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COMPRESSIVE WIDEBAND Spectrum Sensing WITH SPECTRAL PRIOR INFORMATION COMPRESSIVE WIDEBAND Spectrum SENSINGWITH SPECTRAL PRIOR INFORMATIONDaniel Romero Roberto L pez-Valcarceo Geert LeusUniversity of Vigo Delft University of TechnologySpain The NetherlandsABSTRACTbeen intensi ed see e g 10 Although most of these worksWideband Spectrum Sensing provides a means to determinedeal with perfect reconstr...

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Revised Spectrum Sensing Feb 2014

Revised-Spectrum-Sensing-Feb-2014.dvi 1Energy-Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensingof SC-FDMA SystemsFucheng Yang and Lie-Liang YangSchool of ECS University of Southampton SO17 1BJ UKTel 44-23-8059 3364 Fax 44-23-8059 4508E-mail fy1e08 lly ecs soton ac uk http www-mobile ecs soton ac ukAbstractIn this paper we propose a frequency-hopping M -ary frequency-shift keying Spectrum sensingnetwork FH MFSK S...

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Abstract Spectrum Sensing

Spectrum Sensing ON LTE FEMTOCELLS FOR GSM Spectrum RE-FARMING USING XILINX FPGAsJ rg Lotze CTVR Trinity College Dublin Ireland jlotze tcd ieSuhaib A Fahmy CTVR Trinity College Dublin Ireland suhaib fahmy tcd ieBar zg l CTVR Trinity College Dublin Ireland ozgulb tcd iesJuanjo Noguera Xilinx Research Labs Ireland juanjo noguera xilinx comLinda E Doyle CTVR Trinity College Dublin Ireland linda doyle...

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Bia Ispwc2008

Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Using Random Matrix TheoryLeonardo S Cardoso and Merouane Debbah and Pascal Bianchi Jamal NajimSUPELEC ENSTGif-sur-Yvette France Paris Franceleonardo cardoso merouane debbah and pascal bianchi supelec fr jamal najim enst frAbstract In this paper using tools from asymptotic random The works by Cabric et al 7 Akyildiz et al 10 andmatrix theory a new cooperative scheme fo...

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Kim Tmc'08

TMC-0350-1206-1 1..13 This article has been accepted for inclusion in a future issue of this journal Content is final as presented with the exception of paginationIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING VOL 7 NO 5 MAY 2008 1Efficient Discovery of SpectrumOpportunities with MAC-Layer Sensingin Cognitive Radio NetworksHyoil Kim and Kang G Shin Fellow IEEEAbstract Sensing monitoring of Spectrum-availab...

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kabru.eecs.umich.edu/papers/publications/2008/Kim (TMC'...im (TMC'08).pdf

allocation are performed separatively in 7 while 8 proposesproblem in an OFDM-based cognitive radio system with multiple a joint relay and optimal power allocation scheme For bothrelays We address the formulated intractable problem by a Spectrum Sensing and Spectrum sharing cases cooperativetwo-stage procedure which corresponds to two subproblemssubchannel allocation and power distribution For eac

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C90 Denardis Dibenedetto Crowncom09

CROWNCOM2009CR.dvi Clustered Hybrid Energy-aware cooperativeSpectrum Sensing CHESSLuca De Nardis Daniele Domenicali and Maria-Gabriella Di BenedettoFaculty of EngineeringUniversity of Rome La SapienzaRome ItalyEmail lucadn dome dibenedetto newyork ing uniroma1 itAbstract This work proposes a novel algorithm for energy-ef cient and reliable Spectrum Sensing in a cognitive networkThe algorithm relie...

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Romero Detection Tv Channels Ssp2012

eralized likelihood ratio test GLRT is deterministic with no temporal structure Secondly it is shown thatfound for the case where the channel has no temporal structure re- even in the low SNR scenario the optimal invariant under scalingsulting in the well-known Bartlett s test Then it is shown that un- operations detector depends on unknown parameters and thereforeder the transformation group give

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Mermatworkshop Leaflet V4

d monitoring level butalso in support of higher level control functionality such as on line data analysis mining and diagnosticThis workshop aims at gathering all research projects and initiatives under the measurement based experimentalresearch methodology and tools thematic Participants will present their current research and developments onmeasurements and tools in the context of experimental r

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File Qsdff

ce analysis and Simulation results we show that ourproposed method has outstanding performance in view of outageprobability compared with a conventional methodI I NTRODUCTION Fig 1 Utilization of a 7 Mhz band below 1 GHz in San Diego Atlantaand ChicagoA Cognitive RadioRecently air-interface technologies for wireless communi-cations have been rapidly advanced and actively investigatedseverely degra

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Spectrum Ef ciency of Cognitive Relay Transmissions with Cooperative Diversity inCognitive Radio NetworksYulong Zou and Yu-Dong YaoECE Department Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken 07030 USAEmail Yulong Zou Yu-Dong Yao stevens eduAbstract Cognitive radio is a promising technology thatenables unlicensed users to communicate with each other over alicensed band through Spectrum holes Typically e...

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Vol4no5 2

Journal of Technology Utilizing Matlab-SIMULINK Based Technique for Teaching Advantages of Harmonic Eliminating Using Shunt Active Power Under Steady State to Graduate Students Volume 4 No 5 May 2014 ISSN 2223-4985International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research2014 ICT Journal All rights reservedhttp www esjournals orgUtilizing Matlab-SIMULINK Based Technique for Teachin...

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TW-May-13-0833.dvi IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS VOL 13 NO 2 FEBRUARY 2014 1047A Cooperative Matching Approach forResource Management inDynamic Spectrum Access NetworksHaibo Zhou Student Member IEEE Bo Liu Member IEEEYongkang Liu Ning Zhang Lin Gui Member IEEEYing Li Xuemin Sherman Shen Fellow IEEE and Quan YuAbstract Dynamic Spectrum access DSA can be leveraged DSA technology allow...

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Sensing and Communication Tradeoff for Cognitive Access of Continues-Time Markov Channels This full text paper was peer reviewed at the direction of IEEE Communications Society subject matter experts for publication in the WCNC 2010 proceedingsSensing and Communication Tradeoff for CognitiveAccess of Continues-Time Markov ChannelsXin Li Qianchuan Zhao Xiaohong Guan Lang TongCenter for Intelligent ...

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ROSALNet A Spectrum Aware TDMA Mesh Network for Rural Internet ConnectivityNitin Rakheja Prerna Bhatia Vishal Sevani and Vinay J RibeiroDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Delhi IndiaDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Bombay IndiaAmarnath and Shashi Khosla School of Information Technology Indian Institute of Techn...

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Energy Detection 141 2 2 6 Cyclostationarity Feature Detection 161 2 3 Cooperative Signal Detection Schemes 181 2 3 1 Cooperative Signal Detection Schemes 181 2 3 2 Cooperative Signal Detection Model 191 2 3 3 Hypothesis Test in Cooperative Signal Detection 201 3 Motivation and Relations of This Research 211 3 1 Research Motivation 211 3 2 Research Relations of Non-cooperative Detection Schemes 2

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Vol4no6 8

ian random variable and p is a positive real number for the following two cases isample size L 1 but for arbitrary real p 0 ii arbitrary L but for p 1 2 or 4 This observation is in stark contrast to allearlier studies on the improved energy detector that replaces the squaring operation of the signal amplitude in the classicalenergy detector with an arbitrary positive power p operation Our analytic

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untitled A Ozan Bicen A Behzat Sahin and Ozgur B Akanommunication capacity in underwater acoustic investigating the variation in acoustic channel capacityC networks is severely limited by the uniquely chal-lenging characteristics of underwater acousticcommunications UACs In this article dynamicspectrum sharing inspired from cognitive radio CR isapplied to UAC networks and Spectrum-aware under-with...

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Tp Ss4 3

e radio network CRN 7 In CRN CRs are categorized asprotocols have been extensively studied in current researchesfor their simplicities both in design and analysis To cope with secondary users who sense for the Spectrum channel opportu-co-existing multiple systems under the cognitive radio CR nity and access the channel with a lower priority in comparisonparadigm we introduce the cognition capabili

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Sm Ag 35 Poster 2013 12

ain objectives are listed below Application of probabilistic analyses in combination practice approach for full scale fatigue testing oforiginates from the differences in deriving Validation of the basic assumptions for any applied with virtual testing techniques can be used to hybrid airframe structural componentsfatigue spectra for metal and composites and Spectrum manipulation techniques incorp

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garteur.org/Action Group posters/SM_AG-35_Poster_2013-1...ter_2013-12.pdf

n combination with as the level of losses is increased and we con rm similaran automatic contention window size tuning algorithm based onchannel state Sensing Simulation results show that the proposed behaviour in our simulations Thus provided the noise lossesapproach can provide a good approximation to per- ow max-min are not too high the proposed algorithm continues to achievefairness and that t

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Table Of Contents Iceic 2014

rent-Mode SAR ADC for Resistance Variation Analysis Aimed at Adaptive Reference Control in Cross-Point ReRAMSungkyunkwan University Korea1 Samsung Electronics Co LTD Korea2 10Se-Jin Baik1 Jong-Min Baek1 Sang-Yun Kim1 2 Jae-Koo Park1 Kee-Won Kwon1An Ultra-Low Power Multi-Rate FSK Transmitter for Wireless Sensors and Biomedical ApplicationsTamkang University Taiwan 12Horng-Yuan Shih Yu-Wei Hu Wei-Bi

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casp.hanyang.ac.kr/zbxe/casp_papers/conf/Table_of_Conte... iceic 2014.pdf

ord CA 2010Developed deep learning algorithms for image classi cationResearcher REU Electrical Engineering Department Stanford University Stanford CA 2009Built circuitry to enable e-beam lithography with a refurbished electron microscopeEngineering Technician Naval Research Laboratory Washington DC 2006 2008Analyzed hyperspectral satellite imaging dataTeachingTeaching Assistant Stanford Caltech 20

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2977952fa50123f1570 03902318

s besoins encore non satisfaits dans de nombreux domaines dela Sant recherche et traitement du cancer de la maladie d Alzheimer ou des dysfonctionnementscardio-vasculairesGE Healthcare aide les chercheurs rep rer la maladie mieux la comprendre et les m decins mieuxla diagnostiquer puis ajuster individuellement et au jour le jour le traitement du patientGE Healthcare a une seule et m me vision Pr d

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42 Paper K Asparuhova

Microsoft Word - 42-Paper-KAsparuhova.doc ELECTRONICS 2007 19 21 September Sozopol BULGARIAOPTIMIZATION AND Simulation OF THE EKV MODEL USINGMATLABGeorge Vasilev Angelov Katya Konstantinova AsparuhovaFETT Technical University of Sofia 8 Kliment Ohridski Str1797 Sofia BULGARIA phone 35929652570gva ecad tu-sofia bg kasparuhova tu-sofia bgThis paper presents a parameter extraction and optimization me...

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fett.tu-sofia.bg/et/2007/ET2007 Book1/Circuits and Syst..._Asparuhova.pdf
Paper 1500

ITA09Rev7.dvi Technical Challenges for Cognitive Radio in theTV White Space SpectrumStephen J Shellhammer Ahmed K Sadek and Wenyi ZhangCorporate Research and DevelopmentQualcomm Incorporated San Diego CA 92121 USAAbstract The FCC recently issued the regulatory rules for rules provide limits on out-of-band OOB emissions whichcognitive radio use of the TV white space Spectrum These new impact the sp...

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Ieee Tcom 2012

and without would severely degrade the secondary user transmission per-an acknowledgement ACK from a cognitive destination as formanceto if it succeeds in decoding or not called ACK and non- Cooperative diversity emerging as a spatial diversity tech-ACK based selective cooperation respectively We derive closed- nique has been proposed to improve the wireless transmissionform outage probability exp

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Graduation Report2

TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT 2CHAPTER 1 4INTRODUCTION 4CHAPTER 2 7INTRODUCTION ABOUT Spectrum USAGE Spectrum Sensing METHODSCOGNITIVE CHANNEL MODELS 7SPECTRUM USAGE 8Licensed 8Unlicensed 8TV White Space 9SPECTRUM Sensing METHODS 11Matched Filtering 11Energy Detection 11Cyclostationary Feature Detection 11Higher Order Statistics 12Waveform Based Sensing 12COGNITIVE CHANNEL MODELS 13Overlay paradigm 1...

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Microsoft Word - Abstract.doc Performance Analysis of Cognitive RadioNetworksUsing Cross-layer Design ApproachesFotis T FoukalasNational Kapodistrian University of AthensDepartment of Informatics and Telecommunicationsfoukalas di uoa grAbstract This thesis studies the performance of both opportunistic Spectrum access OSA andspectrum sharing SS cognitive radio networks CRNs using cross-layer design...

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