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Parentguide Grade1

ettings events and problem-solutions in a storyin independence as a reader and play or poemwriter Your child will continueto learn and practice rules for Identify Words and phrases in stories plays or poems that suggest feelings orrecognizing the sounds that appeal to the senses Identify who is telling the story such as a character or amake up Words and be able to narratorsound out more complex wo

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Microsoft Word - English Language Arts 2nd Grade.docx Common Core State StandardsENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTSSECOND GRADEI FOUNDATION SKILLS 2- RFA Phonics Word RecognitionR F 2 3 Know and apply grade- level phonics and Word analysis skills in decoding wordsRF 2 3 a Distinguish long and short vowels when reading Regularly Spelled One-Syllable wordsRF 2 3 b Know spelling-sound correspondences for addition...

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Phonics Word Recognition 2 Common Core Standards And Best Practices

Reading K-3 Road to the Common Core Phonics Word Recognition 2 Common Core Standards and Best PracticesIntroduction The Common CoreThe Common Core State Standards CCSS represent a coherent progression of learningexpectations in English language arts and mathematics They are designed to prepare K-12students for college and career successThe English Language Arts ELA K-5 standards focus on six stran...

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01 Ela T2

Grade One ELA, Trimester Two SCHOOL UNION 93 CURRICULUM STANDARDSGrade Two ELA Trimester TwoGrade One Reading Standards for Literature RLKey Ideas and DetailsRL 1 1 Ask and answer questions about key details in a textRL 1 2 Retell stories including key details and demonstrate understandingof their central message or lessonRL 1 3 Describe characters settings and major events in a story using keydet...

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Snap Day 1

Pearson SuccessNet Lesson Plan Snap Day 1Objective Materials PacingContent Knowledge Family TE pp 36j 39i StandardsListening Comprehension Setting SE pp 36 39 EI 4 1 dayPhonemic Awareness Match Initial and Final Sing with Me Big Book BlocksPhonemes Reader s and Writer s Notebook pp 21 23 2 hoursPhonics and Spelling Consonant c kConventions Nouns for PlacesWriting Nouns in SentencesListening and Sp...

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List Of Prominent One Health Supporters2 3 6 09

Microsoft Word - List of Prominent One Health Supporters2.doc The following is a partial List of prominent One Health supporters as ofMarch 6 2009Prepared by Laura H Kahn MD MPH MPP - Bruce Kaplan DVM - Thomas P Monath MDOrganizationsAmerican Veterinary Medical AssociationAmerican Medical AssociationSociety for Tropical Veterinary MedicineCroatian Society for Infectious DiseasesAmerican Society o...

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onehealthinitiative.com/publications/List of Prominent ...ers2 3 6 09.pdf
List Of Prominent One Health Supporters2 December 4 2010 Pdf

Microsoft Word - List of Prominent One Health Supporters2 .doc The following is a partial List of prominent One Health supporters as of December 4 2010Prepared by Laura H Kahn MD MPH MPP - Bruce Kaplan DVM - Thomas P Monath MD-Jack Woodall PhDOrganizationsAmerican Veterinary Medical AssociationAmerican Medical AssociationSociety for Tropical Veterinary MedicineCroatian Society for Infectious Dise...

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onehealthinitiative.com/publications/List of Prominent ... 4 2010 pdf.pdf

Microsoft Word - Reading Curriculum Document - Grade 2.doc Barre Supervisory Union Reading CurriculumGrade 2STANDARD 1 1 READING STRATEGIES suffixes base Words Word rootsStudents use a variety of strategies to help compound Words spelling patterns andthem read This is evident when students contractions to decode unknownuse a combination of strategies including wordsPhonological Awareness Context a...

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Reading Informational Begining

Reading Letter Word ID-Informational Beginning ChallengePhonological Awareness and Phonics P Vocabulary VLevelP4 V4Reading grade-appropriate high-frequency Words including irregularly Using strategies to unlock meaning e g knowledge of Word structure includingspelled Words R WID 1 1 4 common base Words and suffixes such as thickest hopeful or context cluesP3 including illustrations and diagrams or...

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Floss Word List

Floss Word List FLOSS RuleWord ListWhen f l s or z is heard after a short vowel atthe end of a One-Syllable Word it is Spelled with a doubleff ll ss or zzWords Ending in -ffoff stiff staff cliff whiff puff sniff stuff scoff cuffscuff bluff gruff jiff huff buff fluffWords Ending in -llhill spill spell will well fell tell yell sell sill fill bill millbell still swell drill ill call Jill bull cell ch...

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1st Grade Objectives

Microsoft Word - 1st Grade Objectives.doc LANGUAGE ARTS CURRICULUM GUIDELINES LEARNER OBJECTIVES BY GRADE1st GRADEKeyReading StructureI Introduction D DevelopM Master E ExtendThe learner willI Integrate the three cueing systems when reading textsa semantic cues pictures visual meaningb structural cues appropriate syntax story structurec grapho-phonetic cues consonants vowels consonant clusterssuff...

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annunciationk8.org/curriculum/languagearts/1st Grade Ob... Objectives.pdf
Academic Word List Writing Tips

Academic Word List- Writing Tips Use the Academic Word List vocabulary to make tips on Academic WritingUse some of the Words below to give advice on good academic writingabstract accompanyaccurate accuracy inaccurate inaccuracy acknowledge acknowledgementadequate inadequate inadequacy adjustadvocate affectaid alter alterationalternative ambiguous ambiguity unambiguousanalysis analyse appendix appe...

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1 Erusd Pacing Guide Ela Kinder

Microsoft Word - ERUSD Pacing GuideELA Kfinal.doc El Rancho Unified School District2012-2013 English Language-Arts Pacing Guide - KindergartenTaught AssessedT1 T2 T3CALIFORNIA CONTENT STANDARDS B1 B2 B3Word Analysis Fluency and Systematic Vocabulary DevelopmentR 1 1 Identify the front cover back cover and title page of a bookR 1 2 Follow Words from left to right and from top to bottom on the print...

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erusd.org/ourpages/auto/2012/8/29/42297241/1-ERUSD Paci..._ELA Kinder.pdf
2nd High Freq Engl Words

Round Rock ISD 2nd Grade High-Frequency Word List By the end of the school year each Second Grade student will read identify write a minimum of 300high- frequency Words from the RRISD Word List Note Showing mastery of writing high-frequency wordsshould come from evidence in student writing - not a spelling test in the form of an isolated List Althoughthe typical Second Grade student is expected to...

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Microsoft Word - A2AQBstatstype1Type2Error.docx Data analysis Inferential statisticsType 1 and type 2 errorsYou are learning about You are learning how toStatistical errors in psychological research Use and interpret inferential statisticsA type 1 errorFakedata Fraud wanted to investigate the effect of Terry Wogan on memory They selectedforty One-Syllable concrete nouns from a school dictionary Th...

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Prescott Jessica Fry Word List

Fry Word List by Reading Level for Kindergarten and First Grade 200 WordsLevels A B Level C Level D Generative Levels E Generative Levels F Generative Levels G Levels H Level Ia are we fat after cut ask small another start what theirand big back hat again fall but call also take upon doesam ran be sat all ball had as along there let otherat said he box an hot has door always under so knowcan not h...

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Oh My New Words Version 2 0

Microsoft Word - Oh My New Words Version 2.0.rtf Oh My New Words SuiteVersion 2 0BaggettaWareThis is a Windows 95 and up programOh My New Words is actually a suite of several programs in One that canbe effectively used to introduce and drill new vocabulary Words The programsare Word Display part of speech and definition Worksheet Manager Word ListEditor and Game Once you install Oh My New Words yo...

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baggetta.com/OhMyNewWordList/Oh My New Words Version 2....Version 2.0.pdf
Fundations Trick Word List

Microsoft Word - Fundations Trick Word List.doc Achieving Literacy for LifeWILSON Fundations Trick WordsThis alphabetical List provides a reference of the Trick Words presented in Levels 1 and 2 Itcan be used to identify the Words students should know from the previous instruction level sFUNDATIONS LEVEL 1a color I other toabout come into our twoafter could is out underalso day little over veryand...

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Word List Pre

Microsoft Word - Word List- PRE.docx Word List PrePre before in advance1 preapprove v - to authorize or give permission in advance2 precaution n - a measure taken in advance to prevent harm3 precede v - to come before something else in time order or rank4 predict v - to say what will happen before it occurs5 prefix n - a Syllable or Word that comes before a root Word to change its meaning6 prejudg...

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Grade 1 La Curr Guide

reading proficiency Students found tobe below benchmark levels should be assessed with additional diagnostic measures4 In between benchmark assessment periods DVUSD teachers are expected to administerformative assessments for the purpose of determining student instructional needs Summativeassessments are used to determine continuous progress and mastery of concepts5 DVUSD K- 3 teachers are expecte

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Supplemental Word List

Supplemental Word List ACADEMY OF CANINE BEHAVIORSupplemental Word ListThe following List of Words are some additional vocabulary that may be taught to dogs enrolled in our trainingprogram For a List of the standard vocabulary see the Word List In most cases dogs will only be taught thesewords if we feel they are necessary or upon owner s request Some of the Words also have hand signals that canbe...

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Third Grade Fry Words 400

Fry Instant Word List Fry Frequently Used Word List 1- 4001 the 26 or 51 will 76 number2 of 27 One 52 up 77 no3 and 28 had 53 other 78 way4 a 29 by 54 about 79 could5 to 30 Word 55 out 80 people6 in 31 but 56 many 81 my7 is 32 not 57 then 82 than8 you 33 what 58 them 83 first9 that 34 all 59 these 84 water10 it 35 were 60 so 85 been11 he 36 we 61 some 86 call12 was 37 when 62 her 87 who13 for 38 y...

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icda.edu.do/portals/0/documentosPDF/colegio/third_grade...y words 400.pdf
Fundations Extra Support Unit 1 2

September 6 2011 Dear ParentsThe following serves as a guide for Units 1 2 Fundations instruction andcan be utilized in conjunction with the Fundations skill sets that are being taught inclass The exercises on the back of this page are meant to be done at home for extrapractice and do not need to return to school The Unit 1 2 assessment will be held onThursday September 22 Feel free to email your ...

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disneyiimagnet.org/ourpages/auto/2013/4/2/47122906/Fund... Unit 1 _ 2.pdf
Shining Stars Second And Third Graders Learn To Read

Checklist FOR PARENTS OF SECOND THIRD GRADERSThese skills usually develop during grades two andthree Talk with your child s teacher if youhave questionsSECOND GRADEJ My child knows how to use the rules of phonics to help him figure outShiningJunfamiliar wordsMy child reads many sight Words and Regularly Spelled One-and two-syllableStarsJwordsMy child reads and understands second grade fiction and ...

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Success With Bigger Words Manual

Hands-On Learning Success with Bigger Words Hands-On LearningSuccess withBiggerWordsPrimary ConceptsUse this guide with either the Magnetic Bigger Words Kit or the Overhead Bigger WordsKit Both include all the tiles you will need for the activities inflectional endings compoundwords contractions high frequency syllables prefixes suffixes and root wordsOrganization is the key to success with the ti...

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First Newsletter Sept 1 2009 Pdf Plugin Cosmo

Microsoft Word - First Newsletter Sept 1 2009 The Weekly Buzz September 1 2009Dear ParentsWelcome back from summer break I want to thankWe have math Word study spelling and nightly reading homeworkall of you for coming to our Meet and Greet I enjoyedmeeting all the children and parents I look forward to a each week provided on our Homework Graph Please work with yourWONDERFUL year in Fantastic Fir...

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darke.k12.oh.us/~Debra_Gre/FOV2-001013EE/First Newslett...df?Plugin=Cosmo
Methxiii Main Slides

On the Importance of Standardized Word List Data in Dialectology Research ON THE IMPORTANCE OFSTANDARDIZED Word List DATAIN DIALECTOLOGY RESEARCHDouglas S BighamUniversity of Texas at Austindouglas s bigham gmail comMethods In Dialectology XIII Leeds United Kingdom4th August 2008OVERVIEWDialect ContactWhat happens when speakers of two different dialectsinteract with each otherTrudgill 1986 2004Un...

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3 Sounding Out And Reading Multi Syllable Worksheet 2 Syllables

Sounding Out and Reading Multi-Syllable Words Sounding Out and Reading Multi-Syllable WordsExample1 Look at the following Word robin2 What blocks of sound OR syllables can you hear in thewordrob l in3 What is the first Syllable blockrob4 Say each sound in the blockr o b5 What is the second Syllable blockin6 Say each sound in the blocki n7 Now read each block syllablerob in8 Now blend the syllables...

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The Continuum of Literacy Learning Behaviors and Understandings to Notice Teach and SupportBy Pinnell and FountasReading ContinuumDRA Levels A-70Guided Reading Levels A-ZAdapted byReading Specialists ofSouthborough Westborough2010Reading Behaviors at DRA Level AStudents at this level should display all of these before they move on the next levelGuided Reading Texts at DRAReaders at DRA -A Create y...

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