant 1 452-570-9 Xn R48 20Xi R38-41N R51-532 2 2 -nitrilotriethanol 1 102-71-6 203-049-8 Xi R36 38Ethanol 0 1 64-17-5 200-578-6 603-002-00-5 F R11Ammonia solu

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bristolpaint.com/p/storage/documents/BRISTOL - 2000 BEN...VEMBER 2010.pdf
Sds Lady Design Pearl Marine Protective English Uk Oman 24080 28 02 2013 Pdf Openelement

EEC Regulation EC No Type Notesname 1272 2008 CLP2- 2- 111-77-3 0 5-5 Repr Cat 3 R63 Repr 2 H361d 1 2 -methoxyethoxy ethanolN-methyl-2- 872-50-4 5 Repr Cat 2 R61 Skin Irrit 2 H315 1 2 -pyrrolidone Xi R36 37 38 Eye Irrit 2 H319Repr 1B H360FDSTOT SE 3 H335iammonia 1336-21-6 5 C R34 Skin Corr 1B H314 1 BN R50 Eye Dam 1 H318STOT SE 3 H335Aquatic Acute 1H400reaction mass of 5- 55965-84-9 0 00151- T R2

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Et99955 Coda A A Cajpya A Msdsa Aua A|a A C

ironmentThe product has to be labelled due to the calculation procedure of the General Classification guideline for preparations of theEU 1999 45 EC in the latest valid versionR 23 24 25 Toxic by inhalation in contact with skin and if swallowedR 33 Danger of cumulative effectsR 35 Causes severe burnsR 52 53 Harmful to aquatic organisms may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment

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js1718.net/msds/ET99955 COD试剂MSDS资æ...„æ–™.pdf
Msds 112705

BE FATAL IF SWALLOWEDNOTE MSDS data pertains to the product as delivered in the original shipping container s Risk of adverse effects are lessened by following allprescribed safety precautions including the use of proper personal protective equipmentAcute Effects Routes of Entry Eye contact Skin contact Inhalation IngestionEyes Causes eye burns Direct contact with the eyes can cause irreversible d

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110 Osa Bryson

t with known obstructive sleepapnea OSATo appraise evidence and relevantguidelinesTo formulate a perioperative care plan forthe patient with known OSAChallenge of OSAObeseRelated comorbidityDifficult airwayRespiratory events more likely in PACUdesaturationreintubationUnrecognized OSA is a problemA 45-year-old male 320 lbs and 5 11 had a rotator cuff repairunder general anesthesia Four hours after

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cas.ca/English/Page/Files/110_O...SA - Bryson.pdf
Antimussol Z 70 2008 04 25 En 125927

R phrases 20 213 Hazards identificationHarmful by inhalation and in contact with skin4 First aid measuresAfter inhalationRemove the casualty into fresh air and keep him calmIn case of Respiratory Arrest induce breathing with a Respiratory device Seek medical adviceTake medical treatmentAfter contact with skinRemove contaminated clothes under clothes and shoes immediatelyWash the skin with water ab

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bluemsds.tdgmond.be/files/msds/ANTIMUSSOL Z-70_2008-04-...5_EN_125927.PDF
May 2012 Cyanide Exposurel

detected through specialized environmentalmonitoring equipment available to hazardous materials response teams3 Modes of ExposureA Inhalation including smoke inhalationB IngestionC Skin absorption unlikelyAssessment1 Shortness of breathA Possibly accompanied by chest painB Generally not associated with cyanosis blue skin membranesC Pulse oximetry levels usually normalD Usually associated with incr

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omcba.org/Portals/0/documents/Protocols2012/CBRNE/May 2...e Exposurel.pdf

nce of hyperthermia like that seen in excited delirium alters the half-life ofcocaine We report the results of half-life determinations from serial cocaine concentrations in two patients withexcited delirium Both patients presented to the emergency department with classic ndings of excited deliriumthat included hyperthermia agitation and cardiovascular aberrations One patient died despite aggressi

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ting and lead tovomiting to primary care physician afternoon that the child was in death and life-long disabilityDiagnosis viral gastroenteritis sent home cardio-Respiratory Arrest and enroute to DVCH Even knowledgeable parents and professionalsSlowly improved over 2-3 days at home then returns Patient survived and was noted to can miss the diagnosisto daycare have retinal hemorrhages and Parents

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Oss Health Adv Directives

ve life-sustaining treatments can be ayou in case you are unable to speak for yourself difficult decision depending on your situationYou might want to accept life-sustaining treatments if theyWhat is a living will will help to restore normal functions and improve yourA living will is an advance directive that guides your family condition However if you are faced with a serious life-and healthcare

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