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Tensionheadache Guideline Summary 03 11

Tension -Type Headache Summary of Medical Guidelines Evaluate the Type of Headache disorder The table Modified Diagnostic Criteria has been modified from the International Classification of Headache Disorderssecond edition ICHD-II system criteria and describes the differentiating criteria applicable for the diagnosis of migraine and other primary Headache disordersModified Diagnostic CriteriaMigra...

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matriacares.com/pl/MultiSiteIncludes/PDF/pdfs/TensionHe...mmary 03-11.pdf

CLINICAL CORRESPONDENCE - Tension-Type Headache with aura Blackwell Science LtdOxford UKCHACephalalgia0333-1024Blackwell Science 2005263349350Clinical CorrespondenceTension-Type Headache with auraMFP Peres DS VieiraCLINICAL CORRESPONDENCETension-Type Headache with auraMFP Peres1 DS Vieira21Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa and 2Universidade Federal de S o Paulo Esco...

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What’s in a Soap Note- Part 1 – Subjective Complaint What s in a Soap Note- Part 2 Objective Exam- Written by Alex NiswanderIt s important to understand and properly document all aspects of a patient encounter The bottom lineis that you must show medical necessity That is the Medicare way and all other carriers follow suitMy goal with this lesson will be to show what basic aspects of...

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Belcastro Editorial Epbeh

“Ictal epileptic Headache”: Beyond the epidemiological evidence Epilepsy Behavior 25 2012 9 10Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirectEpilepsy Behaviorjournal homepage www elsevier com locate yebehEditorialIctal epileptic Headache Beyond the epidemiological evidenceEpilepsy and Headache are both episodic disorders and share migraineurs showed a risk of epilepsy 3 2 times high...

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Soap Note

Microsoft Word - Soap Note 3.doc Soap NOTEThis is a Soap Note to use in reporting an accident incident This is a common format that all rescue personnel use S Subjective Whatyou found how the patient currently is and what the patient has said to you Scene Survey Initial Assessment O Objective What youhave found Head to Toe Exam Vital Signs SAMPLE OPQRST A Assessment Problems Anticipated Problems P...

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Belcastro Expert Rev Neurother

The crossover between Headache and epilepsy THEMED ARTICLE y Migraine Headache EditorialFor reprint orders please contact reprints expert-reviews comThe crossover between Headache andepilepsyExpert Rev Neurother 13 3 231 233 2013Pasquale Parisi The relationship between Headache and epilepsy is complicatedAuthor for correspondence and although the nature of this association is not yet fully clearCh...

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Ngc 5845 1

Source Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement ICSI Diagnosis and treatment of Headache Bloomington MN Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement ICSI 2007 Jan 72 pDiagnosis and Treatment of HeadacheMain Algorithm11Diagnosis algorithmSee boxes 10-26 Migraine is the mostA Annotation common headacheEvaluate Type of headachedisorder seen by primaryTake a detailed history andcare providersassess fu...

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R Headache July 2011

Microsoft Word - Headache July 2011 ACUPUNCTURE AND HEADACHEAbout headacheHeadache is one of the most frequent reasons for medical consultations in bothgeneral practice and neurology clinics Steiner 2007 Migraine has been coveredin a separate Fact Sheet so this one will focus on Tension-Type Headache Theseoccur in up to around 80 of the UK adult population Steiner 2007 and aremore prevalent in wo...

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320 Full

awf029 320..326 Brain 2002 125 320 326In vivo evidence of altered skeletal muscle bloodow in chronic Tension-Type headacheM Ashina 1 B Stallknecht 3 L Bendtsen 1 J F Pedersen 2 H Galbo 3 P Dalgaard4 and J Olesen11Departments of Neurology and 2Radiology Glostrup Correspondence to Messoud Ashina Department ofHospital University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Neurology Glostrup Hospital University of C...

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9 5 37o

Microsoft PowerPoint - 9537.pptx [Read-Only] 7 24 20091PRIMARY CARE MANAGEMENT OF THEMIGRAINE PATIENTDiane C Viens DNSc APRN FNP FAANPBack to HealthBranford Connecticut2 OBJECTIVESAt the end of the presentation participants will1 Understand the pathophysiology and epidemiology of migraine headaches2 Describe red flags in the history and warning signs in the physical exam that may indicatewhen to r...

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1 Behavioral Headache Treatment

hed45003.tex Behavioral Headache Treatment History Review of theEmpirical Literature and Methodological CritiqueJeanetta C Rains PhD Donald B Penzien PhD Douglas C McCrory MD MHSRebecca N Gray DPhilTheoretical developments and burgeoning research on stress and illness in the mid-20th century yielded the foun-dations necessary to conceptualize Headache as a psychophysiological disorder and eventual...

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Specialist Forum June 2007

A-PDF Merger DEMO Purchase from www A-PDF com to remove the watermark MedicationOveruseHeadacheDr ElliotShevelMedicalDirector Headache JohanneburgThe Clinic Durban TownCapeChronic Tension headacheis less often associatedwith MOHbut especially amongst patients seen in specialist headacheIntroduction centres episodic Tension-Type Headache has commonlyMedication Overuse Headache MOH formerly become a...

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ts were the source of pain in 30 of patients consulting a primary careclinician for pain and a second study reported that trigger points were the principal cause of pain in 85of patients visiting a tertiary pain clinicDifferent studies have demonstrated that myofascial trigger points are associated with several painconditions including migraine Tension-Type Headache temporomandibular disorder neck

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No Job Name EDITORIALInternational Classi cation of Headache Disorders SecondEdition ICHD-2 current status and future revisionsJ OlesenPresident European Brain Council Glostrup Hospital Glostrup DenmarkWhen the rst edition of the International Head- criteria for chronic migraine and for medicationache Classi cation ICHD-1 was published in 1988 overuse Headache Research results which have not1 it w...

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Dusunen Adam Dergisi 2462a91a257d4006bc3dc5b207cf29ed

D nen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences 2013 26 276-280 Research Ara t rma DOI 10 5350 DAJPN2013260306Serum Lactic Acid and Yavuz Altunkaynak1 Musa Ozturk1Devrimsel Harika Ertem1Pyruvic Acid Levels in Betul Guveli2 Filiz Uzun Okay3Zerrin Yildirim4 Belgin Mutluay1Patients with Migraine and Ayten Ceyhan Dirican1Emine Altunkaynak5Tension Type Headache Ayhan Koksal1 Sevim Baybas...

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Cefaleea Primara La Copii Si Adolescenti

ntru diagnosticarea timpurie i corect a cefaleelor primare n popula ia pediatricEste analizat literatura contemporan n care sunt re ectate rezultatele studiilor clinice randomizate i epidemiologicereferitoare la cefaleele primare la copii i adolescen iCuvinte-cheie Cefaleea primar migrena la copii cefaleea de tip tensional la copii prevalen a cefaleei la copiiSummary Primary headaches in children

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Microsoft Word - HSS.DOC Executive SummaryEvidence ReportBehavioral and Physical Treatmentsfor Tension-Type and CervicogenicHeadachePrepared forFoundation for ChiropracticEducation and ResearchP O Box 4689Des Moines IA 50306-4689byDuke University Evidence-based Practice CenterCenter for Clinical Health Policy Research2200 W Main Street Suite 230Durham NC 27705EXECUTIVE SUMMARYTopBackgroundTension-...

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Mnz Headaches Brochure Sep 2012a

Trapezius Locating a MNZ One muscle that can cause headaches Registered TherapistWould you like to experiencethe many bene ts of massage therapyTo nd the right massage therapist foryou visit our website atwww massagenewzealand org nzthen click on FIND A MASSAGE THERAPISTHeadachesContact us0800 367 669Massage New ZealandPO Box 4131Hamilton East 3247admin massagenewzealand org nzwww massagenewzealan...

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Brain Awl334 Full

Brain Advance Access published December 2 2006 doi 10 1093 brain awl334 Brain 2006 Page 1 of 11The genetic spectrum of a population-based sampleof familial hemiplegic migraineL L Thomsen 1 M Kirchmann 1 A Bjornsson 2 H Stefansson 2 R M Jensen 1 A C Fasquel 2H Petursson 2 M Stefansson 2 M L Frigge 2 A Kong 2 J Gulcher 2 K Stefansson2 and J Olesen11Danish Headache Center University of Copenhagen Dep...

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Int Adv Otol 2014 10 2 138-43 DOI 10 5152 iao 2014 25 Original ArticlePerception of Verticality in Patients with PrimaryHeadache DisordersArzu Kandemir Ne e elebisoy Timur K seDepartment of Neurology Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital zmir Turkey AK NCDepartment of Bioistatistics and Medical Informatics Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital zmir Turkey TKOBJECTIVE Migraine is associated wit...

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Iaooct2010p342 3461

ar-Nose-Throat MMObjective To evaluate patients with vestibular neuronitis serologically and to try to demonstrate that the viral infectious agentsor toxoplasma gondii causes the disorderMaterials and Methods The study was conducted on 38 vestibular neuronitis and 30 age-matched control patients whoseonly health problem was Headache due to rhinosinusitis and Tension Type Headache Serum IgM antibod

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Microsoft Word - migraines.doc MOD MigrainesThis lecture was possibly the dumbest thing to happen since theGiants beat the Packers two weeks ago It was 45 minutes ofnonsense The lecture posted on TMedWeb is not what waspresented The actual lecturer briefly described headachesmigraines and their associated symptoms and then haphazardlypresented 6 cases Since I thought the whole thing was a pile ofs...

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Microsoft Word - 1-Epidemiology Epidemiology of HeadachePrevalenceHeadaches are the most prevalent neurological disorders and among the most frequent symptoms seen in generalpractice50 of the general population have headaches during any given year and more than 90 report a lifetime history ofheadacheThe average lifetime prevalence of migraine is 18 and the estimated average prevalence in the past ...

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2009 Full Day Workshop Abstracts

overview of key theoretical andpractical considerations in supervision The aim of this workshop is to encourage participants to examinetheir supervisory skills and approach relative to their professional practice settings to examine their ownand their supervisees roles and expectations and to reflect upon the supervisory relationship Theworkshop will focus on how supervisors manage this relations

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10 1159 000228987

um toxin Type A Dysport Migraine efficacy of BoNT-A in the prophylactic treatment of mi-Randomized controlled trial graine Copyright 2009 S Karger AG BaselAbstractAim To determine if botulinum toxin Type A BoNT-A injec- Introductiontions can reduce the frequency and severity of migrainesMethods Patients n 127 were randomized to receive pla- Botulinum toxin Type A BoNT-A is a potent neuro-cebo or t

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06 Vanti

k mobility and forward headposture in episodic Tension-Type Headache Headache 2007 47 5 662-724 Grant R Jull G Spencer T Active stabilisation training for screen based keyboard operators a single case studyAustralian Journal of Physiotherapy 1998 43 235 2425 Janda V Muscles and motor control in cervicogenic disorders Assessment and management In Grant R edPhysical Therapy of the Cervical and Thora

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Georgia Validation

Validation of a Georgian language Headache questionnaire in a population-based sample J Headache Pain 2007 8 321-324DOI 10 1007 s10194-007-0423-6 ORIGINALMaka Kukava Validation of a Georgian language headacheAnna DzagnidzeEka Mirvelashvili questionnaire in a population-based sampleMamuka DjibutiGuenther FritscheRigmor JensenLars J StovnerTimothy J SteinerZaza KatsaravaAbstract In a pilot phase of ...

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Daily Headache Diary

Microsoft Word - Headache Diaries.doc Daily DiaryDate of Headache Type of Headache migraine Tension-Type other CommentDescription of prodromesymptoms prior to onset ofpainPresence of auraTime of Headache onsetSeverity of worst pain0 no pain 10 severe painSymptoms eg nauseavomiting photophobiathrobbing disabilityMedication 1 taken Type of medicineDoseTime of doseMedication 2 taken Type of medicineD...

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horizonheadache.com/patienttools/Headache Diaries/Daily...dache_Diary.pdf

RFC 3902 - The "application/Soap+xml" media Type Network Working Group M BakerRequest for Comments 3902 IndependentCategory Informational M NottinghamBEA SystemsSeptember 2004The application Soap xml media typeStatus of this MemoThis memo provides information for the Internet community It doesnot specify an Internet standard of any kind Distribution of thismemo is unlimitedCopyright NoticeCopyrigh...

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