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Skateboarding Waiver

SKATEBOARDING Waiver Release Form PARTICIPANT Release OF LIABILITY READ BEFORE SIGNINGIn consideration for being allowed to participate skateboard in any way at Emmanuel Wesleyan Churchor EWCstudents its related events And activities the undersigned acknowledges appreciates andagrees that1 The risk of injury from the activities involved in these programs is significant including the potentialfor p...

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youth.ewchurch.com/Forms/SKATEBOAR...DING WAIVER.pdf
Bwi Waiver

BWI Waiver & Release Form Waiver Release FORMWAIVER OF ALL CLAIMS Release FROM LIABILITYand ASSUMPTION OF RISKSWARNING BY SIGNING THIS YOU ALSO GIVE UP THE RIGHT TO SUEI Print Full Name hereby acknowledge And agreethat in attending Boreal Wilderness Institute courses treks vacations trips programs ororganized activities operated or sanctioned by the Boreal Wilderness Institute hereincalled the In...

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Waiver Release Form Rental Groups Participant

Microsoft Word - Waiver-Release Form-rental groups-participant.doc User GroupWaiver of Liability-ReleaseFor ParticipantBy signing this Release Form I agree to Release And hold harmless Camp YI it sBoard of Directors volunteers agents assistants employees And co-sponsorsfor any damage or injuries physical or mental which I might incur as a result ofmy voluntary decision to participate I recognize t...

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Zumba Waiver Freedom Center

Zumba Certification Workshop Waiver/Release Form Zumba Class Waiver Release FormFor And in consideration of Zumba Fitness LLC Zeta Direct Inc collectively Zumba permittingthe participant to enroll And participate in the Zumba Class Participant by signing below herebyvoluntarily indemnifies releases from liability And holds harmless Zumba the Trainer s CincyChocolate Chicas And or the facility Nati...

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2011 Pumpkin Run

Registration Form, Waiver & Release of Liability American Red CrossSunday September 25th 2011Place Bishop s Pumpkin Farm 1415 Pumpkin Lane WheatlandCaliforniaRegistration Pre-registration must be received by FridaySeptember 9 2011 Check-in on day of race will begin at 8 30AM Pre-registration pick-up will be available on FridaySeptember 23 2011 from9 a m -12 00 p m And from 1 p m to 4 p m atAmerica...

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Steps201 2014 Waiver Release Medical Release And Appearance Form

STEPS 201 Waiver Release MEDICAL Release And APPEARANCE FORMCHEER DANCE GYMImportant All parent guardians must read thoroughly And sign prior to their childenrolling in any STEPS 201 event for 2014PLEASE PRINT CLEARLYATHLETE NAME D O BAS IT APPEARS ON YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATEADDRESS POSTCODEIn consideration of myself my child participating in any way atSTEPS 201 events And activities the undersigned...

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2014 Provincial Adult Tourn Waiver And Med Form Adults

Waiver/Release AGREEMENT FOR ADULTS Waiver Release AGREEMENT FOR ADULT CONTESTANTSAll participants must complete Send with registration And payment no later than Feb 27th 2014Event means the March 1 2014 ISKF BC Provincial Adult s TournamentThe undersigned is aware that there are risks And dangers inherent in participating And receiving instruction at the Event In consideration of being permitted ...

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hinodekarate.ca/images/provincial_2014/2014 Provincial ...form ADULTS.pdf
Release Form For Media Recording

Microsoft Word - Release Form for Media Recording.docx Member Name DateMt Vernon GospelKnights Release Form for Media RecordingI the undersigned do hereby consent And agree that the GospelChoirs of Mt Vernon Inc its employees or agents havethe right to take photographs videotape or digital recordings of me while I am a member or parent of the GospelKnightsprogram And to use these in any And all me...

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gospelchoirs.com/Membership Forms/Release Form for Medi...a Recording.pdf
Island Surf Academy Release Form

Island Surf Academy2012 Surf Release Form SPORT PARTICIPANT Release OF LIABILITY Waiver EXPRESSASSUMPTION OF RISK And INDEMNITY AGREEMENT FOR ISLAND SURFACADEMYPlease read And be certain you understand the implications signingI do herby affirm And acknowledge that i have been fullyinformed of the inherent hazards And risks associated with surfing And understand that injuries may occurin participat...

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E472594c 2892 4a

Minor Release Form And Consent to Treatment Register online at www oxnardrec org or at our recreation office at 545 South A StreetMinor Release Form And Consent to TreatmentPlease PrintCHILD S NAME AGE D O BFirst LastNAME OF PARENT GUARDIANADDRESSHOME PHONE BUSINESS PHONE CELL PHONE E-MAIL ACTIVITY Youth Football Camp July 11-15 2011 Including all related activities events And field tripsI the u...

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Minor Release Form

Microsoft Word - Minor Release Form.doc ACTIVITY Release Form MINOR- UNDER 18CAMP CANAAN Release And Waiver OF LIABILITY ASSUMPTION OF RISKAND INDEMNITY And PARENTAL CONSENT AGREEMENTIN CONSIDERATION of being permitted to participate in any way in a Camp Canaan Adventure Activity I formyself my personal representatives assigns heirs And next of kin1 ACKNOWLEDGE agree And represent that I understan...

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Disclaimer Waiver

Martial Arts Waiver Release of Liability Assumption of Risk PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNINGTo be completed by the Student or Parent Guardian if aged 4 to 15I do hereby agree to participate in the Martial Art of Cheongye Kwan located at theschool named belowSchool Attending Date Participants Full Name Participants Age Participants Date of Birth I recognise the potential risks of injury ass...

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team-cook.com/documents/Discla...imer Waiver.pdf
Patriots Prospect Camp Waiver Form 2013

Waiver & Release FOR SELECTION CAMP Waiver Release FOR PROSPECT CAMPTO The Toronto Lakeshore Patriots Jr A Hockey ClubWAIVER RELEASEAs a condition permitting the Player to participate in the prospect camp s hosted by theToronto Lakeshore Patriots Hockey Club the Toronto Lakeshore Patriots Hockey Club requiresthat the undersigned agree to waive any And all rights he she may have against the Toronto...

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Wyal Player Signup Form

PARENT PERMISSION And Release Form: The WOODBURY YOUTH ATHLETIC LEAGUE WYALTRAVELING BASEBALLTRAVELING SOFTBALLTRAVELING BASKETBALLPlayers must have an evaluation to participate on a WYAL teamCLINICS Non Member Clinic Participants must provide a Completed Release FormEVALUATION CLINIC FEE Cash Check PARTICIPANT INFORMATIONFirst Name Middle Name Last NameStreet Address Phone Email AddressCity Zip C...

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Release Form Cssd 2014 15

Microsoft Word - Release Form - CSSD (2014-15).docx Trust Use Only Sent Received Resent Household Number Authorization for Release of InformationChild Support Services Division ClearanceD C Opportunity Scholarship ProgramThis completed Form will be submitted to the Child Support Services Division of the Office of the Attorney General CSSD onbehalf of the below parent guarding releasing a report of...

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dcscholarships.org/elements/file/OSP/14-15 Application/...D (2014-15).pdf
Volunteer Disclosure Release Form For Bgc Massena Oct 2014v

Volunteer Disclosure & Release Form Volunteer Disclosure Release FormBy signing the Volunteer Disclosure And Release Form the Volunteer applicant agrees1 To complete the Volunteer Information Form Volunteer Background Check Form with factual information2 To disclose any criminal offenses And or convictions relating or equivalent toMurder Child PornographyChild Abuse Kid Napping of a ChildRape Chil...

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Alamy Stock Photography Release Forms

Property Release Form Photographer nameAffix property photo hereAddressTelephone numberProperty Release numberOwner agent nameOwner s Permission And Rights GrantedI own or control the Property By signing this Release I hereby give the Photographer And Assigns my permission to use the Imagesdepicting the Property in any Media for any purpose which may include among others advertising promotion mark...

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Ames Model Release Fillable 01

The Ames Companies Inc Model Release Form In valuable And good consideration of my engagement as a model Participant And for no othercompensation which the parties agree is legally sufficient And upon the terms herewith stated Ihereby grant And give The Ames Companies Inc Photographer including its heirs legalrepresentatives assigns those for whom the Photographer is acting And those acting with i...

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1901a Adult Photo Release Form June2012

1901a - Adult Photo Release Form-Dec2011.doc Photo Release Form for AdultsI hereby grant to Young Life the absolute And irrevocable right And unrestrictedpermission in respect of photographic portraits or any pictures Young Life had taken ofme or in which I may be included with others editorial or any other media such as filmor video to copyright the same to re-use publish And republish the same ...

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neorlando.younglife.org/Documents/1901a Adult Photo Rel...m- June2012.pdf

Microsoft Word - contest rules And Release Form.docx The Peculiarium rules And regulations forPortland s first annual outrageous vehicle drive- by contestSunday July 24th 2011The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is holding Portland s first annual Outrageous Vehicle drive- bycontest with a grand prize of 250 00 for the most outrageous vehicle of 2011 The judging willtake place on Thurman St Between 1pm an...

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55c85123 9336 46a1 9287 E193d59a5af5

Microsoft Word - CONSENT And Release Form tattoo.doc CONSENT And Release FORMSAMPLEI Name of Patron hereby give consent to Name of Operator ofName of Establishment to perform a tattoo body pierce And in consideration of doingso I hereby Release Name of Operator And Name of Establishment fromall manner of liabilities claims actions And demands in law or in equity which I or my heirs might now ...

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Ms Washdcliabilityreleaseform

LIABILITY Release Form LIABILITY Release FORMI a participant on the trip to Washington D Con April 11 thru April 13 2014 sponsored by the Port Jervis Middle School andapproved by the Board of Education do AGREE to all the following conditions1 Port Jervis Middle School Port Jervis City School District or group chaperonesacting on behalf of the Port Jervis Middle School shall not be held liable fo...

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  • Creation time: Wed Jan 29 11:21:50 2014
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Insurance Waiver Request Form 2014 2015

Insurance Waiver Request Form All international students in F-1 status enrolled at Maryville University And their F-2 dependentsspouse And children are required to have health insurance coverage You will be billed for theinsurance at the beginning of each semester Students who request a Waiver of the Maryville studentinsurance policy must demonstrate that they have comparable insurance coverage ea...

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  • Creation time: Wed Jun 18 17:24:14 2014
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2012 Detc Release Form

Microsoft Word - Release Form 2012.doc DISTANCE EDUCATION And TRAINING COUNCIL1601 18th Street N W Washington D C 20009-2529 202 234-5100 fax 202 332-1386 www detc orgRelease Formfor DETC s2012 Outstanding Graduateand Famous Alumni ProgramI hereby grant the Distance Education And Training Council the full And complete use of any informationabout myself for non-commercial use including any written ...

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  • Creation time: Tue Aug 2 10:10:01 2011
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2014 Fall Ampa Med Release Form

Microsoft Word - AMPA Medical History And Release Form.doc Artistic Motion Preparatory AcademyMedical History And Release Form Fall 2014 Dancer Student Full Name Date of BirthParent Guardian Emergency Contact s during class timeName of Student s Doctor Phone1 Has your child ever been advised by a medical doctor not to participate in any athletic activityCircle one Yes NoIf yes explain 2 ALLERGIES ...

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  • Creation time: Sun Jul 27 20:36:24 2014
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Minor Photo Release Form

Microsoft Word - Minor Photo Release Form .doc Media Release Form for MinorsI give Southern Nazarene University permission topublish in print electronic or video format the likeness or image or audiorecordings of the minor listed below I Release all claims against the Universitywith respect to copyright ownership And publication including any claim forcompensation related to use of the materialsI...

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  • Creation time: Wed Feb 1 22:34:43 2012
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snu.edu/Websites/snu/images/Admissions/Girls Weekend/Mi...lease_Form_.pdf
Cgvn Medical Release

Medical Release Form Parent Information For Team Members Under 18TO BE COMPLETED BY PARENT OR GUARDIANMUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE WEEKENDGIVE TO HEAD CHATeam Member s NameAddress City State ZipTelephone Number include area code Central Georgia Vida Nueva would like to inform you of some of the responsibilities that will be asked ofyour child during the preparation And execution of a VN weekend1 Pay ...

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Microsoft Word - Waiver Release NEW 4560 Hilton Corporate Drive4560 Hilton Corporate Drive Columbus OH 43232Columbus OH 43232 614 868-1380614 868-1380 www fortrapids comwww fortrapids comFORT RAPIDS INDOOR WATER PARK Release FORMFORT RAPIDS INDOOR WATER PARK Release Form PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING RELEASEPLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING RELEASEI hereby acknowledge that I the members ...

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K 9 Karnival Registration Release

K9 Karnival Registration And Release Form K9 Karnival Registration And Release FormOwner s Name Dog s Name Address Phone Number Contestant E-mail Liability Release StatementTraditionally the City of Inverness has a NO DOG ordinance for any of their public parks andwalkways However the City has afforded an exception to the ordinance for today s activities sothat pet owners throughout Citrus Count...

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  • Creation time: Fri Sep 16 15:40:59 2011
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invernessoldetowne.org/documents/K-9 Karnival Registrat...ion Release.pdf