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8 Designing Open Ended Text Based Questions

Designing Open-ended Text-Based Questions Using the Patterned Way of Reading Writing and TalkingWhat are open-ended Text-based questionsOpen-ended Text-based Questions are Questions about texts that have multiple responses thatare based on evidence from the Text Unlike a close-ended question that s looking for a specificoften short response an open-ended question usually requires a more in-depth r...

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PowerPoint Presentation 6 Shifts in English Language ArtsShift 1 PK-5 Balancing Informational and Literary Text 50informational Text science and social studies emphasisShift 2 6-12 Building Knowledge in the Disciplines Content teachersoutside ELA emphasize literacy experiencesShift 3 Staircase of Complexity Grade-appropriate complex Text andknowing when and how much to scaffold for studentsShift 4...

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Grade 1 Unit 2 Close Reading

ent Objectives Language ObjectivesSocial Studies Students willconstruct a coherent understanding of the story using tdq with resonses providing Participate in group Discussion with peers using key vocabulary from Text using turnopportunity for oral language and vocabulary development and talk routine ask and answer Questions for clarificationDescribe what presidents doExplain that they get their a

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2013 2014 Elar Seventh Grade Fourth Six Weeks1

Rockwall ISD Secondary Curriculum7th Grade ELAR Reading and WritingFourth Six WeeksTexas Essential Knowledge and Skills TEKS are listed immediately after the Unit TitleUnit 04A Understanding Persuasive Text and MediaTEKS 7 Fig19BCDEF 7 2ABCD 7 10B 7 11AB 7 13ABCD 7 14ABCDE 7 17Ai-v 7 18ABC7 19Aiii vBC 7 20BiiUnit 04B Formulating Connections Across Literary TextsTEKS 7 Fig19BCDEF 7 2ABCD 7 3ABC 7 4...

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Single Plan Summary 2014 16

J F Kennedy High School Single Plan for Student Achievement 2014 2016MathematicsDomain 100 Graduation English Increase students ability in Math CCSS to construct viable arguments and critique theIncrease the 4 year cohort graduation rate by monitoring student achievement credits and meeting Increase students proficiency in ELA CCSS to answer Text Dependent Questions and to respond to complex texts...

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jfkcougars.org/pdf/singleplan/Single Plan Summary 2014-...ary 2014-16.pdf
Ccss Toc

Overall Organization 5Format for Strategy Presentations 6Chapter 2 Project CRISS Embodies the Common Core Expectations 9How the Common Core State Standards Impact Instruction 9Common Core Anchor Standards in Reading and Writing 10Using the Common Core State Standards 14Integrate 14Model 14Reflect 14The Role of Metacognition 14CCSS and CRISS Frameworks for Learning and Teaching 15CCSS Consideration

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6th Language Arts Syllabus Quarter 4

ents will complete a unit of study on The Ancient Greek Students will develop an understanding of thecontributions of the Ancient Greek Culture and the evolution of democracyQuarter 4 Common Core State StandardsPrimary Standards AddressedRL 6 1 Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the Text says explicitly as well asinferences drawn from the textRL 6 2 Determine theme

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kellogg.cps.k12.il.us/classrooms/zofkie-6-8th/6th Langu...s Quarter 4.pdf
Key Shifts Ccss Ela Literacy 1

stronglyrecommend that students build coherent general knowledge both within each year and across years In 6-12 ELA classes1 Building knowledgeplace much greater attention to a specific category of informational Text literary nonfiction than has been traditionalthrough content-richIn grades 6-12 the Standards for literacy in history social studies science and technical subjects ensure that student

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2704058 Benchmarkfall Ela Grade3 Tg Final

Instructional PurposeThe English Language Arts ELA Benchmark Assessment is designed to help you collectsome information about your students progress toward meeting the Common Coreexpectations for third gradeThere are two ELA Benchmark Assessments available one for the fall and one for thewinter The question types and complexity of the texts reflect what we anticipate will be onthe Grade 3 Common

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Austin Foust Edrd 320 Text Dependent Questions

Microsoft Word - Austin Foust EDRD 320 Text Dependent Questions.docx Austin Foust3 23 14EDRD 320President Abraham Lincoln s Speech The GettysburgAddress 1863Four score and seven years ago What is the significance of 87 years agoour fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived inLiberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equalNow we are engaged in a great ci...

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Close Reading Videos

Close reading videos-5 Close Reading and Text Dependent Questions Videoshttp www youtube com watch v DsYAdduSF20Kindergarten Text Dependent Questions from A Butterfly s Life by Irene Kellyhttps vimeo com 55950927Bringing Close Reading and Text- Based Questions into an Interactive Read Aloud of Bugs Bugs BugsK- 2From the Teacher s College Reading and Writing Projecthttp www youtube com watch v QaCg...

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Ela K 12 Curricular Guidance

fultransition to the CCSS should look like for their respective districts keeping in mind that a focus on the CCSS willsupport success on the TCAP as wellThere are three key instructional shifts required to implement the Common Core State Standards for ELA1 Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction2 Reading Writing and speaking grounded in evidence from Text both literary and informationa

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Rg Philessays

On Writing Philosophical Essays (Graziano) ON Writing PHILOSOPHICAL Essays SOME GUIDELINESRichard G GrazianoThe discipline of philosophy is practiced in two ways by conversation and Writing In eithercase it is extremely important that a philosopher be able to communicate her respective ideaswell so that such discussions are productive In what follows I will offer a number of guidelinesand suggesti...

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Ela9module Overview

Contents NYS Common Core ELA Literacy Curriculum Grade 9 Module 1DRAFT9 1 Module OverviewReading Closely and Writing to AnalyzeHow Do Authors Develop Complex CharactersTexts Unit 1 St Lucy s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves Karen RussellUnit 2 Excerpts from Black Swan Green David Mitchell and excerpts fromLetters to a Young Poet Rainer Maria RilkeUnit 3 Excerpts from Romeo and Juliet William Shakes...

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Handouts 7 Text Dependent Questions Title Page

Microsoft Word - 7 Text Dependent Questions Title Page.docx Administrator s KitHandoutsPlanningText Dependent QuestionsRetrieved fromwww criticalthinkingworks comhttp criticalthinkingworks com p 635 more- 635Handouts contained in this section are protected by the creator s copyright requests and U S copyright lawDownloading or printing of the material must follow copyright protocol set forth by th...

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education.illinoisstate.edu/downloads/casei/Handouts-7-... Title Page.pdf
2704318 Benchmarkspring Ela Grade5 Tg Final

erformance Task Items 6Test Design and Instructional PurposeThe English Language Arts ELA Benchmark Assessment is designed to help you collectsome information about your students progress toward meeting the Common Coreexpectations for fifth gradeThere are two ELA Benchmark Assessments available one for the fall and one for thespring The question types and complexity of the texts reflect what we an

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3 01 05 Hands On Activity

Microsoft Word - 3-01-05-Hands on activity.doc UnderstandingText-DependentQuestionsHANDS- ON ACTIVITY EVALUATING AND MODIFYINGTEXT- Dependent QUESTIONS2 HOUR ACTIVITYActivity GoalsThrough the course of this activity participants will learn toEvaluate the quality of Text- Dependent and non- Text Dependent Questions andCreate a series of Text- Dependent Questions based on existing questionsDescripti...

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education.illinoisstate.edu/downloads/casei/3-01-05-Han...on activity.pdf
Mh Treasures 4 Cricket In Times Square

pleted by a teacher who uses a different basal sothe page numbers have been removed This may require you to make some adjustments add page numbers to some of the questionsMcGraw-Hill Treasures - 2009 Grade 4Chester Cricket meets Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat in Times Square He relates the story of how he found himselftransported to Times Square in a picnic basket that he had climbed into at his home

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Mh Treasures 5 The Night Of San Juan

ave a friend Jose Manuel who is not allowed to play outside because his grandmother with whom he livesthinks it is too dangerous but the sisters want to help him The girls come up with a plan to ask the grandmother for1This story is a duplicate It is found in other basals as well This particular revision was completed by a teacher who uses a different basal sothe page numbers have been removed Thi

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Sample Close Reading Grade 6

ductionThe Ideas of Charles DarwinLong-Term Targets Addressed Based on NYSP12 ELA CCLSI can determine the main idea of an informational Text based on details in the Text RI 6 2I can analyze how key individuals events or ideas are developed throughout a Text RI 6 3I can use a variety of strategies to determine word meaning in informational texts RI 6 4Supporting Learning Targets Ongoing AssessmentI

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elschools.org/sites/default/files/Sample close reading ...ing Grade 6.pdf
7m2a 2

Change Ch vez and the UFWIn this unit which centers on informational Text standards RI 7 2 RI 7 3 and consumers workers government and businesses the focus of Unit 3 affectRI 7 5 students will read and analyze a speech by C sar Ch vez In response to the working conditions They also will analyze how Ch vez uses specific tools ofdifficult working and living conditions faced by agricultural workers C

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ding for young childrenStudent LedTeacher DirectedSTUDENT LEDStudents who are beginning readers can t read complex Text but they cano Reread texto Find evidence in texto Discuss with reading partnerso Deepen their comprehensiono At their independent reading levelUsing the Gradual Release of Responsibility ModelExplicitly teaching children how to speak and listen to a buddyUsing sentence stems that

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How Can Coaches Help Teachers Successfully Implement The Common Core Across The Curriculum

truction Participation in professional learning coupled with instructionalcoaching will help support teachers in transferring new knowledge and skills to the classroom Focusing on specific goals forstudent learning utilizing the CCSS will make a positive impact on student achievement and help to build capacity through thework and support of a coach and the PIIC modelHere are some recommendations f

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22 Grade 3 Module 3b Unit 1

ing practice and self- character of the wolf and are asked to form and support an opinion about the wolfevaluation based on provided criteria see Preparation and Materials In the first based on their analysis For the end of unit assessment students first read a newhalf of the unit students closely read the folktale Lon Po Po a Chinese retelling of fable complete a Character chart answer Text-depen

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moboces.schoolwires.net/cms/lib09/NY01914077/Centricity...e 3B Unit 1.pdf
Understanding Informational Texts

Article copy 0 Understanding Informational TextsOriginally titled Points of EntryIn this Educational Leadership article Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher San Diego StateUniversity suggest a number of strategies to help students master informational texts that ismaterials that teach about the physical biological or social world Frey and Fisher don t includeliterary nonfiction biographies autobiographie...

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Mh Treasures 4 The Astronaut And The Onion

in a checkout line tossing around theonion her mother had sent her to buy She tosses it too far and fears it s going to knock over a display of glass jars A womancatches it in time though Gloria recognizes her she s an astronaut They talk about what it was like in space The womanMcGraw-Hill Treasures - 2009 Grade 4tells Gloria that could be an astronaut too She just needs to work hard and overcom

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terature 8Correlation to the Standards 8Purpose and Intent of Standards 8How to Find Standards Correlations 8Standards Correlation Chart 9TESOL and WIDA Standards 10About the Author Cynthia Rylant 11Possible Texts for Text Comparisons 11Cross-Curricular Connection 11Book Summary of Poppleton in Winter 12Possible Texts for Text Sets 12Teacher Plans and Student Pages 13Pre-Reading Theme Thoughts 13S

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Common Core Activty Kublai Khan

guide students and instructors in a close reading of the non-fiction reading on Kublai Khan Balancing Mongol and Chinese Ideas The activities and actionsdescribed below follow a carefully developed set of steps that assist students in increasing theirfamiliarity and understanding of Kublai Khan through a series of Text Dependent tasks andquestions that ultimately develop college and career ready

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Parcc And Ccss Updates Hsrc 021412

examination of texto Developing student prowess at drawing knowledge from the Text itself is the point ofreadingo Evidence plays tremendous role Students respond to Questions and must present the textthat supports their response through highlighting or writingModel Content Frameworkso Grade by Gradeo How to lay out course by courseITNs posted by PARCC on the FLDOE site Invitation to Negotiateo Pu

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