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Chapman And Woodruff Borden 2009 0

The impact of family functioning on Anxiety symptoms in African American and European American young adults Personality and Individual Differences 47 2009 583 589Contents lists available at ScienceDirectPersonality and Individual Differencesjournal homepage www elsevier com locate paidThe impact of family functioning on Anxiety symptoms in African Americanand European American young adultsL Kevin ...

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Untitled Pdf Sequence 1

PARENTAL State Anxiety AS A FUNCTION OF THE VISITATION SCHEDULE OF PEDIATRIC INTENSIVE CARE UNITSbyReylon A MeeksApproved by CommitteeWADr Linda f a d y airpersonHL DSf- -qugline r q s t - u n n e nMSNJohn H GaydYcrDr Ronald B l uzauDean of the College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesAcknowledgmentsMy sincere thanks to the followingDr Linda H Brady my thesis advisor For hersuggestions support and p...

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olloquio clinico e della somministrazione di testquestionari e reattivi psicologici per la valutazione della personalitdell intelligenza degli interessi professionali e delle attitudini ed ha l obiettivo difornire agli utenti una restituzione-referto utilizzabile in ambito clinico peritalee per l orientamento scolastico e lavorativoIl metodo di valutazione multimodale e multidimensionale finalizza

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Pages From Spisanie Rik Br 2 2012 2

RIK 40 2012 2 133-139 Mitrovi M et all Anxiety AND SETLF Anxiety AND SELF-ESTEEM IN STUDENTS OF SPORTAND PHYSICAL EDUCATIONUDC 796 159 942 5Research noteMilica Mitrovi Du an Todorovi and Zorica MarkoviUniversity of Ni Faculty of Philosophy Department of Psychology Ni SerbiaAbstractThe objective of this research is examining the correlation between the degree of stateand Trait Anxiety on one hand a...

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Medical Clown 2013

thttp cpj sagepub com content early 2013 09 10 0009922813502257Published byhttp www sagepublications comAdditional services and information For Clinical Pediatrics can be found atEmail Alerts http cpj sagepub com cgi alertsSubscriptions http cpj sagepub com subscriptionsReprints http www sagepub com journalsReprints navPermissions http www sagepub com journalsPermissions navOnlineFirst Version of

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2003 3 1 1

uklar n n durumluk-s rekli kayg puan ortalamalar n n erkek ocuklar n durumluk-s rekli kayg puanortalamalar ndan y ksek oldu u ocuklar n karde say s artt k a durumluk-s rekli kayg d zeylerinin arttanne ve baba renim d zeyi artt k a durumluk-s rekli kayg d zeyinin azald tespit edilmi tirAnahtar Kelimeler Kayg durumluk-s rekli kaygABSTRACTThis study aimed at investigating State-Trait Anxiety levels o

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T rk Psikiyatri Dergisi 2006 17 3 165-172 Bir Grup Epilepsili ocukta Depresyon veAnksiyete Belirti D zeyi ve li kili Fakt rlerDr Ayhan B LG 1 Dr Sava YILMAZ2 Dr Serap TIRA 3 Dr G lhis DEDA4Dr Emine Zinnur KILI 5ZET SUMMARY Depression and Anxiety Semptom Severity ina Group of Children with Epilepsy and Related FactorsAma Epilepsili ocuklarda anksiyete ve depresyon belirtid zeylerinin belirlenip sa ...

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05 2002 1 Valiente Sandin Chorot

s Una amplia muestra N 1080 deni os y adolescentes complet las versiones espa olas de los cuestionarios Childho-od Anxiety Sensitivity Index CASI Silverman Fleisig Rabian Peterson 1991 FearSurvey Schedule For Children-Revised FSSC-R Ollendick 1983 y State-IYait AnxietyInventory For Children STAIC Spielberger 1970 as como tambi n un cuestionariosobre depresi n infantojuvenil Sand n Valiente 1996 En

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352 Full

B R I T I S H J O U R N A L O F P S YC H I AT RY 2 0 0 1 1 7 8 3 5 2 3 5 9 Relationship between 5-HT function and disorders using the Structured Clinical In-terview Diagnosis SCID-I and II schedulesSpitzer et al 1990 Exclusion criteria foralimpulsivity and aggression in male offenders all subjects included age 455 years alco-hol intake 450 units per week in the pastwith personality disorders year ...

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Stress during Pregnancy Is the Autonomic Nervous System In uenced by AnxietySteven Vandeput Joachim Taelman Devy Widjaja Marijke BraekenBea Van den Bergh and Sabine Van HuffelDepartment of Electrical Engineering Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenLeuven BelgiumRecently there seems to be more and more interest in studying all kinds ofemotions by means of physiological signals It is known that stress in ...

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Anaesthesia 2005 60 pages 874 877 doi 10 1111 j 1365-2044 2005 04287 x A prospective randomised controlled study examiningbinaural beat audio and pre-operative Anxiety in patientsundergoing general anaesthesia For day case surgeryR Padmanabhan 1 A J Hildreth2 and D Laws31 Specialist Registrar in Anaesthesia Sunderland Royal Hospital Sunderland SR4 7TP UK2 Trust Statistician City Hospitals NHS Foun...

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J Dermato 2011 Aug 38 8 773[1]

STRACTAlthough androgenetic alopecia AGA is not a systemic disease some patients suffer from Anxiety about theprogression of their condition This study was conducted in order to ascertain whether treatment by oral nasteridecan improve the quality of life QOL of these patients Twenty-seven male AGA patients aged 19 76 years average33 8 answered the Visual Analog Scale VAS Dermatology Life Quality I

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Articulo 6

asistieron una unidad materno fetal Alasparticipantes se les aplicaron tres instrumentos un cuestionario de datos demognificos einformacion sobre el procedimiento diagnostico el Inventario de Ansiedad Estado yAnsiedad Rasgo State- Trait Anxiety Inventory STAI- y un cuestionario para identificar elmotivo de la ansiedad de estado Los resultados mostraron mayor frecuencia de ansiedaden los niveles le

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Kenko Shien 2001

英訳 textref.pdf Translation in English of Jpn J Health Promotion 3 107-119 2001Validity and reliability of the Stress Inventory self-administeredquestionnaire to assess disease-prone personalitiesJun Nagano Nobuyuki Sudo Chikage Kaihara Midori Shimura and Chiharu KuboAbstractThe etiological roles of psychosocial factors in cancer and coronary heart disease CHD have received muchattention...

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catalog.lib.kyushu-u.ac.jp/handle/2324/15513/Kenko Shie... Shien 2001.pdf
Imsdkg13 Abstracts Text 7 Webpage

Microsoft Word - IMSDKG13 Abstracts text7 Webpage.docx 1A multidisciplinary team For long term ART complications LIPO group andmetabolismA Calmy 1 L Toutous- Trellu 1 C Delhumeau 1 L Ciaffi 1 N Balagu 1 P Meyer1 C Meier 2 C Verolet 1 AC Joly 1 E Bernasconi 31 Geneva University Hospital HUG Geneva Switzerland2 Stadtspital Triemli Zurich Switzerland3 Ospedale Civico Lugano SwitzerlandContextMetaboli...

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59 Pdf Resultclick 1

ajot001230stoller 59..68 Effects of Sensory-Enhanced Yoga on Symptoms ofCombat Stress in Deployed Military PersonnelCarolyn C Stoller Jon H Greuel Lucy S Cimini Mary S FowlerJane A KoomarKEY WORDS OBJECTIVE We examined the effects of sensory-enhanced hatha yoga on symptoms of combat stress inanxiety deployed military personnel compared their Anxiety and sensory processing with that of stateside ci...

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Hmr 2011 7

Junge Cremer Seidel 19901997a20041997b37 2011 11A200417KS-S 17-OHCS 20042007Ezoe Morimoto19942000 1997c1997cBDI Beck Depression Inventory CES-D Center forEpidemiologic Studies Depression Scale STAI State-Trait Anxiety Inventory MBIMaslach Burnout Inventory GHQ General Health QuestionnairePSRS Psychological StressResponse Scale 1990 SRS-18 Stress Response Scale199720031Thomas Ganster 1995 20072008

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Seong Hyunpark2006


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TPD1002.indd T rk Psikiyatri Dergisi 2010Turkish Journal of PsychiatryThe Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of theAnxiety Sensi vity Index-3ARTICLE IN PRESSAt l MANTAR1 Beyaz t YEMEZ2 Tun ALKIN3AbstractObjective Anxiety sensitivity has been defined as an excessive fear from senses and symptoms of Anxiety Theaim of the present study is to investigate the validity and reliability of An...

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1713 Full

MAJOR ARTICLE Longitudinal Assessment of CommunityPsychobehavioral Responses During and Afterthe 2003 Outbreak of Severe Acute RespiratorySyndrome in Hong KongGabriel M Leung 1 Lai-Ming Ho 1 Steve K K Chan 1 Sai-Yin Ho 1 John Bacon-Shone 2 Ray Y L Choy 3Anthony J Hedley 1 Tai-Hing Lam 1 and Richard Fielding11Department of Community Medicine and Unit For Behavioural Sciences School of Public Health...

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Fioravanti Etal 2006 03

ureza destes doisfatores ainda n o est clara O presente estudo investigou a estrutura fatorial desta escala a partir de tr s amostrasbrasileiras a estudantes de duas universidades do Rio de Janeiro b estudantes do ltimo ano do ensino m dio deBras lia c militares em processo de avalia o Os resultados indicaram estruturas fatoriais distintas em fun o daamostra estudada Enquanto as amostras de univer

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9 51 Eng 133 137 149220

133-137ing.qxd 133-137ing qxd 9 5 08 10 44 P gina 133OriginalsM I Ramos1 Influence of the grade of anxietyM J Cardoso1F Vaz1M D Torres2and level of cortisolF Garc a3G Blanco3on post-surgical recoveryE M Gonz lez41 Departamento de Farmacolog a y Psiquiatr a 3 Serviciode Cirug a del Hospital Universitario Infanta Cristina2 Departamento de Fisiolog a SESFacultad de Medicina Badajoz SpainUEx 4 Centro ...

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De Diabeteskinder

Weitwinkel von 200 und macht eine Pupillenerweiterung unn tigWir haben die Einsatzf higkeit dieses Ger tes f r Netzhautuntersuchungen bei p diatrischen Diabetes-patienten und die Wirkung auf die Untersuchungsangst untersuchtInsgesamt 367 Patienten mit Diabetes Typ 1 202 Jungen 165 M dchen Alter 14 3 Jahre Diabetesdauer6 4 Jahre mittl HbA1c der letzten 10 Jahre 7 7 1 1 Bayer DCA 2000 DCCT-Norm habe

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State and Trait Anxiety in patients affected by nasal polyposis before and after medical treatment ACTA OTORHINOLARYNGOL ITAL 24 326-329 2004State and Trait Anxiety in patients affected by nasalpolyposis before and after medical treatmentAnsia di stato e di tratto in pazienti affetti da poliposi nasale prima e dopotrattamento medicoL DI RIENZO BUSINCO A DI RIENZO BUSINCO M LAURIELLO1 G COEN TIRELL...

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3 Thetherepskbirinci

emotional distress social support and sexual function of infertilecouples with no psychiatric Axis I disorder according to gender differencesMethod The study sample of 103 primary infertile couples with no psychiatric Axis I disorder were administeredthe Beck Depression Inventory State and Trait Anxiety Inventory Inventory of Perceived Social Support andGolombok Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfact

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Desenvolvimento Da Versao Em Portugues Do Social Phobia And Anxiety Inventory

Microsoft Word - Desenvolvimento da verso em portugues do Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory 22-10-2005.doc Desenvolvimento da vers o em portugu s do SocialPhobia and Anxiety Inventory SPAIDesarrollo de la versi n en portugu s del Social Phobia andAnxiety Inventory SPAIRev psiquiatr Rio Gd Sul vol 27 no 1 Porto Alegre Jan Apr 2005Patr cia PiconI Gabriel J Chitt GauerII Jandyra M G FachelIII Gisel...

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Clown Doctors As A Treatment For Preoperative Anxiety In Children

Clown Doctors as a Treatment For Preoperative Anxiety in Children A Randomized Prospective StudyLaura Vagnoli Simona Caprilli Arianna Robiglio and Andrea MesseriPediatrics 2005 116 e563-e567DOI 10 1542 peds 2005-0466The online version of this article along with updated information and services islocated on the World Wide Web athttp www pediatrics org cgi content full 116 4 e563PEDIATRICS is the of...

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brindisipediatria1.xoom.it/fulviomoramarco/Articoli/Clo...in Children.pdf
Psychological Effects Of Forest Environments On

doi:10.1016/j.puhe.2006.05.024 ARTICLE IN PRESSPublic Health 2007 121 54 63www elsevierhealth com journals pubhOriginal ResearchPsychological effects of forest environments onhealthy adults Shinrin-yoku forest-air bathingwalking as a possible method of stress reductionE Moritaa S Fukudaa J Naganob N Hamajimac H YamamotodY Iwaie T Nakashimaf H Ohirag T ShirakawaaaDepartment of Health Promotion and ...

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2007 9 3 6

Adomas Bunevi ius Egl snait Ingrida Mockut Laima Kusminskas Robertas Bunevi ius Antenatal maternal mental State and anthropometric characteristics of the neonates IAntenatal maternal mental State and anthropometriccharacteristics of the neonates I Impact of symptomsof depression and anxietyAntenatalin motin psichikos b sena irantropometrin s naujagimi charakteristikosI Depresijos ir nerimo simptom...

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pri.kmu.lt/Biologine psichiatrija(zurnalas)/2007_9/2007.../2007_9_3-6.pdf