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7bProgCourses.indd Africana Studies-Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Palomar College 2011-2012 CatalogAS 125 Africana Peoples and the World Political Economy 3 PSYC SOC3 hours lecture AODS 298 Directed Field Experience I 5Transfer acceptability CSU UC TOTAL UNITS 37 - 38Socio political economic institutions and forces operative in the Africana worldAnalysis of the economic and political motives base...

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February April 2010

February April 2009 The MACAMACA Board ofDirectors2008-2010Lavern BlackorbyNewsletterPresident MISSOURI Addiction Counselors ASSOCIATIONPh 660-785-8879Black1 nemr netPresident s Corner By Laverne Blackorby PresidentRebecca LongVice-President Well here we are in full swing For 2010 and from the outcome of the SpringPh 417-866-3260 Conference it looks like it is going to be a busy year We had one of...

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missouriaddictioncounselors.org/newsletter/February - A... April 2010.pdf
Sample Weekly Schedule Hospital Setting

eatments with supervisor guidanceComplete chart reviewsReceive 1st patient from supervisor s caseloadWEEK THREEContinue to participate in daily treatments with supervisor guidanceReceive 2nd patient from supervisor s caseload -inpatientComplete daily Soap Notes For reviewParticipate in patient evaluations with supervisorWEEK FOURReceive patient assignments up to 3-4-inpatientReview patient evaluat

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Scope Practice

Microsoft Word - Scope of Practice.doc STATE OF MONTANADEPARTMENT OF LABOR INDUSTRYBUSINESS STANDARDS DIVISIONLICENSED ADDICTIONCOUNSELORSCOMPETENCIESSCOPE OF PRACTICEJanuary 6 2004LICENSED Addiction Counselors PROGRAM301 South Park AvenuePO Box 200513Helena MT 59620-0513Phone 406 841-2369 Fax 406 841-2305E-mail dlibsdcdc state mt ushttp www discoveringmontana com dli lacTABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduct...

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Atr3 Ta Pkg Ethics Boundary Issuesfinal508

Establishing Ethical Practices For Peer Recovery Support Services Withing the ATR Model SAMHSA T E C H N I C A L A S S I S T A N C E P A C K A G EEstablishing Ethical Practices For Peer RecoverySupport Services Within the ATR ModelIntroductionContents The emergence of peer recovery support services isa major development in helping people recover fromPart 1 Ethics and Related Issuessubstance use di...

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Ethics 4 Online 3ceu Course

ethics-4-online-3ceu-course 4 Ethics Counseling Issues OnlineThis pdf document contains the course materials you must readSimply keep scrolling down and read every page To receive CEU credit after reading this fileplease follow the directions at the end of the coursePeachtree is approved to provide continuing education services by the NationalAssociation of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors NA...

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Renewal Form

POLVETRENEWALR.pdf Licensed Addiction Counselors RENEWAL APPLICATIONProgram301 South Park License NoPO Box 200513Helena MT 59620-0513 Check For New Address406 841-2205 Indicate any changes belowNameAddressCity State MT Zip CodeCountry US Email AddressACTIVE STATUS 150 00 MAINTAIN INACTIVE 65 00CHANGE TO INACTIVE 65 00 INACTIVE TO ACTIVE 85 00Your Montana Addiction Counselor License will expire on ...

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Adhd Medical Exception Doctor Form2010

Microsoft Word - ADHD Medical Exception Doctor form.doc ELMIRA COLLEGEDate MEDICAL EXCEPTION ADHD ADDName Date of Birth PROVIDER Your patient is a student athlete participating in intercollegiate athletics The NCAA bans the use of somestimulant medications and requires that the following documentation is submitted to support a request For a medicalexception in the case of a positive drug tes...

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athletics.elmira.edu/custompages/Forms/SportsMed/ADHD M...or form2010.pdf
Gdc Strategic Plan

Microsoft PowerPoint - GDC Strategic Plan (5.14.09)1 [Compatibility Mode] GDC Strategic PlanStrategic Planning Vision of the FutureThe ChallengesPRISON ADULT OFFENDERS CORE ORGANIZATIONAL PRINCIPLES MISSION VISION160K ProbationersValues Based Stewards of the Public Trust Mission Public Safety9 600 Sex OffendersEmbrace Change Change Transformation is Inevitable Vision Become the best corrections sy...

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Ca Hybrid Pandp Rev 9 2013

Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies at Sober CollegeLicensed Chemical DependencyCounselorCalifornia Hybrid TrainingProgramPolicy and Procedure CatalogRevised September 2013Table of ContentsAbout the Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies Page 3Company Officers Page 4School Officers and Staff Page 4Statement of Fees and Charges Page 5School Calendar Class Schedule and Hours of Operation Page...

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Weight Fit 6ceu Course

weight-fit-6ceu-course 1Therapeutic Weight Management and PhysicalFitness For Emotional HealthThis pdf document contains the course materials you must readSimply keep scrolling down and read every page To receive CEU credit after reading thisfile please follow the directions at the end of the coursePeachtree is approved to provide continuing education services by the National Association ofAlcohol...

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Nccaom's Asian Bodywork Therapy Content Abt Outline 2009

ABTOutline2009.doc ASIAN BODYWORK THERAPY EXAMINATIONThe Expanded Content OutlineThis document serves as a guide to assist in examination preparation For candidates who havemet NCCAOM eligibility requirements Below is the content outline For the Asian BodyworkTherapy examination along with the Knowledge Skills and Abilities KSA statementsA Practice Management 8 of total exam1 Obtain medical histor...

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catstcmnotes.com/downloads/Ethics/NCCAOM's Asian Bodywo...utline_2009.pdf
Ctte H Hhs 1 20110310 Min

of the Revisor of StatutesKatherine McBride Office of the Revisor of StatutesMartha Dorsey Kansas Legislative Research DepartmentDorothy Noblit Kansas Legislative Research DepartmentJay Hall Kansas Legislative Research DepartmentDebbie Bartuccio Committee AssistantConferees appearing before the CommitteeSarah Hansen Executive Director Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals Attachment 1Les

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MEDICAL EDUCATION Patterns of Misrepresentation of Clinical Findingson Patient Notes During the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PEJeanne M Sandella DO Larissa A Smith PhD Laurie A Gallagher DO and Erik E Langenau DOFrom the Department Context A health care team depends on the accurate documentation of the patient-of Clinical Skills Testingphysician encounter be it written or electronic If documentation is inac...

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Camp Outlook Agm 2012 Minutes

d electronic camper applicationsThey made every article electronic For staff manual Will be easier to edit in the futureIntern Trip was established this summer but 2 interns dropped out All forms are ready iffuture directors want to run Intern trips Staff this summer promoted Intern role to campersso hopefully campers apply next yearNew training session introduced this year regarding personalities

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campoutlook.ca/Camp Outlook AGM 2...012 Minutes.pdf
Tiac Caade Track

The Training Institute For Addiction Counselors TIACIntroduces the CAADE TRACKTIAC in collaboration with the California Association For AlcoholDrug Educators CAADE and the Addiction Counselor CertificationBoard of California ACCBC now offers a specialty track leading tothe nationally recognized Certified Addictions TreatmentCounselor CATC credentialWHO QUALIFIESIndividuals with college degrees in ...

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caade.org/sites/default/files/TIAC_...CAADE Track.pdf
Brauchtworks Consultation Prospectus 101030 217134802

movement on the path with That Which Is EternalBrauchtworksWhat Works Consultation Training Applying Science to PracticeThank you For considering me as a consultant andtrainer For your agency or organization Every year I havethe good fortune of learning from and working withclinicians paraprofessionals and volunteers inprofessional associations community organizationsprivate companies and public a

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2013 09 10 Cpcadhcsmhsudservicesplan

September 10 2013 Department of Health Care Services1115BehavioralHealthAssessment dhcs ca govRE Comments on the California Department of Health Care Services California Bridge to ReformWaiver Mental Health and Substance Use Services Needs Assessment and Service Plan Volume 2Services PlanTo Whom It May ConcernThe California Primary Care Association CPCA is pleased to respond to the above-cited req...

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Resilience The Ability To Bounce Back

He has used his coaching skills nationally in working with numer-points in our lives In fact this is an expected and ous Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations He hasappeared on TV and radio discussing the ways drugs can hurt youpredictable hallmark of the human condition Forsome these hard times come frequently the impact of Martin has taught numerous college courses For over 27 years

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Kad Curriculum Vitae 10 2013

Kathryn Ann Dixon Kathryn A Dixon MSW LCSW DABFC FACFEI15 Warren Street Suite 28A Hackensack NJ 07601W 201 488-5188 F 201 488-5189kathryn interstatefacts comPROFESSIONAL LICENSURE EDUCATION1994 Licensed Clinical Social Worker L C S W - New Jersey State 44SC010113001991 Licensed Master Social Worker L M S W - New York State 043467 1May 1991 M S W Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service...

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Alcohol Addiction – Key Notes Alcohol Addiction key Notes drugshelp infoAlcohol Addiction Key NotesType of users 96 have tried alcohol90 drink regularly65 drink socially25 drink excessively and problematically7 4 have the alcohol dependence syndromeMen drink more than womenwomen will have a higher plasma concentration For thesame dose of alcoholIn the general population people drink less as...

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Pdf35 Soap Aggregate 2005 Final Public

Microsoft Word - PDFx Soap Aggregate 2005 FINAL Public.doc Aggregate SOAPConsumer Satisfaction Report 2004-2005Consumer Quality Initiatives Inc1Consumer Quality InitiativesAggregate Soap ReportConsumer Quality Initiatives IncCQI s mission is to give consumers a greater voice and an integral role in evaluating the effectiveness oftheir our treatment through fair honest and balanced reports on consu...

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cqi-mass.org/pdfs/PDF35 SOAP Aggregate 2005 FINAL Publi...INAL Public.pdf
Attach 1 111

First Nationally Accredited Addiction Medicine Residency Programs to Start July First NationallyAccredited AddictionMedicine ResidencyPrograms to Start JulyBy Join Together Staff May 17 2011On July 1 the first group of medical residents will start training in 10 newly accredited addictionmedicine residencies around the country The programs accredited by the American Board ofAddiction Medicine ABAM...

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CONFIDENTIAL COMPLAINT FORM STATE OF OREGONBOARD OF LICENSED PROFESSIONAL Counselors THERAPISTSCONFIDENTIAL COMPLAINT FORMSubmit to OBLPCT3218 Pringle Rd SE 250Salem OR 97302-6312I want to file a complaint against the following licensed counselor or therapistName of Counselor or Therapist TitleName of Counselor Therapist Business TelephoneAddress City State Zip CodeType of Complaint Please mark th...

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NIDA - Publications - NIDA Notes - Vol 20 No 2 - Research Findings http archives drugabuse gov NIDAnotes NNvol20N2 Site html insert NIDA Home Publications NIDA Notes Vol 20 No 2 Research FindingsResearch FindingsVol 20 No 2 August 2005Site on Brain Cells Appears Crucial to Nicotine AddictionBy Patrick Zickler NIDA Notes Staff WriterUsing genetic engineering NIDA-supported scientists have produced ...

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Release Notes For Public Patch Release 6 22 1 Rev 12 2013 01 28

Release Notes For Public Patch Release 1292 (2013-01-28) Release NotesPublic Patch Release 1292 2013-01-281 Origin Product VersionOpen-Xchange Server 6 backend 6 22 1-rev10Open-Xchange Server 6 frontend 6 22 1-rev7Open-Xchange Server 6 usm 6 22 1-rev62 Packages shipped with this Patch ReleaseOpen-Xchange Server 6 backend 6 22 1-rev12Open-Xchange Server 6 frontend 6 22 1-rev8Open-Xchange Server 6 u...

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Cir Rehabracket

V July 29 2013California rehab clinics bill taxpayersfor fake clients addictionsBy Will Evans and Christina JewettThe Center For Investigative Reportinghttp bit ly RehabRacket-p1ictoria Byers did not drink alcohol She did notabuse drugs But when she was a teenager in Highlightsfoster care several times a month she wouldboard a van at her group home and go to rehabFraud is rampant in California sBy...

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GREENLINE PLUS - HAND Soap BODY WASH1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY UNDERTAKING Supplier Prime SourcePO Box 15247BirminghamB22 3HNProduct Name GREENLINE PLUS - HAND Soap BODY WASHTel 0121 328 6740Email Info prime-source co uk2 HAZARDS IDENTIFICATIONNot regarded as a health or environmental hazard under current legislation3 COMPOSITION INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTSName...

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Sermon Notes Practical Lessons For Understanding the Word of GodReal FreedomKEY PASSAGE John 8 28-32 SUPPORTING SCRIPTURE Luke 4 18 19 10 John 10 10 Hebrews 4 15-162 Peter 1 3-4Those who think good works or performance earnSUMMARYGod s acceptance will never know what s goodWhat do you think and feel when you hear the enough and how much is sufficient Others haveword freedom confusing ideas about w...

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