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Use of carbon nanotubes for Vlsi Interconnects Diamond Related Materials 18 2009 957 962Contents lists available at ScienceDirectDiamond Related Materialsj o u r n a l h o m e p a g e w w w e l s ev i e r c o m l o c a t e d i a m o n dUse of carbon nanotubes for Vlsi interconnectsJ Robertson a G Zhong a S Hofmann a B C Bayer a C S Esconjauregui a H Telg b C Thomsen baEngineering Department Univer...

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An integrated system for design automation of Vlsi Interconnects and packaging - Circuits and Systems, 1993., Proceedings of the 36th Midwest Symposium on An Integrated System for Design Automation of VLSIInterconnects and PackagingP H s u J W Rozenblit S N Pratapneni and C M Wolff J L P r i n c eCenter for Electronic Packaging ResearchDepartment of Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of...

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Jtit 2002 2 40

11401Ymeri.dvi Regular paperE cient procedurefor capacitance matrix calculationof multilayer Vlsi interconnectsusing quasi-static analysisand Fourier series approachHasan Ymeri Bart Nauwelaers and Karen MaexAbstract In this paper we present a new approach forcapacitance matrix calculation of lossy multilayer Vlsi in-terconnects based on quasi-static analysis and Fourier pro-jection technique The f...

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Jkps Nov2005

lgorithmsand demonstrate the possibility of evaluating the power-law singularity associated with the cornerof a conductor for the computation of capacitance coe cients for very large scale integration VLSIinterconnects We illustrate our method in the solution of two benchmark problems the chargesingularity at the corners of the unit square plate and cube The results are in good agreement withthe p

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untitled IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION Vlsi SYSTEMS VOL 21 NO 9 SEPTEMBER 2013 1619Boostable Repeater Design for VariationResilience in Vlsi InterconnectsKyu-Nam Shim and Jiang HuAbstract Process variations and circuit aging continue to be components variation detection and variation compensationone of the main challenges to the power-ef ciency of Vlsi The previous paper provid...

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ductance simulatoremploying current-mode approach suitable for wide-band operation International Journal ofElectronics vol 98 pp 981-994 201112- S Yama l ve M Avc Accurate voltage-dependent transmission line model for carbonnanotube Interconnects and the delay calculation JEMWA Journal of Electromagnetic Wavesand Applications vol 25 pp 553-563 20113- S Yama l ve M Avc A method for the extraction o

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Zhao Psi000224

Shrinkage correction of volume phase holograms for optical Interconnects Chunhe Zhao Jian Liu Zhenhai Fu and Ray T ChenDepartment of Electrical and Computer EngineeringThe University of Texas at AustinAustin TX78712ABSTRACTThe film shrinkage effect of photopolymeric phase media failed to provide the desired volumeholograms for point-to-point optical Interconnects In this paper we report a new comp...

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Vlsi Design Essentials 4days

Microsoft Word - 4 days - Vlsi Design Essentials course outline Vlsi Design EssentialsSynopsisThis course is aimed to provide an opportunity for the participant to acquire comprehensive technicaland industry relevant insight into the Vlsi IC Design arenaThis course will provide a basic understanding a holistic view of the complete Vlsi chip design flow Itwill enable the participant to understand t...

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Iscas02 Chem031202

Evaluation of the Vlsi Adaptation of the Chemfet, a Biosensor for Fluid Analysis Evaluation of the Vlsi Adaptation of the Chemfet a Biosensor for Fluid AnalysisAngela M Hodge1 2 and Robert W Newcomb11 2Department of Electrical Engineering Naval Research LaboratoryUniversity of Maryland 4555 Overlook Avenue S WCollege Park MD 20742 USA Washington D C 20375-5320 USAAbstract analysis is present all o...

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Liquid Crystal On Vlsi Silicon Optical Phased Array

or commercial purposes or modification of thecontent of the paper are prohibitedLiquid Crystal on Vlsi Silicon Optical Phased ArrayJ E Stockley I Subacius and S A SeratiBoulder Nonlinear Systems Inc 450 Courtney Way Unit 1 07 Lafayette CO 80026ABSTRACTSeveral applications for solid-state random access beam directors have emerged in recent years includingscanners laser radar components interconnect

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program0403rev3.xls COOL Chips XII Conference Time Table Program Preliminary Ver Apr 3April 15-17 2009 Yokohama Media Communication Center Yokohama JapanWed 15Start End Duration Session Main HallDesigning Cool Chips Using 3D Stacking TechnologyYuan XieSpecial Invited Pennsylvania State University USALecture 1 AbstractAs technology scales Interconnects have become a major performance bottleneck and...

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Appliedoptics97 Warrp

The WARRP Core Optoelectronic Implementation of Network Router Deadlock Handling MechanismsTimothy Mark Pinkston Mongkol Raksapatcharawong Yungho ChoiSMART Superior Multiprocessor ArchiTecture Interconnects GroupElectrical Engineering-Systems Department University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles CA 90089-2562http www usc edu dept ceng pinkston SMART htmlAbstractWe present the WARRP core the core...

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Higher Order Voronoi Diagrams of Segments for Vlsi Critical Area ExtractionEvanthia PapadopoulouIBM T J Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights NY 10598 USAAthens University of Economics and Business Athens 10434 Greeceevanthia acm orgAbstract We address the problem of computing critical area for opensin a circuit layout in the presence of multilayer loops and redundant in-terconnects The extracti...

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Apoc 2006

rometer thermo-optic electro-opticalplasma dispersion effect1 INTRODUCTIONThe physical limitations of conventional Interconnects and the arguments for introducing optical Interconnects have beendiscussed for the last few years The field of intra-system optical Interconnects is currently at a transition point betweenthe academic research and industrial development Optical Interconnects provide many

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2003 Sinha Vlsi

Instruction level and operating system profiling for energy exposed software - Very Large Scale Integration (Vlsi) Systems, IEEE Transactions on 1044 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION Vlsi SYSTEMS VOL 11 NO 6 DECEMBER 2003Instruction Level and Operating SystemProfiling for Energy Exposed SoftwareAmit Sinha Nathan Ickes and Anantha P ChandrakasanAbstract Energy conscious software de...

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CSE40493 Vlsi Design Lab Spring 2004CSE45401 Vlsi Design LabLab 4 Design of CMOS XOR XNOR GatesOne lab sessionIntroductionExclusive-OR XOR and Exclusive-NOR XNOR gates find wide applications inarithmetic circuits and error correcting codes They have been found to have compactrepresentations compared to AND OR or NAND NOR based circuitsIn this laboratory you will first design an XOR XNOR gate using...

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Muraoka02 Pdf Origin Publication Detail

A test generation method using a compacted test table and a test generation method using a compacted - Vlsi Test Symposium, 2002. (VTS 2002). Proceedings 20th IEEE A Test Generation Method Using a Compacted Test Table and a Test GenerationMethod Using a Compacted Test Plan Table for RTL Data Path CircuitsToshinori Hosokawa Hiroshi Date and Michiaki MuraokaDesign Technology Development DepartmentSe...

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Content Vlsi

Microsoft PowerPoint - content-Vlsi.ppt Vlsi TechnologyHong Xiao40 40 20http 120 126 11 74 snoopykao1 72 83 94 105 116 12Snoopy Kao......

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Thermal effects in optical microspheres - Biophotonics/Optical Interconnects and Vlsi Photonics/WBM Microcavities, 2004 Digest of the LEOS S MC3 1 Invited1 30 pm - 2 OO pmThermal effects in optical microspheresMichael L GorodetskyOptical microspheres are characterized by the unique combination of highquality factor with small effective volume of field localization Already in thefirst experimental ...

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Iedm 1996

first time under DC and pulsed current all the pulsing eventsconditions It is shown that under DC conditions the thermalimpedance of metal lines increases by about 10 when the low-k dielectric is used as the gap fill The critical current density for Thermal Characterizationthe low-k structures under pulsed condition is shown to be about Initially the DC joule heating was measured for all the10-30

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Virtuosolayout Dr Bhanja

CIS 6930 CMOS Vlsi Design EEL 5344C Digital CMOS Vlsi DesignFall 2003Handout on CADENCE Virtuoso LayoutRA Karthikeyan LingasubramanianCreating a librarya Start icfb by typing this command at gradSun Server icfbb Create a new library by selecting file New library from icfb windowFig 1Fig 1A window pops up Fig 2 Let the library name be mylibFig 2When you click ok a window pops up Fig 3 asking for AS...

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Prelim Program Vlsi Soc 2013 V4

Vlsi-SoC 2013 Program Preliminary as of Sep 1 2013 Subject to ChangeOCTOBER 6 2013 SUNDAYIFIP TC 10 5 Meeting 15 00-16 50Organizer Dominique Borrione IMAG FranceCoffee Break 16 50-17 10VLSI-SoC 2013 TPC Meeting 17 10-19 00Organizer Alex Orailo lu UC San Diego USA and Luigi Carro UFRGS BrazilOCTOBER 7 2013 MONDAYRegistration 8 00-8 30Opening 8 30-9 00General Chairs Program Chairs Local OfficialsMon...

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a big leap from multi-core network processor and base station chips that it had done beforeThe Chinese telecom giant has also announced deals to buy 6 billion of hardware from Qualcomm Broadcom and Avago Itscompatriot ZTE also announced deals worth 5b with Qualcomm and BroadcomThis month saw Japan s DRAM maker Elpida filing for bankruptcy Will the market consolidation help in stabilizing the DRAM

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Project Documentation

ENGR 400 - Vlsi Design Engr434 - Vlsi DesignProject Documentation and Final ReportWhen working on a design project it is essential that clear documentation be created andmaintained Such a statement is true for the class project Thus take note of the followingProject Report FormatTitle pageAbstract pageIntroduction System overviewo Block diagram - very generalo Design methodology and tradeoffs ripp...

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2006 94 Paper

The Effect of Minor Alloying Elements in Ferritic Steels for Interconnects in SOFCs P0804-SchuiskyThe Effect of Minor Alloying Elements in Ferritic Steelsfor Interconnects in SOFCsMikael Schuisky 1 Andreas Rosberg1 Lars Mikkelsen2Peter Vang Hendriksen2 Niels Christiansen3 and J rgen Gutzon Larsen31AB Sandvik Materials TechnologySE-81181 Sandviken SwedenTel 46-26-264083Fax 46-26-264177Mikael schuis...

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Intech Fabrication Of Polyimide Porous Nanostructures For Low K Materials

the so-called resistancecapacitance RC delay and the crosstalk noise between metal Interconnects offset any gainin chip performance To avoid these undesirable phenomena lower dielectric insulatinglayers must be employed In the near future it will be need to develop dielectric materialswith ultralow dielectric constants ultralow-k k 2 0 and a replacement dielectric forcarbon-doped silicon dioxide

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t IBM Nokia and SanDisk have also been experimenting withgraphene to create sensors transistors and memory storageMoving from graphene to IoT The potential market is huge fragmented and with low barriers to entry and no majorcompetitors players as yet it provides a conducive backdrop on Porter s five competitive forces shaping industrycompetition Unlike the smartphone market which has evolved into

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capacity shortage and uncertain market demand a stronger vertical integration ofsupply chain may become the order of the day to sustain the fabless model one which accounted for 64 9 billion in 2011While expecting to resolve 28nm capacity shortage by Q4 TSMC has raised this year s capex 42 to USD 8 5 billion to ride themarket opportunitiesIf you have any thoughts on the semiconductor news would li

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40593 Low Power Vlsi Design Spring 200640535 Low Power Vlsi DesignAssignment 2Due 2 16 06 Thursday1 For a CMOS inverter with WP LP 4 0 5 and WN LN 2 0 5 and operating with VDD 3 3V a square waveform is fed at its input with rise and fall times of tr 1 07ns and tf1 67ns Assume that k n 80 A V2 k P 20 A V2 Vtn 0 8V and Vtp -0 9Va Find the peak short-circuit current in the CMOS inverter Note VTH VDD ...

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